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Meridian Waste - Lunenburg Landfill

45 Landfill Road
Lunenburg, VA 23952
Customer Service
Phone: 434-696-2559
Email: [email protected]
Hours Of Operation

Monday - Friday

7:00 AM - 4:00 PM EST


7:00 AM - 11 AM EST

Helping Hands

Meridian Waste keeps your community clean & green, but did you know that we live, work, and play in the communities that we serve? Our helping hands dig into identifying local needs, finding meaningful solutions and creating lasting memories all while leaving the community brighter along the route. Scroll through to see our latest outreach efforts.

C&D Disposal
C&D Disposal

We complete the job by safely disposing construction and demolition waste from new builds, renovations and removals in our environmentally-sound landfills.

MSW Disposal
MSW Disposal

We safely dispose of Municipal Solid Waste (MSW), commonly known as trash or garbage, that consists of everyday items we discard, such as product packaging, furniture, clothing, bottles, paper and plastic items and food scraps.

Special Waste
Special Waste

We understand the unique profiling, customized handling and heightened safety measures required for proper disposal of special waste.

Yard Waste Disposal
Yard Waste Disposal

We properly dispose of yard waste which can be grass clippings, leaves, tree limbs, and other organic materials.

Customer Drop Off Center
Customer Drop Off Center

Residents and small haulers can conveniently drop off trash or recycling goods, and we dispose of the material properly.


Landfills produce gas when organic materials in the facilities naturally decompose. This creates a steady flow of natural gas over many years and powers generators located at three Meridian Waste landfills to produce renewable electric power.

Learn how to recycle right

Materials Accepted

  • Agricultural waste
  • Yard waste
  • Construction debris waste
  • Demolition debris waste
  • Household waste
  • Municipal waste
  • Residential waste
  • Scrap metal
  • Tires and televisions (at an additional charge)
  • White goods

Materials Not Accepted

  • Liquids unless in a container normally found in household waste
  • Pesticide containers that have not been triple rinsed and crushed
  • Drums that are not empty, properly cleaned and crushed
  • Waste oil that has not been adequately absorbed in soil
  • Regulated medical waste
  • Regulated hazardous waste
  • Friable asbestos 
  • Appliances containing refrigerant (must be removed for disposal)

Holidays Observed

We observe the following holidays and our facilities will be closed:

New Year’s Day

Memorial Day

Independence Day

Labor Day

Thanksgiving Day

Christmas Day


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