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Happy with Meridian Waste? We're glad! If you have a moment, please leave us a shout out in the form of a Google review. Just enter your zip code to find your nearest facility.

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We’ve noted a considerable improvement in service since you’ve taken over for COJ. Shoutout to the crew of truck 3006 on 12/08/23. They truly showed what teamwork is and they’re so respectful and cheerful. Thanks Meridian!  December 2023

Robert H., Jacksonville, FL

The haulers did an AMAZING job today collecting all of the trash, and I am very appreciative of this!  December 2023

Cynthia R., Jacksonville, FL

I'd like to commend Driver King on truck 381 at Cambridge Estates. The driver took the recycling bin for someone else, put her recycling in the can, and emptied it. He's a great person and went above and beyond. He was sympathetic and kind.  December 2023

Linda S., Jacksonville, FL

I would like to compliment the employee who was on the back of the truck that performed the service route through the Fairways Forest neighborhood on Wednesday, 12/13/23. As President of my Civic Association, I walk my neighborhood every morning to do a litter pickup. Typically, on days of trash service, there is much litter scattered about and left behind. This employee did an excellent job of making sure the items that are usually strewn about were picked up and made it into the truck or back into the bins where things belong. Job well done! And it certainly made my collection easier. Please make sure he is recognized for his thorough and considerate work - it was much appreciated. Happy Holidays!  December 2023

Brandie C., Jacksonville, FL

I forgot to put my garbage out on time, and flagged down the truck, and asked if they could take it, and they did. Wanted to put in a compliment thanking them for helping me out.  December 2023

Wynton J., Jacksonville, FL

Garbage man is running down the street getting garbage cans. This was amazing to watch. The man is a hard worker because normally garbage men don't do this. He was working extremely hard, and needs to be recognized.  December 2023

Jean B., Jacksonville, FL

We are very pleased with Jen and Jeff.  They go the extra mile to get the job done and they are really nice people to talk to.  I hope you can give them a million dollar raise or bonus.  They deserve it.  May 2023 

Woodrow B., Rocky Gap, VA

I called and spoke to Olivia the Sales Manager, and she was so kind and sweet! She answered all my questions perfectly, and I had a lot of them - I definitely recommend her if you have any questions! Very professional.  November 2023

Mon C., Petersburg, VA

I am Helen, my brother Sam made the arrangements for the dumpster but I watched Almonzo expertly carefully and skillfully maneuver that huge dumpster through a space that was tricky. He surveyed the situation got back into his truck after I showed him the drop off spot and the rest was easy peazy at least that's the way Almonzo made it look!! When I spoke to him he flashed a big smile and was very friendly. Without saying it he seemed to say this is how we do it!  Kudos!!!  November 2023

Sam B., South Prince George, VA

The guys on the Bland county team always go above and beyond.  November 2023

Diana L., Bland, VA

Kim, Anthony and Benton, the service providers for my townhome community are always courteous and friendly, always willing to answer questions and able to do so without breaking stride in the performance of job and service to our community. Please convey the appreciation we, the "Pines Community" have for the valuable service to our townhome community.  November 2023

Stephen W., Greer, SC

My city used this company for trash removal. Justin and his tream are great! They make sure all my trash is removed. They never leave anything behind, and place my can in a proper place.  November 2023

Tabitha A., Greenville, SC

Today in our subdivision, I witnessed the two gentlemen get out of their truck to assist my neighbor with loading her disabled husband into their vehicle. That selfless act of kindness touched my heart. Thank you so much!  November 2023

Angela N., Greer, SC

Our team in Liberty SC is always wonderful! They are friendly and helpful. My mom needs help with her bags each week and with her walking cane they never hesitate to rush to help her.  November 2023

Hester-Rose E., Liberty, SC

Shawn and Jedediah are too sweet and kind!  November 2023

Joshua C., Easley, SC

I had Kim at my old house on Freehold Way in greer. She does a great job making sure no papers on the street when leaving.  Now I live at Brookside Farms in Greer and I saw that she on this route which is great with two helpers Anthony & Brandon.  Just hope she stays on this route. Thank you Marvin  November 2023

Marvin B., Greer, SC

Shout out to Kim Anthony and Brandon they are awesome.  November 2023

Wendell S., Greer, SC

April is the bomb! I dump trash at least once a week. She's pleasant and there's never a long wait.  November 2023

Myavatar, Morrisville, NC

This is a Shout Out to Cooper who came by Massey Hill pickleball court in Fayetteville, NC. The night prior, someone tipped the port-a-potty over making a real mess. Cooper came at 9 am on his normal day to clean. Thank goodness! He went above and beyond to make sure the potty was clean and sanitary for everyone to use. He takes pride in his work, and we are thankful!  November 2023

Mario R., Raleigh, NC

Dear Meridian Waste-Greensboro Hauling, and Triad C&D Waste Recycling Transfer Station Specialists, Never before have I been to such a pristine and meticulously clean portable toilet until Saturday, November 18th when I went to Arnette Park (2165 Wilmington Hwy Fayetteville, NC 28306) for my morning walk. I was so comfortable in it that I reached back to flush the toilet, but then recalled that I was inside a portable toilet. I laughed at myself. Then I decided to call, however there was no voicemail. I thought that was excellent, because it meant that you all were home living your daily lives as you deserve. Weekends should belong to you and your families.  Your dedication to ensuring that the Arnette Park portable toilets are so immaculately clean with a fresh aroma is very much appreciated. Please keep up the magnificently excellent work. Sincerely and gratefully, Kimutaya D  November 2023

Kimutaya D., Fayetteville, NC

Sending gratitude for a job well done by my the trash driver Aren today in Eureka who took the time to get out of his truck when he saw trash flying around the street to pick it up. It is difficult to find good help these days. This gentleman needs to be commended.  November 2023

Thomas I., Eureka, MO

Linda was most helpful! The process was smooth and easy. Thanks, Linda  November 2023

Timothy L., Bowling Green, MO

This morning our garbage man was so polite and talked to my son who is always super excited to see the trash truck. He honked the horn for him and showed him how the garbage can lift works. He talked about it all morning! He was so excited! We just wanted to say thank you!  November 2023

Tara Y., Wentzville, MO

I want to give an extra special shout out to the gentleman who was running our trash route this morning. My 3 year old son and I were at the bus stop with my daughter and other children when the truck was servicing our street. When the truck went by he gave the kids a honk and a wave. My son absolutely loves trash trucks and loves watching it pick up the cans on our street. When the truck made it to our driveway the driver stopped and got out to talk to my son. He then got out his phone and bought my son his very own trash truck toy on Amazon. I am blown away by his generosity and want to let him know that absolutely made our day! I don't know the gentleman's name so I hope this message finds him. We are truly grateful and appreciate his hard work and kindness!  November 2023

Alicia S., Lake St. Louis, MO

Thanks for the GREAT service! It doesn't matter if I put out one half empty can or two with extra items they always do a great job and boom everything is gone. Please don't change anything and soon everyone in the community will be with Meridian.  November 2023

Evan D., Fernandina Beach, FL

Always thought the word "waste" was a nice way of saying trash or garbage but not the case when it comes to MERIDIAN W-WHAT A-AMAZING S - SERVICE AND T-TRULY WONDERFUL E-EMPLOYEES No recordings, it is a real person, Suzy/Brittany, answering the phone. Their professionalism and knowledge streamline your inquiry to a quick answer/solution.  November 2023

Barbara M., Nassau County, FL

The customer would like to send a thank you to the driver of the waste truck for bringing the garbage cart back to the garage for the customer. The customer is elderly and appreciates the waste driver's respect to elderly citizens. This has happened twice in the last two weeks! He needs to be recognized and commended.  November 2023

Barbara W., Jacksonville, FL

Caller states that the yard waste haulers are amazing, and they are a great crew. They paid so much attention to detail.  November 2023

Elizabeth W., Jacksonville, FL

We really appreciate the care Jacksonville truck and crew of 3022 give our neighbor. She is a 93 year old legally blind lady who needs all the help she can receive. They take the time to return her trash cans back to the house. This act of kindness may seem small but is big for her.  November 2023

Joseph H., Jacksonville, FL

Supervisor, Mike, called and spoke to resident. She wanted to let him know that she is extremely happy with Meridian Waste as their new garbage company. Advised that our guys are doing everything right, and wanted to thank us. Resident stated he will even be leaving waters and snacks out for the guys. Resident says postcard he received stated his service day was going to now be on Mondays...supervisor confirmed with him, Tuesdays will continue to be his days for garbage and yard waste.  November 2023

Douglas D., Jacksonville, FL

Today, I came home to find my can tipped over and the lid partially laying in my driveway. As I backed into my driveway, using caution not to run over the lid, one of the drivers was approaching, noticed my lid partially in the driveway, and got out of his truvk and moved my can. Kudos to this employee's courtesy. Please express to this employee what a value he is to your organization. You, as an employer, should definitely recognized this employee for commendable action - he is a true gem!  November 2023

Donna P., Northside, FL

All - My name is Doug and I am currently working on the Goochland Sewer project. We contracted with Meridian for our on-site container service for this project. I would like to extend a shout out/recognition to the Meridian team on behalf of Daniel Lambert. Daniel delivered and staged a 30CY container late Friday (9/22/23) afternoon and just in time before the main event was starting. Location was a challenge to maneuver in and must have been close to 6pm. I was taken back with how Daniel was so professional, transparent, kind, understanding and just a genuine person he was at the time. Unfortunately, in this day and age there are very few people remaining which have a level of professionalism and respect. The Heavy Civil construction industry continues to have me working abroad. At 62 yrs old I have been around a lot of people through out all the projects I have built. Please say a kind word raise a cold one and give Daniel Lambert a much deserved thank you. Douglas P  October 2023

Douglas P., Greenbelt, MD

Shout out to Lilly. I work in Property Management. I had to call twice to change something on an account. She was the best! She needs a big raise. She made my day so much easier. She was also very nice. In a world where no one takes the time to recoginize great service I want to. She was Awesome! Thanks Lilly :)  October 2023

Susie B., Bridgewater, VA

I want to give a big shout out to Kim and Anthony and Brandon. Throughout this hot summer they never lagged behind. Many times I greeted them with cold water and drinks and salty snacks to keep them well hydrated. They were always polite. On a couple occasions I forgot to put my container by the road and one of the guys came up and got it for me. THAT is great service! You don't see that much anymore. They are always very nice and Kim always has a smile on her face for me! Thanks and please tell them "great job" for me! Ramona  October 2023

Ramona K., Greer, SC

I would like to shout out Jesse who we only see once a week and we are a new community moving in with a lot of trash. Thank you Jesse for understanding and your patience we appreciate you!  October 2023

Yolanda B., Greer, SC

I would like to give a Big THANKS to Edgar, who pick up service for our home in Greer, he really helps me out in getting trash taken away. He is a credit to Meridian Waste. He went the extra mile. Thank you for such good service.  October 2023

Charles C., Greer, SC

I am a new vendor for the Tri-Corners landfill in Liberty, NC. I met Josh Gustaf and evaluated his needs. He was upfront and honest. I was able to quote him on his product needs and was awarded the business. This business relationship has blossomed into a partnership. As a vendor we at Couch Oil value the same core values as Josh. Family, community, and striving for excellence in business. It is a pleasure to be able see this relationship grow and our businesses grow as well.  October 2023

Ray M., Durham, NC

Dan, Scott and Cory are always so friendly and helpful. They have helped me unload a heavy load I could not do alone. Linda is also very friendly in the scale house. Thank y’all so much!  October 2023

Jennifer P., Bowling Green, MO

Ryan and Albion are great people. They are always enjoying their jobs with smiles on their faces. They are very kind and genuinely care. They are so nice to my kids and go the extra mile to make my 8 and 9 year olds feel special. They have answered any and all questions I have had. I think they deserve a raise and the least I could do was do a shout out for them. I have never met such nice and caring trash men.  October 2023

Taren R, Eureka, MO

I came here since I started in July, and I have to say it is great doing business with these guys! Linda at the weigh in is very nice and great to get along with. The guys working up top are also efficient clearing the way for all of us dumping. I am thankful you guys are also reasonable with your prices as well! Overall I am glad this is the landfill I go to!  October 2023

Voga D., Foristell, MO

I am grateful for the friendly and professional crew that provides a great service that is a hard job that is not for everyone. The office team has always been super helpful. Maurice Mazo and Christian Miles are the best. For such a hot, dirty, and thankless job they provide a friendly and efficient service. Always put my can back where it was and standing upright. Even after a scorching hot day they always have a wave and a nod. Grateful I am for providing me with stress-free service. Thank you 🙏  October 2023

Patti A., Nassau County, FL

If you're looking for a company with exceptional customer care, this is where you need to be! My conversation with Suzy today was not only pleasant and professional, but the response time was amazing! Some may think that it's "just garbage pickup" but when you have a concern, and it is treated in such high regard, it becomes a relationship. And we can have recycling picked up too! I am one happy customer! Truly, if you haven't made the move to Meridian already,make it today. You'll be so glad you did.  October 2023

Maureen M., Nassau County, FL

The team that services my address is great! They always make sure they pick up anything that falls out of my garbage can when it is put into the truck.  I am disabled and they are very kind in putting my garbage container back up against my fence so it's easier for me to get to. When I haven't been able to get my garbage out to the road in time for pickup they have come back later in the day and picked it up. And they are always accommodating and very friendly.  October 2023

Dawn H., MacClenny, FL

Great job Jamani and Charlie - thanks for taking such care in your job - much better than the prior waste company. Friendly and professional help- explained the proper procedures for trash.  October 2023

Frank C., Jacksonville, FL

Customer states he is calling to give Meridian Waste crew a compliment. Truck 3027 needs a kudos on a great job today. It was fantastic compared to our previous service. The neighbors were surprised and happy. He wasnts to make sure they get credited for doing a great job.  October 2023

Mike A., Jacksonville, FL

Customer states MW came on the street and collected all waste that was curbside. He states that they did an excellent job, and the street looks awesome.  October 2023

David B., Jacksonville, FL

Andrean would like to leave a compliment for his new MW haulers. He states that they are very efficient, and he appreciates that.  October 2023

Andrean B., Jacksonville, FL

Your company just started handling recycling at my address this month. We had our first collection Thursday 10/12. It was going to be a rainy day. Your associates made the effort to get out of the truck and close the lid on every bin in my neighborhood. Our previous collector wouldn't have bothered and we would all have had to dump rain water out of our bins. I thought someone should say THANK YOU for excellent service!!!  October 2023

Kenneth C., Jacksonville, FL

Becky is calling to praise the crew that picked up today. This is was for Meridian Waste truck number 3006 that took the yard waste. She thanked them the team worked very hard and want to gives a thank you it was blessing.  October 2023 

Becky F., Jacksonville, FL

Fred Lee and David Wiggins were great ambassadors at the St. Patrick's Pre-School's Community Helper Day! October 2023

St. Patrick's Pre-School Community, Jacksonville, FL

Big thanks to Daniel Lambert for his outstanding work on our FASTC Campus. He's an excellent worker that's always on time and has great communication skills. He deserves the up most respect. THANKS DANIEL LAMBERT  September 2023

Pierre W., Crewe, VA

Please extend my thanks to the crew that came yesterday to empty the trash – they really went above and beyond to leave the trash area clean and looking awesome.  It was a total disaster when I saw it in the morning and I fully expected to have to do a lot of work that evening on my way home from work to get it cleaned up after the can was emptied, but there was nothing for me to clean up because they took care of it!  Please thank them for me, they deserve it!  September 2023

April D., Blacksburg, VA

They are the greatest. I really appreciate the way they handle everything. God bless them  September 2023

Woodrow B., Rocky Gap, VA

Jesse was very helpful this morning with an abundance of knowledge that was helpful in my case! Thank you Jesse for your hard work and dedication!  September 2023

Blake N., Greer, SC

Been coming here almost a year now, never had a single issue. The wonderful ladies in the office Linda and Kristen, are super kind and easy to work with! Cory, Scott, Walt, and the guys do an amazing job back at the dump site as well! One of the better landfills I have been too.  September 2023

Ryan G., Foristell, MO

The lady at the front was so helpful since it was her first time there. And all the guys that helped point us in the right area, too. I will definitely be back for my future dumping needs!  September 2023

Mary H., Foristell, MO

Wanted to pass on a thank you to Rick Gilley for going above and beyond when they had a truck down to make sure we were taken care of. Spoke to him briefly and he was very courteous and made sure he looked out for my dogs. Thank you!  September 2023

Minter G., Nassau County, FL

We are always impressed with the consistency of the team picking up our waste. Driver and team member work together plus they are timely and always place the waste can back on its’ spot. When we originally signed up for residential service, the dispatch/communication lady Susan was always very responsive. Would definitely recommend to others in our neighborhood.  September 2023

Gonny E., Nassau County, FL

Dawson is our driver. He is always polite and drives carefully. Please acknowledge this as a compliment for him.  September 2023

Cynthia C., Fernandina Beach, FL

Customer is pleased the yard waste was collected.  September 2023

John C., Jacksonville, FL

Tina Wilson was very helpful with assisting me in setting up my online account for the business for which I am CFO. Her efforts are the kind many customer service reps should strive to emulate. Great job!  August 2023

Miles T., Richmond, VA

Uri with Meridian Waste has been absolutely amazing! We recently were in need of a larger container for trash and the process was nothing short of amazing! His responsiveness and efficiency are second to none. If you are in need of trash and waste removal services, pleeeeeease don't hesitate to contact Meridian and specifically ask for Uri!  August 2023

Mizraim J., Petersburg, VA

I had the good luck of meeting Jean & Jeff down at the road today. They were, as always, kind and efficient, and even took an extra moment to help me with the empty can.  August 2023

Ron I., Bland, VA

Edgar always do a great job…when I asked him for help. Always with a good attitude. Thank you, Alexander P.  August 2023

Alexander P., Greer, SC

I am a United States Veteran and just wanted to let you know about the great service my neighbor and I received today from our two trash men. My neighbor is disabled and these gentlemen moved his trash can for him and I had put out extra trash today and they picked it all up without leaving a mess! I just wanted you aware of these two special employees you have.  August 2023

Dave W., Pelzer, SC

Frankie Jackson did an excellent job of picking up and delivering the dumpster to our work site location here in Asheboro, NC. We are pleased ! He was professionally on time and responsive. We will definitely tell all of are friends and family what a great waste dumpster company!  August 2023

Scottie R., Raleigh, NC

I’ve been going in and out of Eagle Ridge for a little over a year now and I have to say after going in quite a few landfills in my lifetime that dealing with all of the employees at Eagle Ridge, they are very professional and do a very good job of trying to make the landfill a safe And accessible place to go. I can’t say enough good things about Linda in the office. She’s very sweet and professional and makes the office experience as enjoyable as it Can be. The new landfill manager, Roger I have to say has completely turned Eagle Ridge around when I first started going into Eagle Ridge. It was a little bit rough to get in and out of. Since he has taken over, things have gotten 100% better, and I can honestly say he makes a daily effort to make things even better.  August 2023

Speed R., Eureka, MO

I received the best customer service experience from Earl today when I was calling in to give phrases to our pick up person, Jimmy!     Wow two great people to appreciate in one day!!   Jimmy is a very kind and attentive hard worker and even takes time to wave and speak to my 15 month old, which loves trucks.  Yesterday Jimmy sent a package to my grandson, Leonidas,  Jimmy even had Leo’s name on the package!   A garbage truck with sound buttons and moving parts…. I love knowing Jimmy is making this world a better place for us all by being kind and attentive to detail.  Thank you Jimmy and Earl!!!!!!  August 2023

Jonet F., Lake St. Louis, MO

Erika was very pleasant and most helpful in assisting me with arranging my new container services. Her enthusiasm and customer care is a model others should aspire to achieve. E. M. - Eureka, MO  August 2023

Edward M., Eureka, MO

Want to give a shout out to Tony Gregory, I'm a single mother with 4 kids, I lost my fiance in December just had a baby in April so I'm on my own. Tony is so helpful to me sometimes I forget trash day or it was too heavy to pull up the steps and if he sees i didn't put the trash out he will do it for me and he even puts it back on my porch!!! Couldn't be more grateful of his help! Thank you so much Tony!!  August 2023

Christina H., Elsberry, MO

Ed was very considerate and prompt.  July 2023

Anastasia S., Disputanta, VA

George and Danny are awesome. They are very kind and helpful. Glad they are picking up trash on my route.  July 2023

Terry N., Bastian, VA

Frankie delivered my 30 ft dumpster with such care. He was able to maneuver it into the space wanted which took some skill. He was very courteous and personable. I wish all customer service was like his.  July 2023

Clarenda S., Liberty, NC

Dumpster was picked up a little after 5pm today.  Thank you very much for the great service. Everyone in your company I interacted with was professional, helpful, and a good communicator.  July 2023

Ron G., Raleigh, NC

Been using Meridian for our jobsite and facility dumpsters for years now. Great value, professional, and on time. My inside sales lady Lindsay Klingler is amazing and really cares about her customers. She is always available to get me the dumpsters I need in a timely manner with a smile.  July 2023

Kevin W., Eureka, MO

Nikki worked with us to determine the best size for our needs, time required & budget affordability to the best of her abilities! Very knowledgeable & helpful! We are very appreciative for all she did for us, would highly recommend and would definitely work with her again!  July 2023

Chelsey T., Eureka, MO

I recently cleaned up at my house and had to dispose of some material. I was highly recommended by my neighbor to stop by the transfer station at Meridian Waste-Foristell to dispose of my material. Upon my arrival, I noticed a man in the yard and approached him, as I had several questions to ask. His name is Edwin Pineda. This employee was extremely knowledgeable, he answered all my questions, guided me on what to do and was very professional. My neighbor was right on cue! I will highly recommend Meridian Waste-Foristell from this point on! Thank you for making me one happy customer!  July 2023

Lori M., St. Louis, MO

Kudos to Edwin and staff at this location. I admire their hard work and professionalism! These guys go out in all types of weather, and I am always satisfied with their services. I will gladly recommend to anyone.  July 2023

Lucy P., St. Louis, MO

Edwin and team are always on top of it! They go above and beyond their duties to see that their customers are always put first!  July 2023

The G.O.A.T. Barber House, St. Louis, MO

Shout out to Donzell Winston and Sean Nichols - two of the greatest guys you would ever meet - they go up and beyond for us seniors. Sweet personalities, great smiles, very accommodating. Keep up the GREAT WORK!  A very big THANK YOU from my husband and me.  July 2023

Melissa A., Marthasville, MO

My husband passed away and the day of the services your workers, Ryan and Albion, assisted with getting the trash cans and bringing items out that were too heavy for me and offered kind words. Kind words from a stranger really meant alot to me on that day. Please recognize your employees for going above and beyond.  July 2023

Irene M., Eureka, MO

Darisn and Tomes do an awesome job on their route! We often have heavy loads for pickup and the team quickly and efficiently does their job. In a time when it is difficult to get good service, these guys go above and beyond! Thank you for your efforts!  August 2023

Liz P., Fernandina Beach, FL

Big shout out to the truck driver and his helper running the Flora Parke route August 16, 2023.  They asked if we wanted all the bags in our driveway taken on that day, and there were a lot of them; my husband said sure, and they put them on the truck.  Great customer service shown by these two men.  We appreciate Meridian Customer Service!!  August 2023

Linda F., Fernandina Beach, FL

The employees at Meridian Waste are very pleasant to talk to, I spoke with Suzy about a situation I had that was totally my fault. Suzy put a ticket in for it and a couple days later my trash was picked. I strongly recommend Meridian Waste.  August 2023

Johnkacie G., Nassau County, FL

Caller states that the guys on Truck 336 were very professionsal and courteous. They were all in uniform with their vests and hats. Not only were they professional but they looked professional as well.  July 2023

Matt T., Jacksonville, FL

Caller states that the workers are professional, courteous and very helpful. Two workers helped her this morning, and she states that they are really really good. This is not the first time she was helped, but the first time she has called in.  July 2023

Patricia L., Jacksonville, FL

Customer wants to commend City Of Jacksonville, and the yard waste crew for doing a fantastic job today, and give all the praise for the great job they have done by collecting the yard waste across the street from him.   July 2023

Salvador O., Jacksonville, FL

Caller says she had a lot of yard waste/cut up tree branches curbside. The waste hauler yard waste workers collected all of the waste and caller had a big pile. Caller says the workers did a awesome job and made sure every piece was collected. The waste hauler truck MW# is 360. July 2023

Pam N., Jacksonville, FL

Caller says she would like to give recognition to garbage haulers, they are doing a fantastic job, and are such gentleman. Caller states service has been TOP NOTCH! Customer wants the guys to know they are APPRECIATED!  July 2023

Rosemary S., Jacksonville, FL

I would like for you to know that I live at Colony Cove Trail W. Anytime I can catch these guys, I bring them bottled waters to show and to tell them just how much I appreciate the service that they are performing. I don't feel that the residents of Jacksonville thank these people enough for their hard work. They are always very polite, so please let these men who service Colony Cove that they are doing a great job, and we do appreciate them, and that they get a 5 star rating.  July 2023

Kimberly W., Jacksonville, FL

Resident states the garbage haulers do a good job during collection by picking up litter and debris from the road and ROW. The resident "Mama," commends their above and beyond duties.  July 2023

Sheena C., Jacksonville, FL

Resident would like the driver/handler commended for going above and beyond on today's household waste collection.  He saw that it looked like no one was home and saw that they had not put our their household waste cart.  Instead of just skipping the home, he went and retreived the cart from the yard, emptied it, and returned it.  July 2023

Keondra D., Jacksonville, FL

All this time I always wondered why my driver would not close the doors after a dump.So today doors were closed & secured. Not blowing aimlessly with the wind banging on customers vehicles.  Oooooh different driver, Lamont. Thank you. That was a good job and we appreciate you getting it right. Mike store manager.  June 2023

Mike H., Midlothian, VA

Dear Andrea, On behalf of Kjellstrom and Lee, Inc. and our Virginia Tech Data and Decision Science Project team, I want to thank you and your firm for the amazing work to make the project a success. This building will forever be a major cornerstone of campus for all of Hokie Nation to enjoy. We take an immense amount of pride not only in the wonderful, finished product that we as a team have delivered Virginia Tech but also in the extremely collaborative and cohesive manner in which all participants of the project team came together for an efficient and enjoyable process. Our project team received many accolades and garnered a lot of attention from the Virginia Tech community, and beyond, throughout the course of the project. We are excited about our future as a construction manager in the Commonwealth and continuing our presence on Virginia Tech's campus and we look forward to the opportunity to be a part of the upcoming Virginia Tech "New Business Building project." It was a pleasure teaming with you and your firm, and we hope that we can partner together again in the future!  June 2023

W. Brett T., Staunton, VA

Danny and George are very kind and professional. Always has kind words and positive energy doing their job.  June 2023

Jeff R., Bland, VA

Jean & Jeff are great! About the same time every Thursday, always polite and friendly when we see them. Great job guys!  June 2023

Judy W., Blue Ridge, VA

Edgar, who services the community Sudduth Farms in Greer, is always careful when driving the truck through the community. He ensures that all the trash cans are placed back in their spot where he picked them up from and always services with a smile. Great to have a caring person in the role. June 2023

Maria S., Greer, SC

Edgar is a very nice man and always goes above and beyond to help as I am disabled . Thank you so much Edgar . Every company should be greatful to have a Edgar!  June 2023

Jeremy S., Greer, SC

Thanks to Chris for coming back to collect my garbage when we forgot to put it out on Tuesday. He had already passed my house and after calling the office and explaining he came back. He went above and beyond Thank you.  June 2023

Ventura L., Easley, SC

Anthony recently began servicing my area and he's so hardworking and kind. Every week we see him working so incredibly hard many times in extreme conditions and he kindly carries on and ensures our neighborhood is clean and tidy. He's a pleasure to have around each week and my kids just love when he waves to them each week from the back of the truck!  June 2023

Caiti N., Greer, SC

Just a big THANK YOU to Jesse and Jeff! Really great guys that do a great job. Really nice guys. I appreciate them taking the extra effort to pick up my yard clippings.  June 2023

James R., Greer, SC

Mr. Edgar is very dedicated to his work and very professional, thanks for helping our neighborhood always look clean.  June 2023

Sonia A., Greenville, SC

O'Neal Village Greer SC Kim Benton and Anthony Griffin and her crew are professionals and always waving and saying hi. No debris or messes allowed on her watch. Kim drives that hog of a mega garbage truck like it is her vintage Bavarian red BMW Z sports car around all these people parking all over the street trying to impede her duties. She surely deserves employee of the year and that earned trip for two to Hawaii as her reward.  June 2023

Wendy C., Greer, SC

I would like to thank Frankie Jackson for his service this morning in dropping off our container. He was so friendly and respectful and I hope he is the one to come pick our container back up. He was very careful maneuvering it to where in needed to go especially with it being in a semi tight spot. Please give him the recognition he deserves! Thank you Frankie!  June 2023

Madison C., Siler City, NC

Just like to inform you of the great employee you have in this person his attitude is Great!! Puts your container exactly where I wanted no fuss, picked up and delivered on time and closed gates, again thank you and thank your employee!!  June 2023

Andrew M., Goldston, NC

I want to give a huge shout out to Cody N. for jumping into action today! It was early and no one else was even awake yet and my elderly father tried to get the newspaper out of the yard by himself this morning. He just got done with chemo and has been very weak as of late. He fell off the porch and directly into our bushes. He would have laid there until someone woke up and weren’t able to find him. If it weren’t for him throwing it in park, picking up my father and making sure he got back into the house safely we wouldn’t have even known! He also called the non-emergency number for the Wentzville PD to do a subsequent welfare call! The garbage service team usually get a bad wrap but today I am extremely grateful for Cody going out of his way to help when he didn’t have to! Please just know we are extremely thankful that he did just that! Thank you, Cody, thank you!!!  June 2023

Rebecca H., Wentzville, MO

I called and Linda answered. I had a lot of questions to secure a roll off for my parents place. I lost both of my parents and this is one of the last things I had to do; clean out their house. She was knowledgeable and having a helpful kind voice on the other end of the line made this process a little easier. Thank you Linda!!  June 2023

Misty D., Columbia, MO

I spoke with Erika Whitworth secure a roll off for my parents place. I lost both of my parents and this is one of the last things I had to do; clean out their house. So having a helpful kind voice on the other end of the line made it not so painful. Thanks Erika!!  June 2023

Misty D., Columbia, MO

Erika was very helpful and explained the Meridian Waste service very well!!!  June 2023

Carol G., Eureka, MO

I put the Styrofoam peanuts in the garbage can from a package I had received. Apparently they like to fly in the wind, and when the garbage can was emptied, some escaped. I was out sweeping them up when the guys came back , and the nice young man on the back of the truck helped me with the ones I had collected. It was my fault, I put them in the can loose. He didn't have to help, it was nice that he did. Excellent customer service.  June 2023

Marguerite D., Nassau County, FL

I want to give a shout out to the entire team that works Bainbridge Estate in northern Jax. While our favorite truck is 354 all of you do an amazing job every week! My toddler has been obsessed with garbage trucks for probably 3 years at this point so we are out there almost every week following along while they do their job since you all took on the contract for JAX and I am always impressed with the service and reliability. Honestly probably nobody in Jax has observed as much trash collecting as us. The team is always just as excited to see my son as he is to see them and I really treasure the happiness and joy you all bring him. We were out of town recently and my son told me on our way home he couldn't wait to get home to see his garbage men. Much love to all and thank you so much for being the best part of the week for my son.  June 2023

Sarah S., Jacksonville, FL

Young men who collected waste today were awesome! Picked up all of the customer yard waste. Excellent job and was very professional. Went beyond the call of duty. Cleaned up very nicely. Need more workers like them. Have set out yard waste before and never encountered workers like them. Very satisfied and happy with the job they did.  June 2023

Ora B., Jacksonville, FL

Mike Butler came for an off scheduled pickup. Very professional safe and friendly team member. He is truly an asset to your team and a great example of great customer service. Thank you Mike  June 2023

Mike B., Jacksonville, FL

A big shout out to Danny and George for not only waiting for me to get our trash to the road, but also for helping me carry it to their truck.  Service above and beyond on this Memorial Day Holiday here in Bland, VA  May 2023

Louise B., Bland, VA

Edgar has been picking up our trash for some time now, and always has a smile on his face when I see him. He is very professional, and never wastes any time. There are a lot of homes in the community and he is in and out quickly. Thank you Edgar for doing a great job!  May 2023

Larry B., Greer, SC

Taylor was very helpful, and did a great job providing us with any information as needed. I highly recommend calling her for any dumpster rental needs!  May 2023

Austin B., Goldston, NC

The best service and customer service out of all the other companies. I had an issue, not with their service, but with one of their loud employees. Through trial-and-error, their doing a great job to stop the issue. I highly recommend their services.  May 2023

Thomas Y., Nassau County, FL

I've been having issues with my back and it has been hard to drag the garbage can out. I called and asked if they would be able to come up to the house and dump it for me. They missed my normal Friday pickup; so I called the office and they said the truck would pick up my trash the following Monday, and they promptly did. Thank you!!  May 2023

John B., Nassau County, FL

When I called, Suzy was very professional and sweet. The men that collect are always pleasant and great representatives for the company! Doesn't matter if it's hot or rainy as Florida can be. I'm impressed with their professionalism!  May 2023

David J., Nassau County, FL

Wonderful customer service. Super friendly and helpful!  May 2023

Cassidi R., Nassau County, FL

After we arrived home, the city picked up the yard waste & did an excellent job disposing of the yard waste. Job well done!  May 2023

Benjamin N., Jacksonville, FL

Yard waste all collected today - haulers did a fabulous job! You can't even tell yard waste was there!  May 2023

JB P., Jacksonville, FL

I just heard a commotion and honking outside! There were 4 Meridian Waste trucks converging outside my house picking up our bagged leaves. It looked like the guys were having a party, hooting and laughing! What a beautiful sight! I told them I wish I had cookies or popsicles to give them!! What a day maker!  May 2023

Mary M., Jacksonville, FL

Kevin Woodard is a hard worker and a good driver for the company.  May 2023

Pam B., Petersburg, VA

There was a tremendous amount of trash from a neighbor that recently moved. Someone went through it before it was picked up and threw the trash all over the street. The team came and picked up everything. Even used a rake to make sure they got all the debris. Thank you soooo much!!  May 2023

Brittany T., Jacksonville, FL

I am sure you rarely get "atta-boys" for the work that is done.  I want to thank Meridian employees who drive and work from the garbage trucks and handle the garbage cans each week.  The pick up is always prompt and the service is exemplary.  The employees are cordial, friendly and they take care to place the cans on the driveway out of the road.  It is obvious that these men have character to represent the company well regardless of weather from rain storms or 100 degree temperatures.  I know their job is challenging it is dirty smelly and gets little affirmation from those of us who choose to use Meridian.  Please share with your employees that we are grateful for their hard work and pleasant nature friend smiles and waves.  We notice them and thank God for their diligence.  Blessings, Penny Velie  May 2023

Penny V., Fernandina Beach, FL

I just wanted to say how pleasant, professional and helpful Erika was to deal with. She did a great job helping me set up my account and explain everything to me. She made it a great experience. Kindness patience and fun are tough to find in people and she had it in abundance.  May 2023

Jeff S., Lake St. Louis, MO

Shout Out to two of the finest and sweetest that pick up our trash!! Danny & George go above and beyond of what is required. We appreciate them so much!!!!  May 2023

Lora M., Bastian, VA

We had a wonderful yard trash pick up on Tuesday! They had rakes out cleaning up our yard trash and we do appreciate all their hard work!  May 2023

Debi D., Jacksonville, FL

Shout Outs for Danny and George!  May 2023

Cathy P., Bland, VA

George and Danny for great friendly service.  May 2023

Todd P., Bland, VA

Danny and George went the extra mile!  Thanks guys!!  May 2023

Barbara T., Bastian, VA

Excellent job from the crew today!  There was a lot of stuff out by the curb and these guys took everything.   A great attitude and real professionalism  on their part.  It was much appreciated! Thanks again.  May 2023

Grover S., Jacksonville, FL

Stillwaters really appreciates driver Kim and her assistants Anthony and Julius!!  They are always offering a good morning wave and smiles as they do their work. We especially appreciate how careful Kim is when driving on the narow lanes in our neighborhood taking care to respect lawns. Given the construction in our neighborhood she often has to carefully maneuver around equipment and dumpsters -- what a pro!  Thank you!!  May 2023

MJ P., Taylors, SC

Mike and Richard on our service route are two of the friendliest members of your employee.  They both do an amazing job.  May 2023

George W., Liberty, SC

Terik and Percell were a tremendous help with picking up an increase in trash from the weekend in Downtown Hopewell! Thank you!

Ann Audrey K., Hopewell, VA

Danny and George normally go through their work seamlessly for your customers. I had the opportunity to interact with that team this week: they were friendly and handled my pickup quickly and  effectively. I had gone out to offer assistance, but when I got there the job was done! Thanks to the teamwork of Danny and George the job is getting done well. Thanks guys, your work is noticed and appreciated!  April 2023

Kevin M., Bland, VA

A loud shout out to Danny, George, and Neal.....Wonderful service above and beyond.

Alan S., Bland, VA

Our pick-up team Danny & George are Courteous, Thoughtful, and Helpful! They do a great job! So here's a BIG Thanks, for all you both do! It's appreciated!  April 2023

Burgess W., Bland, VA

Shout out to Danny, who is so kind to our whole family, including our crazy dogs! Danny is not only friendly but also is great at his job. We always note that we appreciate the care he takes to bring up any parcels left at the bottom of the driveway and we feel confident that we're getting a good trash collection service because of him. Thank you, Danny, from Boomer and Desiree!  April 2023

Desiree P., Blacksburg, VA

Thanks to Kim, Mike and Jeff for helping me out with the boxes I had left from moving. They were really nice and super kind. Best experience and best service :)  April 2023

Jennifer B., Greer SC

A big shout out to Edgar. He is very kind and always helpful/accommodating when we have trash pick up that  includes materials out of the normal bin disposal. He is very neat with his work and extremely conscientious within our community.  He is always very pleasant with his customers and a smile never seems to leave his face regardless of what he encounters. Please do not change his route/routine 😄  April 2023

Linda W., Greer, SC

Our team, Kim and Anthony do a great job in our community. They work as a team. They are efficient, friendly and careful. We deeply appreciate their service. They are good representatives for Meridian Waste.  April 2023

John S., Greer, SC

Best service from Anthony and Kim!!  Always courteous and makes sure to place our cans back in driveway.  We look forward to service from Meridian and continue being serviced from Anthony and Kim!!! They are an asset to Meridian!!  April 2023

Michael B., Greer, SC

Driver Kim and her associates Anthony and Julius do a great job in the Stillwaters neighborhood! They do their best to respect our property while manuvering down the narrow streets that are often clogged with construction vehicles...and always with a friendly smile and a good morning wave! Many thanks and we'll see you on Wednesday!  April 2023

MJ P., Taylors, SC

We rent a Porta John from Meridian Waste. I have to say they have blown away my expectations for cleanliness and professionalism in the portable toilet service. It is always stocked and pressure washed weekly. I usually dread using a porta John but I’ve now realized that is because most companies do not take pride in their service like Meridian does. The other day we had Cole, the portable toilet supervisor, and Charlie the operations manager, come out to check that we were happy with our rental. That level of customer service is outstanding. The attention to detail Meridian pays to their toilets, down to the new air freshener after each clean, is exemplary and makes me question why you would rent a toilet from anyone else.  April 2023

Joe M., Raleigh, NC

James delivered and picked up the dumpster. He was very professional, timely and great to work with!  April 2023

Ruthe S., Goldston, NC

Great place to dump. Cooper is always quick to help if there is a problem. One of the best landfills I've been to when it is raining.  April 2023

Calvin H., Wendell, NC

I want to give James, the driver, a big Thank You. He is the only man that I've ever seen get out of the truck. I've sseen him pick up trash. I've seen him pull up my neighbor's trash cans to the road and dump them. He is a great man and deserves a raise. Please tell him I said, "Thank You."  April 2023

Ronna L., Troy, MO

I need to give a shout out to Eddie for taking the time on a busy morning to answer a question about re-cycle schedule for my street. He gave me contact numbers for the city and was extremely helpful. What a great person you have to represent your company. Please give him my sincere gratitude.  April 2023

Reginald P., Jacksonville, FL

I just wanted to send a note to say that the guys currently handling my street on trucks 338 and 346. Eddie, Anderson and Guillermo are pleasant, respectful, and doing a great job. I'm assuming that you normally just get complaints, so I wanted to let their supervisor know about a compliment too. Thanks, Floyd Faskin  April 2023

Floyd F., Jacksonville, FL

On Sunday we trimmed an Oak tree and my side yard was covered with logs and branches from the curb to my house and about 6 feet high. Monday my son and grandson were going to cut and stack for the trash pickup. On my way to work on Monday, I noticed the Meridian Waste truck pull up. One guy got out and started on the job of cleanup. Then another guy came to the back of the truck to help. So I go to work thinking when I get home I will still have a large merss in my front yard. I was shocked EVERYTHING was gone and cleaned up! My son said he came out to work on the tree limbs and it was all taken care of! He has a bad back so this was a big big blessing. Please let these men know how much we appreciate their dedication to their job. Thank you, LaVerne Hester  April 2023

LaVerne H., Jacksonville, FL

TJ, Bo and Gedeon (the driver) were on the yard waste truck last week, and they have been doing a great job. TJ was extremely courteous in talking with me as he and the crew worked. Even the driver jumped out to help when the load warrants as this one did. Since Meridian Waste took over from Republic Waste, I have not seen a crew that did not work fast and efficiently. In talking with the City of Jacksonville, customer service representative about the great job this crew was doing, I was told that there were multiple complaints from me about the previous company, Republic, and since Meridian Waste has taken over, I have not had one and I think it has been 2 years. Meridian Waste deserves a lot of credit for taking over from a questionable company and doing an exemplary job. Thank you to all Meridian Waste crews that have been in this neighborhood, especially thanks to TJ and his team. Sincerely, Michael  April 2023

Michael M., Jacksonville, FL

The issue regarding my service was taken care of within the hour! Mike was very nice and helpful, thanks you! Happy Citizen, Roy Hooper  April 2023

Roy H., Jacksonville, FL

Tim - I just wanted to pass along huge KUDOS to you and your team. Getting the dumpster emptied and maintaining our horse shoe area over here in Richmond Zytel, located on the DuPont Spruance Plant on 3rd Street, had been a constant battle. We struggled when calling the # on the dumpster and getting it emptied in a timely manner. About a month ago, I talked to Pam and explained our difficulties and goals to her. She quickly gave me her cell # and set us up on a schedule. And I am pleased to say we have not had any issues with getting the dumpster emptied since. She is pleasant to speak with and gives me a call if there are any issues. So a big THANKS to you, your team, Pam and your drivers!!! WE APPRECIATE YOU!  March 2023

Earl D., Petersburg, VA

I just want to commend Christina Wilson & Ed for prompt service & cooperation with my service. I consider them an asset to your company. Thank you. Robert D.Dereski  March 2023

Robert D., Hopewell, VA

Almonzo Long delivered a 20 yard roll off unit to our facility on March 7. I just want to shout out what a great job he did. I feared that our preferred location was out of the question because of the narrow drive and gate entrance. Almonzo didn't think it was impossible and with a sure handling of his truck and some determination mixed in, he was able to deliver the container exactly where it needed to be. Almonzo made my day with this uneventful and speedy delivery!  March 2023

Clestelle G., Colonial Heights, VA

My man Jay Sprouse!!!! For going above and beyond his duties! We had a busy night and overslept for the trash Jay ran up taking all of our trash to the road so we wouldn't miss pick up! We appreciate you man! Thank you! Lunch is on me this week! March 2023

Michael B., Harrisonburg, VA

Danny our trash dude he is a good friendly fella who tries his best to please his customers. We just wanted to let y'all know we need a few more like him.  March 2023

Billy S., Christiansburg, VA

Always on time! Very nice couple, always answers our questions about what can and cannot be picked up. Thank you Jean & Jeff for all you do! Crystal & Paul Carpenter  March 2023

Crystal C., Bastian, VA

Did a great job when the dumpster was stuck in the yard. James was very professional, and a wonder to work with. Thank you James Benton for your hard work. A++++  March 2023

Anya D., Raleigh, NC

Charlie and Josh in North Carolina are great to work with and always quick to respond!  March 2023

Amy R., Raleigh NC

Outstanding company!! Has gone above and beyond for every request I had for the dumpster. Driver Robert Tobar is a great guy and everyone was fantastic to talk to. Will always use this company.  March 2023

Stefany C., Goldston, NC

JD does an awesome job at the scale house!!! Great place! Also Miguel has helped me with dead batteries on my dump trailer.  March 2023

Mark C., Morrisville, NC

Easy to get to, and easy in and out. Matt and JD are great and very attentive. The equipment operators are readily available if you need assistance with anything.  March 2023

Lester F., Morrisville, NC

Like dumping at Meridian Waste fast service. JD is the best over there. Keep up the good work guys!!!  March 2023

Frantz S., Morrisville, NC

JD in the scale house makes dumping there very easy - he's quick and efficient and his customer service is top-notch. He always has a smile on his face.  March 2023

Nicholas S., Morrisville, NC

Location is clean and all concrete so no mud! JD and staff are great! Always helpful and friendly! I'd highly recommend Meridian Waste in Morrisville, NC!  March 2023

David B., Morrisville, NC

JD is the greatest scale operator you can come across - very polite and understanding young man. I love going to the Morrisville dump site and I highly recommend this place.  March 2023

Dallas W., Morrisville, NC

I need to give a big shout out to the drivers who service my house!! Both the recycle pick up driver and the yard waste/garbage drivers were so professional, friendly, and went above and beyond to provide extra help! Thank you to a fabulous waste disposal crew!  March 2023


Shout out to my wonderful Meridian Waste gentleman, Aren. He went above and beyond! I asked him if they would accept straw bales, and he said, "Yes, of course." He came back to my yard, and picked them up, and threw them in his truck!! Then I asked him if they accepted old TVs and once again, he said "Yes," once again! He hauled everythingto his truck with a smile on his face, and he has the most pleasant disposition!! I admire this young man not just because he hauled away my old thin gs but also because he was such a friendly, kind, helpful man! How refreshing!! He literally made my day! Thank you so much are a Prince amoung Men! Claudia F  March 2023


I don't know the two gentlemen's names - they run Mulberry landing annex in Hilliard Florida, but these two are the best men that I ever came across. My best friend was in so much pain from losing her husband and felt bad because there was so much trash out there on the ground and her trash can was overflowing. She went out there to tell them she was sorry and they took the time to help her clean up the trash off the ground and then prayed over her, that was a blessing in itself. They are such angels and I wish every person was like them. They were absolutely wonderful.  March 2023


The haulers are great. They are picking up everything. The last haulers would have left the waste behind Keep up the good work.  March 2023


Truck drivers have been helping the customers every Thursday. (garbage)  Truck drivers are bringing the trash up. Customers never asked them for help, they just saw (customer is injured) them and started helping.   They need to be recognized; they are very respectful, nice, and hardworking.  March 2023

Michelle Q., Jacksonville, FL

Hello, Just want to say we appreciate the service Meridian is providing so much more than the prior company. The employees go over and beyond. Several times I have watched them pickup what spilled out of the trash bin or truck and handle with care getting the trash bin out of the road. Meridian’s employees WANT to go over and beyond and this comes from a company who must value their employees and show it.  March 2023


Shout out to Jeff-Driver for Dinwiddie County area.  Feb 2023

Tommy W., McKenney, VA

Jacorey did a great job!  Feb 2023

Brandon V., Petersburg, VA

I have noticed big improvements at the Madison site. It’s been nice to see it so clean for once. The other company didn’t take pride in their work like you do. Compactor was always broken or full. Now with Meridian it is always in working order. Same goes for all the trash bins. Thank you!  Feb 2023

Cheri R., New Canton, VA

Jacorey Jones and Shawn Williams were absolutely great! Very professional and courteous. We gave them a challenge and they conquered it. Thank you for being awesome!  Feb 2023

Sherri P., Richmond, VA

Our roll off driver Jeff us always cheerful and does a great job of pulling our computer cans. Tarps extremely well and never leaves us with a mess to clean. It’s always a joy to work with him.  Feb 2023

Craig D., N Diddle, VA

Did a great job Jacorey!  Feb 2023

William S., Chester, VA

Shout Out to Alphonso, from Ms Ewing. Alphonso, you were there to help me out of a predicament, when I was on my way to work and had no one else to help me. Thanks to you, for helping me get my car out of the mud it was stuck in. Therefore, because of your unwavering kindness I was able to get to work on time, without missing an hour of pay. You are the example we need in this world, when the world is so unkind, Thank you so much. It will never be forgotten. Ms Ewing  Feb 2023

Nikka E., Newport News, VA

I truly appreciate the service provided by Jean and Jeff. They are always neighborly, efficient and timely. They are an asset to Meridian Waste and the community.  Feb 2023

Ricky C., Dublin, VA

Oh my gosh! Your garbage truck man is a superman!! My trash was bad- sat for a month and was too heavy to lift. He had to hand pick all the wet stuff out. I ran out and apologized, and the man smiled at me, and said it was okay. That simple. Someone like that is rare! Keep him...he's a trooper.

Russell J., Christiansburg, VA

They are very good at picking up everything and Jean and Jeff are very nice guys and very professional.

Michael S., VA

I would like to give a shout out to Jean and Jeff, they do an amazing job.  They are always so friendly and helpful. This is in Bland Va. They pick up the trash and will not leave anything laying around, they even clean out the trash can.  They really do care about making sure everything is clean.  The last company didn't do this.  Here is a Shout out to Jean and Jeff, thank you both for doing such an amazing job. John and Emma Eaton  Feb 2023

Emma E., Bland, VA

Kim, Steve, and Mike handle our route every Friday morning and we're so grateful for their friendly and efficient service. Seeing them come visit on the truck is our toddler's favorite weekly routine. They are kind enough to stop and wave hello to us every week as they thoroughly tend to our collection needs in our cul-de-sac. They are wonderful folks with an impeccable work ethic that brings smiles to our faces weekly. We're so appreciate to have them care for our neighborhood.  Feb 2023

Caiti, N., Greer, SC

They have a nice dump and keeping it clean and jd looks out for you so you can work faster.  Feb 2023

AJ B., Morrisville, NC

It is a very organized and friendly environment very easy to maneuver around and dump what ever you have. Out of the other nearby by landfills this is by far the cleanest and best one. JD is also very welcoming and helpful each time.  Feb 2023

Errol G., Morrisville, NC

Aaron has done an excellent job! He picks up branches, twigs, and trash that has fallen out of the cans and quickly puts them back in before emptying the can into the truck. We appreciate Aaron very much!  Feb 2023

Kathy S., Eureka, MO

The drivers on our route are exceptionally good, friendly etc. They go out of their way to come up driveway to PU & return our handicapped dumpster.  Feb 2023

Donna J., MO

Appreciate Erika's professionalism and ability to offer intelligent answers and problem resolution.  Feb 2023

Joe S., Eureka, MO

I forgot to put my can out on trash day and the driver saw me putting it out after they passed by my house.  I was so grateful that he backed up to dump my can.  And the guy on the back of the truck is always so friendly. Thank you!  Feb 2023

Michelle B., Fernandina Beach, FL

I want to give a BIG Shout Out to two of your hard-working tough guys...Tony Gailyard and Dual Pipes!!! Those guys absolutely bust their butts non-stop!! I think their boss needs to buy them lunch one day!!! 😁  Feb 2023

Scott K., Jacksonville, FL

Love cleaning up the trash  Feb 2023

Terrance J., Jacksonville, FL
I was visiting my daughter last week and I have to say it’s been a long time since I have seen such hard work. The two young men collecting her garbage were amazing. Working hard but took the time to acknowledge my 3 year old grandson that loves the garbage truck. Hope you will know who the young men are. Thanks to both of them for their hard work and caring attitude!  Feb 2023
Lisa J., Jacksonville, FL

On February 3, 2023, I found that my garbage had been torn open and thrown into my yard, my neighbor’s yard, and into the street. Disillusioned, I called Meridian and Crystal answered. She was pleasant, understanding, and empathetic to my situation. She checked with Chris to confirm what could be done and Chris immediately said to reach out to someone and have them come back and pick up the garbage. Shortly thereafter, Fred arrived at my home. He was pleasant, empathetic, and very kind. Your team nailed it. Concern for the customer, professional, kind, and very quick to respond. Words can’t express the positive difference they made for me. My faith in customer focus and being flexible for the customer was certainly restored. Thanks to a great team and to an organization who values great work and recognition of its employees.  Feb 2023

Teresa H., Jacksonville, FL

This email serves to acknowledge the exemplary assistance I received from two of your associates. On Friday, January 27th 2023, Gary & Victor assisted me with getting ALL of my garbage collected (I had an excessive amount) & they took the time out to place my bins back on the side of my home. I received World-Class service that day. Gary & Victor went above & beyond their normal call of duty. Kudos to you both. Enjoy!  Jan 2023

C Dee T., Jacksonville, FL

Thanks to Pam Baldwin and Josh Vaughan at your Richmond Virginia location for quickly responding to our service call.  We have a trash compactor here at our hospital that is used all day every day, and is very important to have up and running.  It stopped working yesterday, and Pam and Josh responded right away and made the repair so quickly it never became a problem.  Much appreciated!  Jan 2023

Susan K., Richmond, VA

Kudos to Jean & Jeff for their dependability and courtesy!  Jan 2023

Ron I., Bland, VA

It’s always a pleasure to see Mr. Edgar Gonzalez when he picks up our bin. If he sees any debris falling out he is always quick to pick it up. My kids are always excited to see him every Wednesday, he is very nice, friendly and courteous. Always puts a big smile on my kid face! Thank you Mr. Edgar! :)  Jan 2023

Macrina A., Greer, SC

I would like for Rhonda Petty and Erin Jackson to know how much I appreciate them! They always go above and beyond. In this world now days it's easier to complain than praise. I just wanted everyone to know that y'all are great! Thank you, Donna  Jan 2023

Donna W., Yulee, FL

I received outstanding customer service from April when I called the office for information on our account and to request a schedule. Prompt, courteous, efficient. Five star. ( Backstory is that I switched to Meridian from a competitor where customer service was, in my opinion, inadequate and frustrating. April's service was a breath of fresh air!  Jan 2023

Jan C., Yulee, FL
Susan is the epitome of a FANTASTIC client advocate. She walked me through the best options for our residential services and followed-up that all was well. When we missed our first pickup, she contacted the field team and had them return to our home for service. She is a consummate pro. I wish all of my vendor partners could be so proactive AND kind!  Jan 2023
Susan P., Fernandina Beach, FL

I put a huge amount of piles of trimmed bushes and sticks and vines out along the edge of my property to be picked up. Truck 339 with Eddie and Terry came by twice in the same day and hauled away everything I put out.  These gentlemen did a great job. They were very kind and friendly. I enjoyed talking to them briefly. They have a tough job and I appreciate them and their service. Thank you Eddie and Terry. - Jan 2023

Jeff M., Jacksonville, FL
Kirk Word was challenged by a mess of leaves and styrofoam popcorn. The bag burst upon being dumped into the truck and Mr. Word took the time and effort to work against the wind and cold and picked up the mess swirling around his truck and across the road. Without this effort the mess would have only gotten much worse. I, and I'm very sure my neighbors, say THANK YOU SO MUCH for your work ethic and caring about our front yards and street. We are very blessed to have you be our collection gentleman. - Dec. 2022
Michael N., South Hill, VA
Javonte came by this afternoon to swap our compactor and do a swap on one of our 30 yard roll-offs. There was some confusion about which roll off but he remained positive and helpful until we resolved it. He had a smile on his face the whole time and we really appreciate the positive attitude. He appears to be the kind of driver we all wish we could hire! - Dec. 2022
John L., Sandston, VA
Jeff & Jean are the best. If asked a question they will answer it. They pick up trash around other garages when they didn’t have to to keep our community clean. We see them every Wednesday and they come at the same time every time. A big thanks to Jeff & Jean for a great job! - Dec. 2022
John G., Rocky Gap, VA
Jean and Jeff are my trash pickup specialists. I have a container at the end of my driveway that is quite a bit away from my house. I rarely get to see them do their job. I placed a red flag on the container and informed them the raised red flag means there is trash and a lowered red flag means no trash and no need to stop. Every time I have trash, they pick it up and lower the red flag. That means so much to me. These folks are friendly and wear brightly colored clothes for safety visibility. Thanks! - Dec. 2022
Rodger W., Narrows, VA
Jean and Jeff are great people! They are friendly and hardworking. We love them! - Dec. 2022
Jay M., VA
Earnest “Smitty” Smith goes above and beyond to make sure he communicates with me before delivering rolloff containers, as well as making sure they are delivered in the proper location for the customer. Thank you, Smitty, for all you do for us. - Dec. 2022
Elliot K., Hopewell, VA
Danny Waddle & George Olinger provide great service. They are friendly and efficient in all their work. Thank you so much for the great service. - Dec. 2022
Wade H., Ceres, VA
The driver on our route does an exceptionally good job and is friendly. He goes out of his way to come up our driveway to pickup and return our handicap dumpster. - Dec. 2022
Donna J., MO
I want to give a shout out to Donzell Winston and DeMarco Smith. They are two of the nicest guys who go above and beyond at their job. It’s hard to find such great workers in any job, and I appreciate them and their kindness. It makes a difference in my day. I couldn’t ask for better guys to help a lady out when in need. You should be proud as a company to have them on your team. I own four businesses and there are not many great workers like these two. You should feel lucky to have them! Thank You both for such excellent attitudes and work ethics. - Dec. 2022
Christine C., St. Clair, MO
I called to request help scheduling a special pickup (it was a bit different from the typical bulk item, so it was more complicated). Linda was helpful in asking the right questions and getting support from her colleagues at Meridian to make it possible. Thank you, Linda! - Dec. 2022
Randall K., Lake Saint Louis, MO
Driver Mark S. is very respectful of his customers and goes over and above in providing service. - Dec. 2022
Cheryl W., Wentzville, MO
Driver James S. is very respectful of his customers and goes over and above in providing service. - Dec. 2022
Cheryl W., Wentzville, MO
Our regular pickup was missed on Wednesday. I called the local office Wednesday evening and left a message. Thursday morning first thing Suzy Peterson contacted me to inform it would be picked up as quickly as possible. Within the hour they had picked up and moved the trash can up to the house. Excellent job by both! Please share our appreciation with them. - Dec. 2022
Dennis M., Fernandina Beach, FL
The curbside collection crew servicing my address is reliable. This is an overwhelming improvement over the previous service provider. The collection crew to date takes care not to leave any stray articles and take the time to return the collection bin empty and in an upright, stable roadside position. Without a doubt, they have a hard, thankless job given the weather (hot, cold rain, etc.), in addition to the mosquitos and biting flies they encounter out here in the swampy areas. Please relay my regards and thanks. - Nov. 2022
Zan W., Woodbine, GA
Thanks to the crew who keeps our community clean - one of the gentlemen in particular always goes the extra mile and rolls my emptied bin up near my garage each week. He always has a friendly smile and I appreciate that little extra above & beyond he does for me. The pickup on our street is usually very early, before I am up and about, and I have not been able to thank him in person so I wanted to express my thanks this way. Wishing a very happy holiday to a great group of guys who do a tough job for us. - Dec. 2022
P T., Jacksonville, FL
Thank you, Eddie Burgin and Terry Flood for being so kind and disposing of my garbage. I had forgotten to place my garbage cart out for service and whenthe bulk truck came through, I was able to ask them to dispose of my waste. Eddie and Terry picked it up on the way back around and were very professional and kind. Thank you for a job well done! - Dec. 2022
Virginia, Jacksonville, FL

I just wanted to say how thankful we are for the excellent service we have received from truck #339 with Meridian Waste. Living at the end of a street that requires drivers to back in left us with missed pickups countless times with our old carrier. When meeting our new driver Eddie Burgin the first time after Meridian took over, he assured me that missed collections would be a thing of the past, and he was right! It is a relief to be able to count on his team for reliable pickups and service with a smile. Surrounded by trees and shrubs, we do a LOT of trimming, and they cheerfully get it ALL week after week. Thank you, Eddie Terry, and Felix! We are so thankful to you!!

Jennifer Y., Jacksonville, FL
Eddie, Terry and Johnathan are outstanding and have great customer service skills. We forgot to put our trash out the day after Thanksgiving. They stopped and waited for us to bring the trash to the road. They went out of their way to accommodate us. This is not the first time they've gone above and beyond to assist us. We appreciate their hard work at a dirty thankless job! - Nov. 2022
Ronald B., Jacksonville, FL
This is the best waste service I have ever used! My kids go outside every week and take the guys snacks and drinks. They are so nice to the kids. Thanks Tony for the fun and kindness you bring every week! - Nov. 2022
Jeff S., Jacksonville, FL
Some of our favorite people. Mr Neil is always super kind to our son who loves garbage trucks. Thursday’s are our favorite days around here. They always are working their butts off to get all the trash picked up in an efficient and timely manner. As someone whose toddler insists we follow the garbage truck through the neighborhood and see how hard these men work I am always super impressed. - November 2022
Sara S., Jacksonville, FL

We just moved here from Florida in October. We have had a lot of trash from moving and cleaning our new residence. Every week all of our trash is picked up! We recently had our master bathroom completely remodeled and when we met our trash crew, Jean & Jeff, they told us to put all waste from our remodel at the end of our driveway, and they would pick it up. Last Thursday was our pick-up day, and they were fantastic!!! Everything was removed. What a great team!!! - Dec. 2022

Crystal C., Bastian, VA

Today 10/13/22 your recycle pickup gentleman went above and beyond as my neighbors recycling had blown out of his little container. He quickly scooped it all up and I thank him! - Oct. 2022

Robin S., Town and Country, MO

Company is great. They show up on scheduled days and all trash recycle and yard waste collected consistently. In fact one of the guys (don’t know his name) brings my trash bin onto the driveway. Wow! Above and beyond. - Oct. 2022

Alice V., Jacksonville, Fla.

Thank You, Eddie and Norvy with truck 338 . They took a heavy stump from my fallen tree on my curb well beyond what they would be required to do. Their dedication seems very rare service these days. I am a senior citizen, and this was greatly appreciated. I did go out to thank them but I wanted to take it a step further and let management know they are caring team members. - Oct. 2022

Kenneth W., Jacksonville, Fla.

Truck 338 did an outstanding job picking up all our yard trash from the hurricane. Eddie the driver assisted by Norvy and Felix were great. - Oct. 2022

Clayton W., Jacksonville, Fla.

I would like to congratulate Meridian Waste for the great job they are doing in Queen's Harbour! I was amazed last week when the storm damage was picked up by the end of Tuesday. Your service has been excellent since you received the contract in QH. - Oct. 2022

Frank P., Jacksonville, Fla.

Special thanks to Robert Browder and Almonzo Long for always going above and beyond when delivering rolloff containers to me. They always call and let me know that they are on the way to deliver a container and they ask where it needs to be dropped. - Oct. 2022

Elliott K., Petersburg, VA
It's been a nice day here {At the Lunenburg Landfill Fall Fun Fest} people friendly also they have a great worker Von Dickerson.

Shout out to Derrick Johnson! I have been watching him since he started. He goes over and beyond! He cleans up any little pieces of trash that fall out of the garbage. If you forgot to pull your trash can out, he pulls it, takes all the cans back to the yard, and does it swiftly and quickly. He is the first garbage service man I have seen that does his job well! He deserves Kudos. - Sept. 2022

Crystal L., Petersburg, VA
THANK YOU! The two gentlemen working took time to allow my 3-year-old the opportunity to see the garbage truck up close and it made his year! My son loves all things waste/recycling and this was his superbowl! - Elena B., Blacksburg, VA

To the crew working the VT parking lot next to the Vet School (lot 16) on Oct. 15. THANK YOU! The two gentlemen working took time to allow my 3-year-old the opportunity to see the garbage truck up close and it made his year! My son loves all things waste/recycling and this was his superbowl! He has told everyone about it an he is beyond happy. Thank you for taking the time to make my guy's day brighter and for doing a wonderful job! Top notch people at Meridian Waste. We are proud to have such a wonderful company with wonderful people in our NRV community! - Sept. 2022

Elena B., Blacksburg, VA

Thanks for your work Jean, Jeff, and George. They do the best job ever. They clean up the little stuff other people wouldn't do - great workers. - Sept. 2022

Steven F., Bland. VA
Dear Meridian Waste Crew,
I’d like to express how grateful I am for your service. Living in the county, we don’t have automatic waste disposal services, which means we take our trash to the county dump. Being older, and also full-time caregivers for our aging parents, even though we try to keep up with it, trash tends to build up in or around our house. Ooof. Fruit flies!!! So, YOU ALL are our saviors, slaying the trash and bringing down the menacing fruit fly dragon! Haha!
Seriously, though, from the first phone call to set up service, to the weekly pickups, these last 4 months have been so much easier because of the friendly, professional, and reliable service you provide. Thank you.
Carolyn Torres
Sycamore Trail, Blacksburg
Sept. 2022
Carolyn T., Blacksburg, VA

We have used Meridian Waste for 9 years. Scotty the technician who runs our route is by far the best man for the job. He is attentive and kind and his attention to detail is impeccable. Scotty always goes the extra mile without being asked and always leaves our property in better shape than he found it in. Valuable employees are a needle in the haystack commodity these days but Scotty one of the good ones. We appreciate his hard work and willingness to go above the standard expectations to provide a pleasurable experience for his clientele. - Aug. 2022

Hannah F., SC

I have to give five stars for Patrick's awesome service when I had an issue with my bill. He looked into it and tried to help in every way possible. I think we are in good hands. I am glad to be with Meridian Waste. - Sept. 2022

Sonia K., Easley, SC

This customer wanted to compliment Rob for being so kind with her and her disabled stop. - Sept. 2022

Robert K., Lake Saint Louis, MO

Spoke with Customer Care Representative today checking on my refund and agent Earl was extremely professional and I enjoyed our conversation. Please send a shout out to Earl. Thank you! - Sept. 2022

Patrick R., Troy, MO

Thank you for donating the dumpsters for the fall festival. This helped keep the community and downtown clean while we had so many visitors at our event. We really appreciate your continued support for our special events and look forward to working with you in the future. - Oct. 2022

Alyssa G., Pike County, MO

The gentlemen that service the North West part of Hilliard are very professional and friendly. They always honk for my little boys and even let me 2 year old son honk the horn himself! We are glad we chose to Meridian instead of Advanced Disposal. 10/10 from a small family in Hilliard. - Aug. 2022

SM Murphy, Hilliard, Fla.
Thank you for the hard work. They are worth my tax dollars. - Sandra P., Jacksonville, Fla. Aug. 2022

The customer wants to say the crew on truck 338 always does a great job with collecting the yard waste. The customer stated they are very friendly. - Aug. 2022

Rachel J., Jacksonville, Fla.

The customer has positive feedback for Meridian waste. She states she has been in Jacksonville for a long time, and they have been the best she has had. She appreciates their service and is thankful for the workers and work ethic. - Aug. 2022

Mary B., Jacksonville, Fla.

Jeanie Blizzard is an amazing employee!! She was also so kind and knowledgeable. I bugged her for two months about a dumpster rental, and she has been amazing the entire time. 20/10!!! - Aug. 2022

Abigail R., Wentzville, MO

I want to give a Shout Out to the nice gentleman that helped me get my lawnmower out of our ditch this evening! He saw me trying to push it out by myself and offered to help! He could have kept going, but he didn’t, and I’m very grateful! I thanked him but didn’t get his name. He was driving truck 321 I believe. Please tell him thank you for me! - Aug, 2022

Jackie A., Elsberry, MO
Thank you, Barbie Russo and the Meridian Waste team, for all you do for the Village of Eolia! It is a pleasure to work with an amazing team willing to listen to your needs and go the extra mile to ensure customer satisfaction every time. Angela G. and Jerry B., Village of Eolia, MO. - Aug 2022

My carts for recycling and trash are picked up on different days and are emptied in a timely fashion. After being emptied, their lids are replaced and are returned positioned so that they are out of the way of the stormwater drain and out of the road. The team even came back once when they saw me hustling out--late--with my cart. Great service week after week. Thank you, Christian and Chris. I feel lucky to have you servicing my neighborhood. - Aug. 2022

Lisa M., Blacksburg, VA

We wanted to commend the guys on our route. Last week, we saw them take the time to sweep up some loose paper that had fallen when they were making the collection at our neighbor's house. We are spreading the good word about their conscientious work ethics. Please thank them for us and let them know we appreciate their attention. - Aug. 2022

Gary C., Rockingham, VA

We love Meridian Waste Greer Hauling! Such a hard working team and very professional. Shout out to Albert, Kim, & Mike. I appreciate you guys working in this heat. Thank you!!

Maureen L., Greer, SC

Ellos hacen un buen trabajo, son puntuales en la recolección de reciclaje cada miércoles, Kim y Albert son muy amables y amigables con los niños. They do a good job, they are punctual in collecting recycling every Wednesday, kim and Albert are very kind and friendly with the children. - June 2022

Maria A., SC
Our driver Edward Gonzalez does a fantastic job! He is always smiling and courteous. If something falls out of the truck and he sees it, he is quick to stop and get out to clean it up immediately! He is a blessing in our neighborhood! - June 2022. SC

Edgar G picks up our trash every Tuesday morning. He’s prompt; best of all, he indulges my kids’ love of the trash truck. - June 2022

Robert A., SC

The company is great; I never had a problem with their service. One of their drivers, Edgar, is simply a great guy. He hopped out of the truck to introduce himself to my 7-year-old son and me. My son is fascinated with the mechanical arm that lifts the garbage cans. He loves watching the truck do its thing. There are not many people like Edgar who are willing to pause what they're doing for a second and make a 7-year-old's day. - June 2022

Ed G., SC

I would like to recognize the excellent service provided to our neighborhood by your employee Edgar Gonzalez. Edgar is a very skillful driver/operator who quickly and efficiently weaves through our crowded streets emptying our trash barrels and never leaving a scrap of waste behind in the process. He is always very pleasant to those he sees and his work ethic is outstanding. - June 2022

Ron R., SC

Edgar Gonzalez is the best garbage disposal driver we've ever had! He always helps out with extra needs and is so friendly with our kids! Great attitude and very skilled! - June 2022

Summer R., Greer, SC
I have struggled for weeks to get my garbage wheeled up from my driveway to the street. I am elderly, and my husband just passed away (he used to take care of the trash). I was late this morning; I heard the truck coming and rushed to open the garage door to gather bags. The kind team on the truck saw my struggle, came down the drive, carried my trash out, and emptied my container. I was so touched that I started to cry. They were so caring, and I am so blessed to have your team provide this exceptional service. Thank you, thank you for hiring outstanding people!!! - June 2022
Sallye T., Rockingham, VA

These four team members are extraordinary. (Neal, Danny, Jeff, and Jean). They do their jobs well and are friendly to talk with. The way they clean up after the mess we, dogs, crows, and bears, make is commendable. Thank you all! - 2022

Woody B., Rocky Gap, VA

As the owner of Campbell Collision Center, it's important to keep our dumpsters emptied and usable. Meridian Waste has always answered our calls within 24 hrs to help us maintain the cleanliness of our facility. Their staff are always friendly and drivers always do their job in a neat fashion. We appreciate them and their service for us. - June 2022

Macon M., Goldston, NC
Kudos to Sandi G. She's always been able to help me when I have questions, need service, or have had some form of hiccup to solve. She is professional, kind, and gets the job done. I am always happy when she takes my call - thanks for your hard work and continued service! - Missouri. June 2022

We had a storm come through early in our trash pick-up day. The garbage totes had tipped over, and waste flew everywhere. James Simpson is a phenomenal driver!! He got out of his truck with a smile, not a frustrated look, to pick up the waste in the streets and set the totes upright. Thank you so much for your care in doing your job!! Meridian is lucky to have you!! - June 2022

Barbie R., Wentzville, MO

Due to unforeseen circumstances, my trash hadn't been picked up in quite some time. Today, Ryan (Driver) and Albion (helper) came and cleaned everything up and were so kind and caring. They apologized numerous times for the delay in service (although they were not at fault or to blame). These two gentlemen eased my frustrations and did a fantastic job. I hope all Meridan staff are as dedicated and kind as these two gentlemen. Thank you both for taking great care of me and my family today!

Sarah W., Old Monroe, MO

Big THANKS to Donzell and Albion for being nice during a frustrating time. The driver shortage schedule is brutal to keep up with - so I was rushing to get my trash out, and the driver said, "take your time; we got you." That meant a lot because it was later in the evening, so we put the cans back in the garage 3 hours prior, thinking they would not come. I was frustrated and appreciated their kindness and understanding. - June 2022

Erika J., Florissant, MO
After several unsuccessful calls to local waste service companies with roll-off containers, Mr. Jenkins was referred to Meridian Waste Missouri by a friend, Gabe Siense (?).
He spoke to Jeanie Blizzard and immediately sensed that she really DID want to help him with his roll-off container needs. He felt taken care of with her thorough explanations of the roll-off container process, billing, contract details, and the final pickup process. This was especially appreciated as Mr. Jenkins had a house/property fire and was very stressed out finding the container he needed. He also noted that he had 30 years in C&D and was impressed with Jeanie's professionalism and compassion. He noted specifically her walk-through of the acceptable items for disposal was extremely helpful.
During the process, he had to have the container picked up and swapped out - which he noted was seamless. The initial drop-off was great as the driver worked with him on placement on his property and was sure not to block any accesses. During the container swap out the driver was quiet and seamless - and even though the rain, there wasn't even an indentation on his lawn from the truck. He noted that Meridian Waste Missouri also had the best pricing in the area, as well as the cleanest/best-looking containers.
Jeanie worked with him every step of the way from initial contact through billing and closing out his contract. He was so impressed he's referred at least three friends and will be a repeat customer. - June 2022
Rick J., Hazelwood, MO

Lindsay, out of St Lous, MO, is my go-to girl! She communicates with me, always gets back to me, follows up, and sees if I need a new dumpster! In addition, she gives me a call ahead of pickup and makes the driver's truck doesn't scratch my clients' driveways! Thank you for giving me excellent customer care and service! - June 2022

Designs by Mary-Ann, St. Charles, MO

Meridian, overall, has done a great job with my trash and recycling collections. They've taken everything I've set out. The previous company wouldn't take anything outside of the can. I love that Meridian will take other things that won't fit in the waste can. Kudos for that job well done. Thank you for your time and attention and the overall good job Meridian is doing. Job well done. - June 2022

Thomas M., Jacksonville, Fla.
I have been very pleased with the change to Meridian. The previous company would leave trash spills in the street and the smell after they collected garbage was always awful. Bulk pick up could easily go 4-6 weeks before pick up. Meridian is so much better. They clearly take pride in their work and have respect us, the residents.
But today? Let me tell you about today.
The people across the street, (a bunch of hard partying 20 somethings in a rock band), moved out. The pile of trash, broken furniture, matresses, etc literally went from the curb to the garage in a swath about 4-5 feet wide. Today was the 1st regular trash day since the neighbors moved out. I heard the truck idling out front and my 1st thought was that they must be having truck trouble. Then it dawned on me. Meridian was actually cleaning up that mess!! No weeks of watching weather and animals drag that garbage all over the neighborhood. Everything. EVERYTHING is gone!
Thank you so much! And a special thank you to the crew who did the actual work. Please let them know it is appreciated.
A very happy customer - June 2020
Laura T., Jacksonville, Fla.

Good service. I want you to know Edgar does a good job! - May 2022

Osvaldo G., Greer, SC

Lindsay has been phenomenal since she has taken over our account. She is professional polite knowledgeable and quick to respond. I am thankful for her support. Thank you! - May 2022

Michael T., St. Louis, MO
Kevin and Zane are a pleasure to have in our neighborhood. They are kind and give great service. - Lydia Estates, HOA President. Jacksonville, Fla. - May 2022

Kevin and Zane do a wonderful job. They keep the streets clean. Both have great attitudes and go over and beyond! - May 2022

Anita M., Jacksonville, Fla.

Ms. Flo. stated that she loves your service and how kind you are to all of the neighbors. Thank you so much for your hard work - we all appreciate you. - May 2022

Ms. Flo, Jacksonville, Fla.

We love your service. Our yard pick up is truck #338 and do a wonderful job of collecting and picking up. Wish they could receive recognition for a job well done! - May 2022

Joan R., Jacksonville, Fla.

Monday morning before Noon, the sanitation worker saw me sitting in my garage. He emptied can and rolled the cart back up toward to the house with a big smile. I appreciate it and he deserves recognition! - May 2022

Jean A., Jacksonville, Fla.

At approximately 7:00 AM, I walked out of my home and saw the recycle collection vehicle coming down the street to collect recycle carts on the opposite side of the street, so I rushed to placed my full cart on the curb not knowing that the driver had already collected on my side of the street. I asked the driver if I could place my full cart on the curb so he could empty it and he said yes! I appreciate the drivers' patience's and kindness because he could have said no and requested that I wait two more weeks. We need more drivers like the one I met today! Kudos to this individual! - May 2022

William A., Jacksonville, Fla.

Shout out to Danny, Jeff, Jean, and Neal for taking care of their customers every day in a professional and timely manner. - May 2022

Dwayne D., Bland, VA

The staff on the Bland County trash service do a great job every day and are here no matter the weather it was raining today and they where out and they put the cover back on my trash can I thank them for their service. - May 2022

Wade H., Ceres, VA

Neal and Danny were very helpful and accommodating last week in getting our household waste out of our building and into the truck. Very thoughtful and friendly service! - May 2022

David M., Bland, VA
Amid all the challenges we faced last week, I appreciate your efforts and those of your team to work out a solution for each situation. I had numerous people comment on how clean the campus was during commencement. - Virginia Tech. May 2022

Jean and Jeff are the best! They show up under the harshest conditions. They are careful neat and dependable. They're also very nice! - May 2022

Ron I., Bland, VA

The people who collect the yard waste in this area are doing a fine job. They are always very neat and tidy. They leave the are neat and clean they way they found it. - April 2022

Doreen W., Jacksonville, Fla.

The caller would like to compliment her yard waste team member on Truck 353. They picked up her limbs and other odds and ends. Since Meridian Waste has taken over, they have not missed a single pick-up, which is wonderful. Thank you, Daryl and Leon! - April 2022

Resident, Jacksonville, Fla.

I want to shout out Scott Taylor for his exceptional Roll-Off skills. He moved a container that was in a tight spot with ease and without incident. He is a fantastic asset to your company. - April 2022

James P., St. Louis, MO

"hats off" to the trash company in Wentzville today. Thanks for getting the trash and recycle collected before the storm rolled in and blew it all around the neighborhood. - April 2022

Kevin W., Wentzville, MO
I wanted to let you know that the employees that pick up recycling in my neighborhood, Chartwell Estates, are awesome! They are always so friendly and helpful. They go above and beyond! The gentleman has helped me in the rain and brought me my bin.
I really appreciate them and I hope you do too! - March 2022
Eva B., South Carolina

We here on Mount Tabor and wanted to give a shout-out to Danny, who is fantastic! Danny goes the extra mile and does a great job every time, even with two big dogs barking and running around in our yard. Sometimes when a package delivery has been left in the middle of our driveway, he'll very kindly bring it up to where our trash can is. We always notice that and really appreciate it! Thank you, Danny! - Boomer and Desiree.  - April 2022

Desiree P., Blacksburg, Va.
Thank you, Jeff, Jean, Dan, and Neal, for the excellent job you all do. We have the best trash pick-up service now that we have ever had. - Ceres, Va. March 2022
Jay is AMAZING!!! He is an extremely hard worker and is always enthusiastic and friendly. An example to highlight just how Jay truly shines: one morning, Jay was rapidly emptying several neighbors' garbage bins into the back of the truck and saw my young 4-year-old son standing with me in the driveway waiting for his sibling's school bus. Immediately Jay stopped hustling, smiled, and asked my son (who, unbeknownst to Jay, is completely in awe of garbage trucks and workers) if my son would like to help empty our trash bin into the truck. My son had stars in his eyes! First, Jay patiently helped show my son how to adjust the handles/gears on the lift. Then, he saluted us and shook my son's hand. My son has been talking about this experience for weeks now! My son and our entire family so immensely appreciated the simple gesture of kindness!! - March 2022
Alexandra J., Rockingham, Va.

Meridian Waste is a game changer! Ashleigh and her team raise the bar day in and day out! Our restaurant has a small parking lot and in a high traffic area. The driver and Laura in dispatch are proactive with service limitations and deliver exceptional communication. Someone always answers the phone! I cannot be more pleased to have a valued partnership between Meridian Waste and Cabo Fish Taco. Ashleigh and her crew have assisted my staff and I with understanding billing increasing service and thinking strategically to exceed our needs. I told her on the phone today and each time I see her in the community that “I love your company!” Thank you for making a business owner’s day better! - March 2022

Gary W., Blacksburg, Va.

Big Shout Out to Jimmy, my garbage collector who picks up our garbage in Fox Manor subdivision. Jimmy is always coming thru the neighborhood with a smile on his face and is very efficient. He is always diligent and friendly to the neighborhood. - March 2022

Lisa H., Dublin, Va.

Big Shout Out to Jimmy, my garbage collector who picks up our garbage in Fox Manor subdivision. Jimmy is always coming thru the neighborhood with a smile on his face and is very efficient. He is always diligent and friendly to the neighborhood. - March 2022

Resident, Greer, SC.
Big Shout Out to Jimmy, my garbage collector who picks up our garbage in Fox Manor subdivision. Jimmy is always coming thru the neighborhood with a smile on his face and is very efficient. He is always diligent and friendly to the neighborhood. - Florissant, Mo. March 2022

Exceptional guys! I recently did a spring cleaning and the end of my driveway showed it! Without a flinch and wearing a smile they guys made sure everything was picked-up. Can't thank them enough and wanted to let them know how much their hard work is not overlooked and greatly appreciated! - March 2022

Matt W., Yulee, Fla.

Shout out to Al and Shane for always doing such a great job in our neighborhood! Always prompt! Always take their time to make sure they get everything! We appreciate everything you do!! Thank you!! - March 2022

Kelsi T., Fernandina Beach, Fla.
We really like and appreciate the new company that picks up garbage and yard trash - Meridian Waste. The workers are friendly and cheerful, and they go above and beyond the call of duty.
We hope Jacksonville will keep this company - they do a great job! - March 2022
Ginnie G., Jacksonville, Fla.
Just wanted to praise the trash guys for the yard trash pickup this morning. They cleaned up a huge pile we had, even raking up some! Extremely nice guys, thank you so much! - March 2022

Meridian Waste is doing a great job collecting waste on this street. Caller is on the waste assistance program and they collect her waste from the designated area and return her cart back there. She is very impressed and pleased with the services. - March 2022

Nancy S., Jacksonville, Fla.

I wanted to take the time to let you know about the exceptional, out-of-this-world service that your company provides. The fellas that work on our street are always hustling. I have lived all over the country and world in the service, and never have I seen men work so hard. It's not just once I've observed this, but week after week. Anyway, I thought you would like to know about these two gentlemen. They're killing it on Radis Place! - March 2022

Stan M., Jacksonville, Fla.

The gentleman that pick up my yard waste and household garbage always do an excellent job. They never leave sticks or debris behind. The road is never scattered with leaves or sticks or trash like it always was when the other company was doing City pickup. They are always friendly and professional. They do an excellent job every single time and my dog likes them. I just wanted to say thank you from the bottom of my heart. I appreciate you guys so much! - March 2022

Beverly K, Jacksonville, Fla.

Truck 327 Carl walker and James King s are an asset to your company very hard workers and professional hard to fine guys these days!! Keep up the great work guys!!I know its not easy!! Many Thanks 😊 - Jan. 2022

Rich G. Jacksonville, Fla.

One of our collection team members generously pulled our recycling container to the road after dumping our trash that we forgot to put by the road the day after Thanksgiving. We caught the act of kindness on camera. We have also had bulk pick-up scheduled, and even though they missed the first pick-up date, they were there the next day to get it all. Thanks to the entire team, this is clearly an example of a caring corporate culture. - Feb. 2022

Beth R., Greer, SC.

The store would like to report a compliment to their recycling driver, Mike. They said Mike is very prompt with pickups, and the service has significantly improved with him as the driver. Wawa is requesting to keep Mike on the route for this store - while I know you may not be able to accommodate this request, I just thought I'd pass it along. If not, Wawa wishes to commend the driver, Mike, and encourage the next new driver to perform as well as Mike. - Jan. 2022

Sam W., Chesterfield, VA
We use this company for our weekly household trash pick up and our pickup man, Danny, is amazing! He has brought our cart up to the house when it's raining &snowing & is a nice guy! Thank you! - Jan. 2022

Jean and Jeff are super friendly and hard working. We have been delighted with their service since moving into Bland County. They take the time to answer questions, and they make sure all the items are picked up! Thanks for a great team on our route! - Jan. 2022

Bland, VA

We appreciate our garbage collectors. They are always on time and hardworking. - Jan. 2022

Brenda G., Bastian, VA

I just wanted to say a huge thank you to the team that serviced our home this morning. We were not aware that they were coming due to the disruption in service due to weather. As such, we did not get our garbage can down to the curb. This morning, I heard the garbage truck and went to the window to see several men dumping my garbage. I surmised they went up to my garage and pulled the can down to empty it. I was so surprised and wanted them to know how much we appreciated the extra step(s). I hope they will know that their kindness will not go unnoticed. - Jan. 2022

Kelly Z., Rockingham, VA
Danny and Neal do an excellent job with our residential pickup. I appreciate their hard work. - Jan 2022

Good morning! I followed a Meridian Waste truck through downtown Blacksburg around 6:55 am. I noticed that their truck was well lit, and they were following the speed limit. I work on Church Street in Blacksburg and see this truck regularly. I appreciate their hard work and the fact that they wake up so early! Sanitation Engineers deserve so much respect and appreciation! - Jan. 2022

Angel W., Blacksburg, VA

Great job to the team that serves our community! They are reliable, always friendly and courteous, and willing to go the extra mile. You are lucky to have them as employees. - Jan. 2022

Paul H., Fernandina Beach, Fla.

Truck 327. They just do a good job, professional, friendly. Just thought someone should say thank you. - Jan. 2022

Shay B., Jacksonville, Fla.

I want to let you know that I "Praise" the new company for all of their efforts and diligence. They continuously come down my road and pick up ALL Bulk, Yard Waste, regular Trash Collection, and additional debris all picked up on the scheduled day. Please inform the current trash hauler of my praises and thoughts. - Jan. 2022

Ramona F., Jacksonville, Fla.

(Call into the COJ) The customer will like to tell Marco, the driver from last week's (Jan. 19) garbage collection, that he is very professional. He answered all the questions and was being very friendly. She is very pleased with the new waste hauler (Meridian Waste). - Jan. 2022

Gregory A., Jacksonville, Fla.

(Call into the COJ) The customer has called a lot of times for garbage pick up before with the previous company. She called to say she is thankful for the pick-up on Monday, January 17, in particular. The customer is in the waste assistance program. - Jan. 2022

Elizabeth P., Jacksonville, Fla.

(Call into the COJ) The caller would like to thank the garbage truck crew for collecting his garbage and going the extra mile. It was raining, and he got out of the truck to retrieve the can, even though that's not part of his job. The customer states that he has always had great service and appreciates these additional services. - Jan 2022

Wayne S., Jacksonville, Fla.
The driver got out of the truck to help the elderly resident haul her trash to the curb. The customer is grateful and wanted management to know what an excellent team they have! - Dec. 2021

Call into Customer Care: Customer was very pleased with the level of service from their collection team. The driver got out of the truck to help the elderly resident haul her trash to the curb. The customer is grateful and wanted management to know what an excellent team they have! - Dec. 2021

Ruth C., Jacksonville, FLA

Customer call-in to the COJ: The garbage truck worker saw him limping and got out of his truck and pushed his garbage cans half way up the driveway. Customer stated this was a general act of kindness and he wants to say thank you. - Dec. 2021

Larry H., Jacksonville, FLA

Call into Jax Solid Waste Division: After the city hired Meridian Waste to help with collections in the Arlington area, we have been pleased with the service. So far, they have been consistent with abiding by their schedule and do an excellent job. I hope you pass this compliment to our city leaders responsible for hiring the company and to the management of Meridian Waste. - Dec. 2021


Lee L., Jacksonville, FLA

We recently moved to Florida from Rhode Island (RI). For the first few months, we had hundreds of boxes and trash. In RI, we would have had to call and schedule a date for the excess of their allowed maximum. I thought we would have boxes in our garage for months. The first week I apologized for having so many boxes. The driver told me not to worry and that they would take care of us. And they did. Everything we put out for pickup they took and were gracious about it. One week they told us they might have to leave some behind as they had some new customers. They went a few things but came back and got the rest later—great attitudes from both of them! Great work ethic and friendly and courteous too. I had my own business for 30 years and know how hard it is to get good help. You hit gold with these guys. - Dec. 2021

Bill C., Fernandina Beach, FLA

Meridian Waste is the BEST company ever! They pride themselves on taking care of their customers. They keep you informed ahead of time, are always dependable with your schedule, and the drivers and teams always do a thorough pickup. Their rates are very reasonable as well. Finally, we have a company serving the customer. Great asset to our community. Thank you to all at Meridian Waste. - Dec. 2021

Patricia G., Yulee, FLA.

We love our Meridian Waste team - every time I see or talk to these gentlemen, they are ALWAYS kind and helpful. We have had more trash than normal at the end of the road in the last few weeks. They are super about getting it all and leaving no trash behind. They work their butts off in the rain cold, ect… please give our guys some much-deserved Kudos!! Sending a big shout out and a whole lot of love!! - Dec. 2021

Julie D., Yulee, FLA

I have been so impressed with your driver and collection team! I have two boys (ages 4&2), and they LOVE watching for the garbage truck. Your driver always honks the horn enthusiastically; he and his helper also speak to us given the opportunity. It makes my kids' day every time. They are the best! - Dec. 2021

Courtney C., Fernandina Beach, FLA

Hey! Thanks for having this opportunity to give a shout out to my team of guys. They are so nice when I’m out and see them. They always wave and yell back when I say hey. I have a ton of cardboard delivery boxes and they handle them with no fuss. I’ve seen them pick up loose garbage that has flown out of bags or off the truck. Thank you again. - Dec. 2021

Christina M., Easley, SC

One of your employees went above and beyond and provided excellent customer service this morning, and I wanted to tell you about it. My wife and I have had some health issues, and I forgot to roll our container to the street this morning. I heard the truck pull up and scrambled to get outside. When I got the garage door open, I was astounded to see this young man stop his truck, get out and roll my container to the street. Absolutely unbelievable! I don't know this young man's name, but I hope someone will find out and let him know how much my wife and I appreciated this simple act of kindness. He represented your company in a stellar way, and he deserves to know he did a great job. - Dec. 2021

Del K., Greer, SC

Everyone we deal with at Meridian Waste - Knoxville has been good to work with. Y'all have a great Team! Happy Holidays and Happy New Year. - Dec. 2021

Bill E., Knoxville, TN

Laura and the team at Meridian waste have blessed our family and local construction business greatly by saving us money and time with their dumpster service. Thank you! - Dec. 2021

Katie B., Radford, VA
...To my surprise, I looked out my window to see a member of your team walking down my driveway with my trash. To me that was so kind and considerate! I really appreciate the above and beyond service!

I recently started a new position at my job and I have been working late hours so this morning when I heard the garbage truck I panicked because I remembered that I didn’t put my can out at the end of my driveway. To my surprise I looked out my window to see a member of your team walking down my driveway with my trash. To me that was so kind and considerate! I really appreciate the above and beyond service!!! Thank you so much! - Dec. 2021

Lori B., Rockingham, VA

Shout out to the amazing team that does my trash collection. During a number of recent surgeries I couldn't always bring my trash cans to the bottom of my driveway. On those days when I couldn't I would find that they did. Great team! Also thank you to Michelle Sprouse for being so very responsive! - Dec. 2021

Neal M., Harrisonburg, VA
Our driver makes sure our trash and recycling receptacles are moved closer to our garage doors when he finishes emptying them. How thoughtful! For those who have mobility issues it's a gift. - Dec. 21

We live in on a short street of villas that are mostly retirees. Not long after we moved in this employee took over our route. Our driver makes sure our trash and recycling receptacles are moved closer to our garage doors when he finishes emptying them. How thoughtful! It doesn't take any more time but for those who have mobility issues it's a gift. Always friendly and kind the man with the long blonde hair. We can't thank you enough! - Dec. 2021

Andee H., Ballwin, MO

Always happy with our service here on Cool Wind! They paused to let my little man check out the truck one day, and we’ve seen them chasing down boxes that were blowing on windy days. Thankful for their work to keep our neighborhood clean and tidy! - Dec. 2021

Alexandra B., Wentzville, MO

The guys that take care of my trash recycling and yard waste are great! I often have more yard waste than my trash carts can hold. Since I live on a street with no outlet, they have to drive by my house on their way back from picking up my neighbors waste. This gives me enough time to run to my backyard and re-fill the emptied trash cans with the additional yard waste, bring the cans back to the driveway and wait for them to drive by again. They always stop and take the additional waste without hesitation or complaints. I appreciate that! Thank you, and keep up the great work! You guys are appreciated! - Dec. 2021

Diane B., Lake Saint Louis, MO

Our garbage man comes consistently around the same time and I always open my front door so my two-year-old daughter can watch him remove the trash. He always takes time to wave to her which absolutely makes her day! We always have overloading trash with Amazon boxes to the side or some spillage and he always picks it up even when we’re not watching. He goes above and beyond to keep our street clean and we really appreciate him! - Dec. 2021

Laura. W., Foley, MO

The Driver who services the Lake St Louis Key Harbour Subdivision is always friendly and very courteous when driving throughout the neighborhood. Although I don't know his name he needs to be commended for doing a great job! Thank you! - Dec. 2021

Austin A., Lake Saint Louis, MO

I cannot give enough kudos to our team. They represent your Company in the best possible way. I hear people complain about other garbage collection companies, and I tell everyone what fantastic service we get every week. Above and beyond, better than any service we have received in our lifetime from other companies. This collection team is superb, and they always do a great job and are so courteous. Why would anyone choose a different collection company? Thank you to the entire Company and our collection team. - Nov. 2021

Cheryl M., Fernandina Beach, Fla.

I am an older resident and the driver came back to assist me with my cart. What a difference in companies - they seem to really care about our community. Nov. 2021

Susan A., Jacksonville, Fla.

I want to give a Shout Out to the Meridian Waste employees who tirelessly cleaned up, checked the refuse cans, and kept the Warrenton County Fair clean! I was impressed with their teamwork and their continued effort. No one stopped moving the entire time. They were clean-cut and represented the company and our community well. Thank you! - October 2021

Mrs. B, Warrenton, MO

I wanted to reach out because one of your workers truly made my day today! I was in a rush this morning and had forgotten to put my can out before leaving for work. I was so upset that I had forgotten but then saw on my security camera the worker took the time to walk to where the can was and pull it out to empty. I can not express how much that meant to me! I almost cried because it was so incredibly thoughtful and kind! It was not a short walk for him either and I truly wanted to get a message to him that I appreciated him and for doing that! Please please thank him and thank YOU as a company for being so wonderful! - Sept. 2021

Julia P., Piedmont, SC.
...I can not express how much that meant to me! I almost cried because it was so incredibly thoughtful and kind! It was not a short walk for him either and I truly wanted to get a message to him that I appreciated him and for doing that! ... Sept 2021

{EDITED FOR LENGTH - About repeated calls and emails over missed pickups...}The three customer care agents I have recently spoken with never lost their professionalism or empathy throughout our interactions. They listened to my concerns, never interrupting and then calmly explaining the company’s issues and problem-solving goals to ensure my satisfaction. Effectively, they turned around my anger, frustration, and attitude. I am in a customer satisfaction-driven field. In my case, these amazing ladies are the only reason I will continue giving your company my business. Each lady exhibited the highest caliber of quality, service, and customer care! So I also must give Shout Out to whoever is responsible for first hiring and then retaining such amazing women! - Sept. 2021

Joanna G., Martinez, Ga.

I called to sign up for waste service because (company name removed) l dropped us with no warning. When I had called i was greeted with excellent service by April. Just wanted to send my gratitude for the great customer service that was friendly and helpful. Thank you! - Sept. 2021

Clay G., Yulee, Fla.

By far I have the best guys as my sanitation workers that collect my garbage weekly.  I can not express how friendly and professional these guys are.  Al and Shane are the main ones but anytime there is a substitute they are awesome too! You know people always seem to take the time out of their schedules to send a complaint but I wanted to take the time to actually send a shout out! These guys are awesome!!!! - Sept. 2021

Tabitha R., Callahan, Fla.

A customer called into the City of Wentzville: "A resident just called and wanted you all to know how great Cody is! She said he's the nicest, most polite, very helpful, and does a GREAT job every week! Kudos to Cody!" Sept. 2021

A customer from the City of Wentzville, Mo.

I have been at my residence for five years and have had varied experiences with my garbage collection services. I am disabled, and it's hard for me to get my cart to the curb. However, my regular driver on this route is polite, friendly, and always stops to get my cart and empty it, then puts it back on my porch. His service is the best I've ever had. - Aug. 2021

Carole H., Greer, SC

Warrenton resident, Kathleen Timmerberg, called in to express her gratitude for Donzell and Albion. She is moving and they took the time to give her options on how to dispose of large quantities of rubbish. - Aug. 2021

Kathleen T., Moscow Mills, Mo.

I am a customer in Moscow Mills, Missouri, and I wanted to inform you that my residential driver came yesterday afternoon in the middle of a storm and walked up my driveway to get my cart and collect my trash. I really appreciate that, and I wanted to call and let you know what an excellent job you did in the storm and I appreciate it so much. Thank you! - Aug. 2021

Sandy H., Moscow Mills, MO

Sending KUDDO’s to my two route workers, Mark and Jamie Faulkner! They are both some of the finest workers. I hope others experience their GREAT service. You should be very proud to employ such conscientious young men. These guys work very quickly but always take a minute to say hello and ask if everything is ok. I’ve hard other good route workers, but these guys have topped them. Anyway, I’m sure many people take time to complain but not so many to take the time to get a “High Five” …. Here’s my HIGH FIVE to these great gentlemen!!! - Aug. 2021

Michelle, F., Foley, MO

I absolutely love Meridian Waste. I switched waste companies about a year ago, and I could not be happier. I live in a neighborhood that uses two different companies, and all I can say is you can tell when it’s the days Meridian picks up because all the trash cans are upright - not in the middle of the driveways or in the road. Thank you for all the hard work and care you put into your job! - Aug. 2021

Kayla L., Bryceville, Fla.

Kevin helped me through the entire process with renting my roll-off container. He sent me all the documents via email, but when I was unable to sign them digitally using my smartphone, he printed them for me and hand-delivered then to my store. This is above and beyond service! - July 2021

Peter G., Petersburg, VA

Hello I would like to give a shout out to Lisa Gwaltney for her outstanding ability to be the most pleasant person I have ever dealt with in my line of work and for assisting in obtaining paperwork not submitted by not one but THREE drivers for us. She went above and beyond and never once showed a hint of being irritated but always willing to help. You definitely have a diamond of a person working for you and we appreciate her more than we can tell. - July 2021

Marie L., Milford, OH
I wanted to let you know what a wonderful, hard working employee you have in Edgar. I am disabled and the container is next to the garage. He helps in every way if I need some extra help or pick ups. All my thanks to Edgar. - Simpsonville, SC - July 2021

Today as I was standing at the window looking at trees that I was discussing with someone on the phone, the service pick up arrived. I happened to notice the serviceman getting out of the truck after the truck lever had replaced the canister. The serviceman got out of the truck and appeared to be picking up debris. I do not know if this debris had flown out from the canister or truck, but it was debris nonetheless, and many people would have ignored it. But this gentleman went above and beyond. So I would like to compliment Meridian Waste for retaining an exemplary employee and serviceman in our area. Trash collection is not a glorified task, but it is an essential and overlooked one. I just wanted to say to this serviceman, his great service and eye did not go unnoticed; his actions were seen and are greatly appreciated and applauded. By this act witnessed, I am sure many others have gone unnoticed, but YHWH saw it. Thank you serviceman, for truck #347, servicing the Lake St Louis Community Champagne Drive on Tuesday 13th of July. May YHWH’s face shine upon you, and His blessings are upon you and your household. Shalom. - July 2021


The Probst Family, Lake Saint Louis, MO

I’m so happy to see Jimmy back in our neighborhood. He is such a hardworking, caring, kind soul and always goes above and beyond with a smile even on the hottest, longest days! Thank you ever so kindly, Jimmy, for all your dedication to your position within the company - AND for being You! We are blessed to have YOU. - July 2021

Aleta W., Troy, MO

The Team that picks up my trash on Wednesday is very professional and, I must say, very quiet. They leave no trash behind and put cans back on the curb. They are very pleasant people, and I know this is not an easy job. Hot, cold, wet - they see it all. It's is one messy job, but they keep it clean. This is not a job everyone can do. They have my respect and my gratitude. - July 2021

Arlene T., Florissant, Mo.

The men on the truck have always been very friendly and have done a great job. We've had some issues with missed pickups and are so thankful for the corrective actions your entire team has taken. Thanks to you all! - July 2021

John H., St. Charles, Mo.

The blond/grey-haired middle-aged serviceman who picks up our trash is so very friendly and professional! He is always dressed well in his clean work uniform is respectful and friendly. I feel sorry for how some people treat other humans in the world, but this gentleman is so very kind, and we wanted to take the opportunity to say "Thank you." Kudos to him for doing his job above and beyond! - July 2021

Stephanie M., Troy, Mo.
Jimmy, our trash service driver, goes above and beyond his duty. He always makes an attempt to say hi to us and be friendly. Thank you for this opportunity to share our thoughts with you. - July 2021

I would like to say that Chris and Cent are the best! My husband has lots of projects & no matter what we put out Chris & Cent take care of it. A great team. You & I are lucky to have them. - July 2021

Christine P., Fernandina Beach, FL

We are new customers living in Northampton subdivision. We have been extremely pleased with the service that your people have given us so far. I will be happy to recommend Meridian Waste to anyone who asks about your company. - July 2021

Walker D., Fernandina Beach, FL.

Darwin Jones is a saint. He saw that our garbage cans were not on the street the day of pickup. He drove by slowly and saw me running out the door. He stopped and waited for me to get my cans out front. Thank you for your great service. - June 2021

Gregory L., Labadie, MO
... You may say, “She never met me.” It may not have been in person, but I met you. I met a person who took the time to care. A person who showed neighbor love. A person who treated me with dignity and respect. Who wouldn’t love a person like that? Thank you for being you... - June 2021

Angie L - You are a wonderful person. You took time to care about what I was going through. I prayed to God, and called Monday, with my concern. God blessed me with you. You listened to me. Apologized to me. And, promised to get me the needed help. You took great care of me. You addressed and solved my issue. You are so kind. I wish everyone in the workforce was kind like you. I would like your supervisors and co-workers to know, I love you!!! You may say, “She never met me.” It may not have been in person, but I met you. I met a person who took the time to care. A person who showed neighbor love. A person who treated me with dignity and respect. Who wouldn’t love a person like that? Thank you for being you. I thanked God for you. Please remember this one fact, ‘God  answers prayers.’ You are the best!!!!!! Thank you for the neighbor love you showed. Please don’t ever stop being you!!!!! - June 2021

Vanessa O., Petersburg, VA

We appreciate the consistently good service our refuse and recycling teams provide our household and neighborhood. From being on time considerate of traffic and cautious of residential pedestrians to putting the bins back to the curb and even closing the lids on rainy day we appreciate you. - May 2021

Matt H., Blacksburg, VA
My driver Roynal did an amazing job dropping off and picking up my roll off container in such a small space. If I ever need another container I will be sure to request him. - May 2021

Angie was amazing to work with through this whole process. I do not see myself needing another large container anytime soon but I will be giving her a call her to ask about smaller ones in the future. - May 2021

Jasmin J., Petersburg, VA

I want to give a "shout out" to one of your employees. First of all, I am handicapped and use a motorized chair. I sometimes depend on others to pull my waste receptacle to the curb. I was outdoors when one of your trucks stopped I thought the cars parked at the curb were in the driver's way. He motioned to my house but I couldn't understand him. Then he got out of his truck to ask about my recycle bin as he could tell it was full . I told him I couldn't pull it to the curb but I would get it next time. He pulled it to the curb for me and then emptied it. This was HUGE for me since I am disabled. The man was medium height and build; he had white hair; I believe a mustache. Please recognize him for being so kind. - June 2021

Sarah O., Moscow Mills, MO

Our driver Darwin Jones goes up and beyond every week in picking up our trash. He is very friendly & kind & always smiling. I appreciate his work ethic. Thank you Darwin for all you do each week for us! - May 2021

Fair Market Inc., Wentzville, MO

Rob Bowers was awesome. He saw that I had trash that I had forgot to put out. He took initiative and helped me out. He was really nice helpful. I was very thankful! - May 2021

Thomas R., Lake Saint Louis, MO

THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE WITH A SMILE! That’s amazing. It’s a dirty and stinking job but you guys are always on it! That’s the truth! God bless you your families Meridian and our country! - May 2021

Misty M., Hilliard, FL
...The man on the back saw me and went to the driver and said something and then went back to the back and waved at me. I had to run back inside, but a few minutes later I heard them stop and get my recycling! So just a huge THANK YOU to your employees because I know they didn't have to stop because it was completely our fault that the bin wasn't out. I appreciate it a lot and your workers have always been so friendly and helpful! - March 2021

Meridian has a great staff. They stopped by the our house to check out what size dumpster would fit in the driveway.They went the extra mile. A really great experience with the team from start to finish. Five Star service. Thank you for a job well done - May 2021

Jeffery S., Hopewell, VA

Want to just give a shout out to Danny - he always comes on time and is very professional. He's also very friendly and patient with us (when I'm running late in the morning getting the bin to the curb). Overall he makes using the services a pleasure. Thanks Danny! - April 2021

Herman R., Blacksburg, VA

Huge Shoutout to Danny for always taking such awesome care of us!! Countless times, he voluntarily took my trash can to the curb himself because I had forgotten to bring it out. This man is truly amazing and goes above and beyond! - April 2021

Tony S., Christiansburg, VA

I was home today when my trash got picked up. So I ran out to personally say "Thank You" and get the driver's name. Danny has been picking up my trash for several years. Meridian Waste is so lucky to have him as an employee. To most people, it is just driving a truck and emptying trash cans. But that is not the case with Danny. He takes so much pride in this work, the community, and his customers. He makes sure to empty the cans and pick up any trash that fell out. He makes sure the cans are out of the road. Even will take the cans back to the house at times. Or sometimes he goes get them when we forgot to set out. He is one of a kind that the world needs more of him. Thank you, Meridian Waste, for giving him this route to pick up my trash. I hope your company has a program to recognize such super good employees as Danny. - April 2021

Bonnie P., Christiansburg, VA

I think these guys do a great job. I met with a supervisor today about a minor issue I was having, and he was understanding and resolved my issue immediately. I know many folks in Greer appreciate the service improvement, and I believe Meridian Waste genuinely wants to do a good job. Thanks a lot to the supervisor that met with me today! - April 2021

Tony D., Greer, SC

I've been using Meridian Waste for over a year since moving to Columbia County, and I feel like it's a great value compared to others as I've shopped around. Generally, I've never had any issues with them outside of perhaps occasional delay picking up trash the next day than scheduled, but everyone does that, at least in my area when they run behind. No biggie. Recently I've had a great experience with their employees both over the phone and via email. I went on vacation, and my trash piled up. Anyway, I emailed them on Saturday with a request for off-cycle pickup for Monday. I've also called Monday to see about more options since we usually have a lot of trash. I've gotten a live person pretty quickly Monday morning; they've been pleasant and happy to get someone out the same day. I also signed up for a second trash can and got it that same day. I feel like what I pay for two trash cans is a great value compared to other services and, in some cases, still cheaper than one trash can with others. It also gives me peace of mind. Great price and value and I couldn't be happier with my choice. Bianca provided a prompt response via email confirming that they are coming out, which gave me confidence that it would get done. - April 2021

Marcin L., Augusta, Ga.

We are extremely pleased with Donzell. He is a hard worker kind and dedicated. Thank you Donzell! - April 2021

Abigail S, Warrenton, MO

The few times I have been outside at the time of the collection, they have been friendly and considerate. As a person having to use a cane, it's not always easy for me to walk. They usually make sure the trash container stays upright, so I don't have to struggle with it. I appreciate the notices of suspended service due to weather. Thanks so much. - Feb 2021


Janice B., Lake Saint Louis, MO
...For all the help they've provided during our recent project. Everything from choosing the correct roll-off to scheduling several pickups to drop off, dumping, and returning the roll-offs went smooth as can be. I always received the best care you can ask for. If you are looking for employees who take customer care and focus seriously, these three should be at the top of your list... Feb. 2021

I want to take this time to give a special thanks to Andrea, Laura, and Shawn (the driver), for all the help they've provided during our recent project. Everything from choosing the correct roll-off to scheduling several pickups to drop off, dumping, and returning the roll-offs went smooth as can be. I always received the best care you can ask for. If you are looking for employees who take customer care and focus seriously, these three should be at the top of your list. I look forward to working with them again and will recommend CFS to my family and friends. Keep up the great work, Andrea, Laura, and Shawn - you make a difference, and customers notice. Thanks a bunch! :-) - Feb. 2021

Dan P., Christiansburg,VA

On behalf of the Villas' Board and Residents at Peppers Ferry, thank you so much for all that you do for us. Your staff noticed that not all had their trash available for pick up today, and service was rescheduled due to weather. Your crew is always considerate, helpful, and pays attention to detail. We want you to know that we appreciate all that Meridian Waste does for us.  - Feb. 2021

Kathryn D., Villas' Board and Residents at Peppers Ferry, VA

I spoke to Amber and she was very friendly and helpful informing me about the scheduling changes due to the weather. - Feb. 2021

Sonia M., Dinwiddie, VA

Thank you for going above and beyond to pick up our trash last week. I've enclosed a little something for you to enjoy when you get home from work. God Bless. - Feb. 2021

Michael H., Blacksburg, VA

Roynal Pegram delivered a 30-yard waste container to my mom’s home. He was professional, very courteous. I requested him to pick up the box also because he is pleasant to talk to. Also Angie Carpenter of customer service help me greatly when ordering the box! I appreciate both of their professionalism and kindness. - Feb. 2021

Bobby Z., Colonial Heights, VA

My guys have always been great - especially in the springtime with all the extra grass clippings and lawn maintenance I do. Thanks!

Rich G., Lake Saint Louis, MO

I have been in the food industry for fifty one years and have dealt with many different refuse companies, both in Pennsylvania and Florida. Hands down, and without equivocation, the absolute best company i have ever dealt with and would recommend them to anyone in commercial or residential business. What a refreshing change in a world of sometimes inferiority! - Feb. 2021

Fred D., Jacksonville, Fla.

I switched to Meridian Waste from a large competitor in the area as I needed improved service - which I got. The most important change has been to customer service from the driver and helpers. My mom is 80 years old and has trouble wheeling her cart down the driveway. We found out that on the days she forgot (or beat me to the task) that the driver and helper did it for us. Wow - that means a lot and is incredible service. Roger and Jeremy really take care of their customers and should be commended. Many of my neighbors feel the same. I can only imagine that this is the way they treat all of their customers! - Feb. 2021

Donna T., Yulee, Fla.

Thanks for great service.  Your entire team has always performed as professionals, dependable and always keeps us informed of weather related problems.  Thanks again. - Feb, 2021

Robert C. - Lake Saint Louis, MO

My regular service tech, Jimmy, is the BEST! I've worked with himf or a few years now. Me and my dog Ralph try to meet him most Thursdays. He's very professional & friendly! - Dec. 2020

Valarie D., Florrisant, MO

I’d like to give a shout and a big thank you to the truck driver of my route. Monday, November 30, I did not take my trash can to the curb and it was for once full enough to keep the lid open. My camera notified me and it shows the man taking my can down to his truck. That’s not something he had to do, but he chose to do it and it is much appreciated. Just wanted to give this man some recognition. Thank you. - Dec. 2020

Augustus C., Troy, MO

This is in great appreciation for Jimmy my service person. Last month I began dealing with the disposal of "stuff" and clutter that has accumulated. He took the time to explain what I can an cannot dispose of on the large pickups. I so thank him for the time he took to work with me as I navigated and created a plan over the next months to fully utilize the services that are available through Meridian Waste. Jimmy was kind, patient, and knowledgeable and was able to help me map a plan for freedom in the coming year. He was a gift on my birthday. - Dec. 2020

Laurie D., St. Louis, MO
Jimmy really seems to love his job as he takes excellent care of his customers. He recently helped my elderly father with heavy trash that he was hauling. We cannot thank him enough for the kindness. Truly above and beyond! - Nov. 2020

Jimmy really seems to love his job as he takes excellent care of his customers. He recently helped my elderly father with heavy trash that he was hauling. We cannot thank him enough for the kindness. Truly above and beyond! - Nov. 2020

Lynn F., Florrisant, MO

BIG Shout Out for Richmond Johnson! This young man is TOP NOTCH!! Meridian, you are very lucky to have Richmond as part of your Team. It's so nice to see a young man work as hard as he does and take pride in his work! I look forward to being able to stick my head out the door and wish him a GREAT day, each week. Keep up the GREAT work Richmond!!!!! - Nov. 2020

Michelle, F., Foley, MO

I want to give a "shout out" to Javon and Wallace, the guys who collect trash in my subdivision. They do a great job and are very friendly and attentive. They represent your company very well! - Nov. 2020

Michael A., Wentzville, MO

Richmond Johnson has been our our route for a while now and this guy goes over the top for us! Kids sit out side down our street and he honks for them, he’s always on time, hustling super fast, and always gets everything we put out! My kid even handed him a piece of trash and he took it with a genuine SMILE. This guy deserves some serious praise! My boys nor I never even spoken to, been waved at, or honked at by a garbage service before and this man does all of the above! - Nov. 2020

Sabrina B., St. Clair, MO

I would like to do a Shout out to our Yard Waste team member- Donzell. Donzell is very nice, always says Hi and very helpful. What a great team member. - Nov. 2020

Laura S., St. Peters. MO

Richmond Johnson is very respectful and very helpful. Richmond clearly cares about his customers. I believe Richmond is a valuable and dedicated employee to Meridian Waste. - Nov. 2020

Jerry M., St. Clair, MO

I was on a walk and picked up some trash that had blown into a yard. Mike C., driver, waved me over and had me hand the garbage to him. He then saw other blowing trash and ran after it to get it off our street. He was kind and courteous and very friendly. Was a nice reminder that the drivers care about their jobs and was refreshing since I have seen other drivers drive past garbage in the street and not stop to get it. Thanks Mike! - Nov. 2020

Joseph K., Wentzville, MO
Javon services my area's garbage pick up is extremely helpful and thoughtful. He saw I had gray hair (I assume!) and brought my two large garbage cans up to my garage door for me. I was overwhelmed by his generous spirit when he was so busy. - Nov. 2020

Javon services my area's garbage pick up is extremely helpful and thoughtful. He saw I had gray hair (I assume!) and brought my two large garbage cans up to my garage door for me. I was overwhelmed by his generous spirit when he was so busy. - Nov. 2020

Alisa, K..Wentzville, MO

Jim is absolutely amazing! We live in Hammett Hills subway- and we are so great full to him! He is efficient and always has a smile on his face. My daughter (almost 2) loves when she hears the truck coming and screams Jim! And she loves watching him work. Thanks for all your hard work Jim! It’s a tough job but you make it look easy! - Nov. 2020

Samantha C., Winfield, MO

Thank you so much Jim! You are awesome and I hope this brightens your day ☺️ You are such an amazing person and my family appreciates you! Have a great day! - Nov. 2020

Allura T., Winfield, MO

Everyone is very professional and does a great job! I love Meridian! - Dec. 2020

Evelyn L., Amelia City, FL

I've been a customer for several months and am really happy with the service. Frederick is a huge part of that. Each week he returns my garbage can to the side of my house. It may not seem like a huge deal but when I'm having problems with my health, it's a great help to me. Thank you Frederick for being so kind. - Nov. 2020

Jan G,Fernandina Beach, FL

I have been so impressed since I switched to Meridian years ago but today I was blown away. They went above and beyond. We are a neighborhood who is under construction and today our waste service workers picked up and broke down boxes that they did have to. They have also been known to see a trash can sitting beside the side of a house, the owner forgot to put the trash out and they retrieved it, took it to the truck and returned it to the side of the house. My whole neighborhood loves our waste service workers. - Nov. 2020

Samantha G., Yulee, FL

I appreciate that service is always prompt and on schedule. I have never had anything left behind.  After enduring brand X on the island for so many years it is has been great to work with Meridian Waste. My experience has converted two neighbors and I am going for whole neighborhood! - Nov. 2020

Gene D., Amelia Island, FL

We have been customers for three years and wanted to let you know that the service provided by the team that takes care of picking up our garbage far exceeds any company we’ve ever worked with. They always show up on time and take every thing we leave at the road and never leave a mess behind. They are courteous and we appreciate them VERY much! - Nov. 2020

Brenda C., Callahan, Fl

Long story short, I was forgot to pay my bill and my trash was not picked up. I totally get it. I got it paid the afternoon of my usual pickup day, but I had missed the pick up. They made a special trip to pick up my trash on Saturday - they didn't even make me wait for the following week. These guys are awesome! Oct. 2020

Dale B., Harlem, GA

Shout out to Danny! He is always friendly, professional and going the extra mile!  This past week our road was lined with trucks from the forestry department and we hadn’t taken our container down from the driveway.  When Danny came by, he got out of the truck, rolled the can down, emptied it and returned it.  He replied to my shouted apologies from the porch with a cheerful smile and attitude, without the first complaint about a blocked road or a container not being where it should have been.  I wish everyone could be as kind and happy.  Thanks Danny! - Nov. 2020

Sheila P., Blacksburg, Va.

I wanted to give a nice Shout Out for Andrea A. She couldn't have made things any easier for me. That speaks volumes in the hustle and bustle we endure these days. Andrea was and is always pleasant and very helpful. To look in from the outside it appears she enjoys her job and her company. Thank you again Andrea for a great experience. Nov. 2020

Sam D., Blue Ridge, VA

The dumpster delivery and pickup guys did a perfect job. They installed it right on the money with no damage to our driveway. Thanks! - Nov. 2020.

Daniel W., Radford, VA

The driver, Kenneth, was great. Very impressed by the whole experience. Thank you very much. -  Oct 2020

Benson, Blacksburg, VA
Danny is AMAZING! He is super nice and helpful. We forgot to bring our garbage can to the spot on the end of the road and he was still willing to walk up to the house to grab it without even being asked. We highly recommend Meridian Waste. Sept. 2020

Danny is AMAZING! He is super nice and helpful. We forgot to bring our garbage can to the spot on the end of the road and he was still willing to walk up to the house to grab it without even being asked. We highly recommend Meridian Waste. - Sept. 2020

Brianna K., Blacksburg, VA

I want to comment on the excellent job done by the two gentlemen on truck 604 this morning. We had a very large load of tree trimmings and bagged leaves that were placed next to the road outside of our fence. I am certain that it was not an easy task, but those guys were very carful with the crane not to hit the fence. I would like to say that they represent your company well, and I really appreciate their service! God bless you all! - Sept. 2020

Daisy S., Callahan FL

They came out to pick up our trash and I was running late that morning the dogs had got into our trash they took the extra step which they did not have to and picked up the trash. Highly recommend!! - Sept. 2020

Kelly S., FL

Thank you Billy and Quince for going over and beyond with your customer service. I was late getting our garbage out and as I was pulling the can down our long driveway to the road, here comes the Meridian Waste truck. They stopped and one of them ran up the driveway grabbed the can from me and took it to the truck to empty. It sure is nice to know that in this crazy world we live in there are still kind and considerate people that will help others. - Sept. 2020

Cindy P., Yulee, FL

I have had Meridian Waste for a year now and they are AWESOME! I have never been skipped, delayed. Customer service experience is awesome! - Sept. 2020

Syndee H., Martinez., GA
Bianca is amazing - Fantastic and speedy customer service. So glad I switched to Meridian Waste! - Sept. 2020

Always friendly and courteous, making sure my can is back on the grass and not half way in the street like other companies. Such a good group of guys, that will take the time to wave to my girls. We've even tracked them down to take cold waters to them! Thank you for having such a good crew! Oct. 2020

Michael K., Augusta, GA

Today it completely slipped my mind to get my trash cans down to the street until I heard the trash truck’s breaks at the corner. By the time I scrambled to get some shoes on and open the front door, the truck was just passed my house at the neighbor's driveway. I assumed I was too late and went back inside. A minute later I heard some noise in my driveway and when I looked out the window I saw that the worker had taken my trash cans to the truck and emptied them for me. I am so grateful for his act of kindness today. Thank you so much!!!! - Sept. 2020

April R., Colonial Heights, VA

Donzell and his team have been absolutely fantastic. I can always count on their smiles and punctuality. As well as professionalism on completing their job perfectly every time. - Oct. 2020


Sean J., Warrenton, MO

Our driver Craig went above and beyond for us today. I forgot to set the trash out this morning and when I got home from work realized he walked up my driveway, emptied the can, and then walked it all the way back up the driveway and set it back by the house! Much appreciated. - Oct. 2020

Matt D., Winfield, MO

Today when Donzell came to pick up our trash we had some last minute items in the backyard to throw in. Not only did he wait for us to gather the items he helped us load them!! Great customer service!! Thank you. - Oct. 2020

Erin G., Warrenton, MO
Shout-out to Jimmy for being very respectful and always eager to help customers.You can always count on him to be here on time every week. Thank you Jimmy THE Trash MAN!!!!!! - Sept. 2020

Just want to say thank you Chuck for an outstanding job. Chuck goes out of his way to make sure anything that falls on the ground gets picked up. As always thank you for your service. - Sept. 2020

Nader J., Troy, MO

Donzell & Mike are wonderful, considerate and so reliable. I walk with a limp, and they noticed. I appreciate that they take my trash cart up my hill to the side of my house weekly. Thank You Gentleme n- I Appreciate You and Meridian Waste. - Sept. 2020

Charlotte P., St. Charles, MO

My garbage service team is always professional and efficient in their work. Jimmy is always going over and beyond his call of duty. Jimmy acts as though this is his personal neighborhood. He respects the lawn, street and our property at all times. He does the same in actions and behavior when he sees people watching or not being observed. He is kind and respectful to any customer he might have encounters with. I appreciate the great service that Jimmy exhibits, we need a lot more workers like him. Thank you Jimmy for taking pride in your service. - Oct. 2020

Dennis F., Florrisant, MO

We always rave about our garage team! They have always gone above and beyond and takes care of whatever we need taken away. They truly do an A+ job at our house!! - Sept. 2020

Angela G., Yulee, FL.

The last 3 weeks we have had a lot of trash and waste to dispose of including a large heavy mattress. Everything picked up site left neat and clean (unlike the other garbage service). I have yet to have go out and pick up spilled garbage. Well satisfied with the team that services us. - Sept. 2020

Grove P., Yulee, FL.

One of your young trash pickup staff saw me running out in my pyjamas and came back to meet me halfway down my driveway with my can - Thanks for the friendly and considerate actions! - Sept. 2020

Steven D., Yulee, Fl.

We had a driver who is no longer with the team that services us, my husband always enjoyed him. He thought that he and his teammates always went above and beyond every time they were in our neighborhood. I believe his teammates are still on the truck but he has gone to another route. Please let him know that he is missed from the Marine on Oyster Bay Dr. - Sept. 2020

Tammara N., Fernandina, Fl.

The team that always service my home are very good. I do not know their names to give you but they always I mean always leave my cans neatly and there is never anything left on the ground that may have fallen out. I am glad I switched to y’all because that was my biggest complaints with the other company. So a very big thank you to the guys that service my address! - Sept. 2020

Alvin C., North Fla.

Fantastic Service. I happen to be at my mailbox when Al and Johnny stopped to pickup my household cart for the first time. Johnny thanked me for being a new customer - not something you see every day! I highly recommend Meridian for household service. - Sept. 2020

Tony B., North Fla.

Via City of Hopewell: I called Mrs. Gleason to make sure she received porch service today. She happened to be at the kitchen door when the trash truck stopped in front of her house. She said the Meridian employee personally introduced himself to her when he picked up her trash this morning. He also said he would ensure it was taken care of each week. She spoke favorably of Meridian and the positive experience she had with this professional team member. I told her that I would happily pass along her positive comments to you!- Aug. 2020

Barbara G., Hopewell, VA.
Steven, you will never know how much of an impact you had on my grandson. He tells everyone he sees about you! You took the time to show him the truck operation, visit with him, talk with him about his upcoming birthday, and even give him a birthday present! You took a little boy and gave him a memory that he will hold onto forever as this kid never forgets things! You are a true superhero to this little boy! - Sept. 2020

A couple of weeks ago, my soon to be 5-year-old grandson was outside when the weekly trash was collected. My grandson has a fascination with big trucks and equipment, so when the young man got out of his truck, my grandson began talking to him and asking questions. Rather than being in a hurry like most of the other drivers, this young man began to visit with my grandson. My grandson asked the young man what his name was, and from there, my grandson had a new friend that he tells everyone about him and his name is Steven. Steven, you will never know how much of an impact you had on my grandson. He tells everyone he sees about you! You took the time to show him the truck operation, visit with him, talk with him about his upcoming birthday, and even give him a birthday present! You took a little boy and gave him a memory that he will hold onto forever as this kid never forgets things! You are a true superhero to this little boy, and he makes sure to tell everyone about you and the gift you gave him and how he got to see the truck in operation. Steven, your children, have the luckiest father as what you did for a stranger of a little boy and made his day special shows what kind of a father you are, and they are lucky to have you. Bless you, for the impact you had on my grandson, and he made sure to share about his gift and experience with everyone at his party! Bless you, Steven, for going above and beyond for a little boy that just said hello, what's your name, and now he has a beautiful memory! And we hope your youngest daughter had a very happy birthday as well! Hopefully, you have to fill in on the route again so we can thank you in person for your warm and caring heart! Thank you! - Sept. 2020

Barbara C., Foley, MO

We have been very happy with the service and the conscientious efforts of your workers. - Sept. 2020

Angela M., Wright City, MO.

I recently spoke with an employee of yours named Patty. Very pleasant, very helpful, very knowledgeable. Couldn't have been better. You are lucky to have such an employee. - Sept. 2020

Duane L., Troy, MO.

Heath, in customer service, is a real asset to your company. He is always friendly, courteous and understanding. He successfully handled several problems and has followed up on any question I have had. Just wanted to let you know he is appreciated. Sept. 2020

Gay M., Lake Saint Louis, MO.

Our city recently held their Big Trash Day here in Marthasville. We put out a TON to pick up. The team did a fantastic job very quickly, and we are grateful! - Sept. 2020

SG, Marthasville, MO
Our driver makes it a point to stop and say good morning and hello to our dog. Our dog waits patiently when he hears the truck coming down the street. Not sure who is more fascinated - the driver or our 165 lb great dane. It is a Wednesday morning joy. Great service and a great member of your team. - Sept. 2020

Every Wednesday as my wife and I sit in the garage having coffee, our driver makes it a point to stop and say good morning and hello to our dog. Our dog waits patiently when he hears the truck coming down the street. Not sure who is more fascinated - the driver or our 165 lb great dane. It is a Wednesday morning joy. Great service and a great member of your team. - Sept. 2020

Timothy L., Troy, MO

I would like to commend the excellent job your employee is and have done while providing pick up services in our community. I observed him several times and he doesn't hesitate to perform his job in a methodical and meticulous way. By him doing this it has contributed in keeping our streets clear of waste and our neighborhood clean. Keep up the good job..please pass on my thanks for his efforts. - Aug. 2020

William B., St. Louis, MO

Cody provides great service! He is always willing to answer my questions. He's professional and kind. Cody is a great example of a a hard working Meridian Waste employee. Thanks! - Aug. 2020

Shashanna H., Wentzville, MO

I would like to tell you how hard Danny Meridith and Chris Downey work. They come in to this park twice a week and hustle as fast as they can running and dumping the cans. Its not an easy job. Some days its so hot and some days its pouring the rain and cold, but they never stop or complain. I watch them from my office window and I am very impressed with them. When ever I ask for anything they are always willing to help or get answers for me. I just wanted you to know they are two excellent workers . I always say they probably don't get paid for what their worth and if anyone deserves a raise its these two men. Keep up the good work Danny and Chris. - Aug. 2020

Bill M., Blue Ridge, VA

I had some health issues over the past few weeks that caused me to forget garbage pickup day two or three weeks. I have to keep the can pulled away and secured with bungees because of a bear. Your team here went out of their way to make sure they found the trash and took care of it each time. I'm very grateful! I may be the only person on the street with garbage service, and when the road gets rough, they even have to back the truck up to it to access my driveway- but they sure did.

Thank you for the extra effort- I am a disabled veteran and genuinely appreciate it. - July 2020

Kathryn M., Christiansburg, VA
This is the mark of a truly great company: treating both customers and employees well. The Customer Care agent who transferred my account to a new address was one of the most intelligent, pleasant, and fast agents I've ever dealt with! - Susan H. Aug. 2020

I switched my environmental services provider to Meridian Waste over a year ago in northeast Florida. I cannot say enough about the prompt service and helpfulness of everyone affiliated with the company! Everyone with this company has a genuine Customer Care attitude! Customer Care is hard to find these days in the face of the unusual stressors on everyone economically, healthwise, and everything else.

This is the mark of a truly great company: treating both customers and employees well. The Customer Care agent who transferred my account to a new address was one of the most intelligent, pleasant, and fast agents I've ever dealt with! Do yourself a favor, hire these folks, and don't look back! - Aug. 2020

Susan H., Fernandina Beach, FL

I spoke with Josh in the Raleigh office on Monday 8-3-2020. He was very professional and promptly took care of me. It is nice to see that there are still people that will go an extra step for their customers. - Aug 2020

Stuart R., Raleigh, NC

The crew on truck 70 ALWAYS deliver great services to our neighborhood we really appreciate these guys for going above and beyond in everything they do! Thank YOU to our unsung essential heoroes. - August 2020

Rachelle H., Petersburg, VA

We have a driver that is friendly and outgoing every time we see him. He makes sure our dumpsters are left where we can pull in the driveway. We always try to offer him a cold drink when we see him and let him know he's appreciated. I hope he stays on my route! Thanks for the excellent service! - July 2020

Gary S., St. Peters, MO

Jimmy came up to the house to retrieve the garbage cart as I forgot to put it out. That was a great reminder and excellent service. He really cares about his customers. - July 2020

Daniel E., Florrisant, MO
I stood there, speechless! Donzell said that he was doing his route (which my house is not on his route). He said that he usually is not even on my street until Friday, but he said that he felt compelled to turn onto my street and as soon as did, he saw something laying on the ground next to my car, and as he got close, he realized it was a wallet! He said that he opened it and found my information in there and knocked on my door. Vian B. July 2020

I want to give a HUGE SHOUT OUT to DONZELL W. I arrived home and had just finished helping my loved one into the house after picking them up from an outpatient surgery appt. As I was trying to get my loved one comfortably situated, I heard the doorbell being ring continuously for several minutes. I ignored it, thinking it was the mailman with a package or something that I knew they could leave at the post office for future pickup. The next thing I know, the doorbell stopped ringing, but someone began knocking on the door very loudly and persistently, and I felt that maybe something was wrong, and I knew I needed to answer the door. I opened the door and met a gentleman with a neon Meridian Waste shirt. The next thing I know, Donzell held out his hand and handed me my wallet, which unbeknownst to me, I had dropped it onto the ground when I was getting out of the car, trying to get my loved one inside the house. Donzell said your cash and everything else you have is still in your wallet - check and see! And sure enough, I looked in my wallet and didn't notice anything missing! (I had scanned into my wallet before I had left to go to the medical facility, and I had $70 in crumbled up cash, and the $70 was indeed right there still crumbled up!) I went into my wallet to give him something for his honesty, and he said, "NOPE, I'M WORKING AND I CAN'T TAKE ANYTHING FROM YOU! GOD IS GOING TO BLESS ME BECAUSE I DID RIGHT BY YOU!"
I stood there, speechless! Donzell said that he was doing his route (which my house is not on his route). He said that he usually is not even on my street until Friday, but he said that he felt compelled to turn onto my street and as soon as did, he saw something laying on the ground next to my car, and as he got close, he realized it was a wallet! He said that he opened it and found my information in there and knocked on my door.
I will forever be grateful to him for being a man of integrity and following that 'nudge' to drive down my street! May God continue to bless him with success and longevity with Meridian Waste! - July 2020

Vian B., St. Charles, MO

I was very impressed by the team that collected my garden waste recently. Donzell and his team went the extra mile to ensure the job was completed professionally and efficiently. They were friendly and courteous but must have accommodated the difficult circumstances in our street that day. Please pass on our deepest thanks! - July 2020

Tracy H., Winfield, MO

Jimmy is consistently hardworking and does a great job. We always have a full garbage can, and on these hot days, we especially appreciate his prompt pickup. We feel that people like Jimmy, other essential workers on the team of environmental services, are under-appreciated heroes that keep our homes and cities clean and healthy. Thank you, Jimmy, for all you do and Meridian Waste for hiring great team members! - July 2020

Steve T., O'Fallon, MO
I'd like to take this time and to say job well done to truck #72 not only for helping keep my neighborhood clean but also for taking the time to help educate our youth and doing it because they wanted to and the children loved it. Keep up the good work. - Tondra J. June 2020

From a handwritten note: A couple of weeks ago one of our household members was out of town. He is normally the one who sets the cans out for collection. We forget to put them out and were delighfully surprised to find them emptied anway. This meant a lot to us as we know it meant you had to consider us as customers, stop your routine, and take them to and from the truck for us. We are so thankful for the caring and service. - June 2020

Allisha H., MO

The collector in Wentzville is incredible. I had an item that I needed assistance with and he did not hesitate. Very friendly and courteous. I wish I had gotten his name. I offered a gratuity and he declined. I asked how to let Meridian know what an asset he is to this company. I can only hope you have many more like him. - June 2020

Thomas A., Wentzville, MO

I was in a pinch - and Donzell and TJ helped me out. I have been helping my sister out with home issues - on top of that, I am not from around here. I didn't know what to do with the trash and it was stressing me out. I appreciate their kindness and willingness to help me out. - June 2020

Jeff S., on behalf of his sister in Warrenton, MO

I am reaching out because there is an employee named Sandi that answers customer phone calls and she is absolutely amazing. I am in the process of selling my house and I ordered a roll off dumpster but was told I was not able to put TV's in there. I was told that there is a free pick up on the last Friday of every month and I would be scheduled. I called the day before the bulk pick up just to be sure I was on the schedule. Sandi answered the phone and said she could see me on there but I was not within the city limits of Winfield so it would not be free. I was a little frustrated and gave her my story, she worked with me to find a solution. She personally came to my home and picked up the 2 TV's I wanted to get rid of. I just want to say how appreciative I am and that she went above and beyond what she had to do. - June 2020

Jennifer H., MO

We experienced a discrepancy in our bill and Patty Henke really “went to bat“ for us in resolving the matter quickly. She is very patient and pleasant to speak with. She was very understanding of my concerns, very conscientious and in my opinion very professional. THANKS PATTY. - June 2020

Cal B., Lake Saint Louis, MO

Donzell and TJ do an excellent job of getting the trash - even pulling the cans when I forgot to put them out. I wanted them to know how much we I appreciate their hard work. - June 2020

Heather H., Winfield, MO

I had 30 bags of sticks, branches, and other yard things from a clean up project that I had put out for collection. I thought it might be a bit overwhelming, so when I saw Meridian pull up, I went out to talk to my collection team. I offered to help, and they said "Thanks Sir, but we got this." After they loaded it all and left, I found a nice note that they had left with their names and how to send in a Shout Out. Thanks to Carlos and Eddie from Meridian! - June 2020

Randall L., Lake Saint Louis, MO

Jimmy was such a kind man and allowed us to throw away all the trash our pool had left over from last season. We only had three trash cans but he allowed us to fill them all up multiple times to get all of our trash taken care of. Thank you so much!!! It means the world to me and my staff. - June 2020

Adriana M., O'Fallon, MO

My nephew waits outside for the trash truck each week, it's one of his major highlights. Today in particicular, the crew smiled and talked to him, answered his quetions, and really made his day. We are so thankful to have such a great team in our neighborhood. - June 2020

Ashley R., Wentzville, MO
On June 3, my mother was pushing her trash bin to the curbside and fell right in front of the trash truck. Your driver's quick thinking and attention to what was happening around his truck saved my mom from an unthinkable accident. Your driver immediately came to my mother's aid and called for EMS and then called me. Your driver stayed on the scene until help arrived and was kind to my mom... Marcy K., June 2020

I want to extend a thank you to two of your employees who represented your organization in a very professional and kind manner. On June 3, my mother was pushing her trash bin to the curbside and fell right in front of the trash truck. Your driver's quick thinking and attention to what was happening around his truck saved my mom from an unthinkable accident. Your driver immediately came to my mother's aid and called for EMS and then called me. Your driver stayed on the scene until help arrived and was kind to my mom, who laid in the street bleeding pretty severely. Mom was taken to the hospital, and with my attention on her, I neglected to get the names of the driver and the young man that assisted the driver. Is there any way to track who they were? It would have been whoever was assigned the route on Colonial Heights. I want to thank these men for the kindness they showed my 79-year-old mom, and for saving the day. - June 2020

Marcy K., Colonial Heights, VA

I'd like to take this time and to say job well done to truck #72 not only for helping keep my neighborhood clean but also for taking the time to help educate our youth and doing it because they wanted to and the children loved it. Keep up the good work. - June 2020

Tondra J., Petersburg, VA

Thank you to the guys who service Monroe Manor on Fort Lee! My toddler LOVES yall! Thanks for always taking the time to say hello to him and give him a honk. You guys make his day. Your kindness is contagious, and I am thankful for each of you! - June 2020

Kelli R., Fort Lee, VA.

Shout out to Donzell. He always provides excellent service, and when he sees me, he is friendly and says hello. He takes pride in his work and does a great job. Great employee! - May 2020

Michael J., Lake Saint Louis, MO

I called for a bulky item pickup of a two heavy and unweildy glider chairs. Sam, the driver who came to do the pickup, thought it might be too hard for him to throw up into the truck and he would have to get somebody else to come back and assist him. I understood and thanked him closing the front door of my home. Suddenly, I heard the grinding of the garbage truck and went to look outside and there were the chairs being smashed up by the truck. Sam didn’t leave after all and gave it a shot. YEAH SAM!! Kudos for giving me the help I needed. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!! YOU ROCK!!!!! - May 2020

Lynn B., Lake Saint Louis, MO

I commend a great act of service this morning by Donzell who picked up a giant pile of tree trimmings from my driveway. He was very accommodating and very professional. He took the lawn waste even while not exactly laid out as it should have been. This company should be proud to have an employee like Donzell who cares for customers and shows the class, and professionalism that he does. Thank you Donzell! You have made me a Meridian customer for life! - May 2020

Tim H, Lake Saint Louis, MO
Thank you for your donation to the City of Petersburg during the Covid-19 pandemic helping residents keep their water on. I pray that your company is blessed a billion-fold. - Arkell G., May 2020

Tim takes care of all of my waste removal needs. He is always going above and beyond making sure we are cared for. There have been times that I have forgotten to bring the can down the driveway, and find that he has done it for me. Thanks for all you, and the Meridian Waste team, do! - May 2020

Michael H., Wentzville, MO

Thank you so much to outstanding employee Patty Henke who went above and beyond all customer service expectations!! She is an outstanding employee who is very easy to talk to and understands her customers requests, situations and questions. Her service is very much appreciated!! - May 2020

Cayla L., Paynesville, MO

My collector always does a great job. He works by himself and is always fast, efficient, and tidy! We can always depend on him to get the job done. You are valued - thank you! - May 2020

Andrew H, Wright City, MO

I am the Public Works Coordinator for Dinwiddie County, and I handle waste management operations, and I have been working with Susie Gray. Susie is extremely helpful and efficient. She is a pleasure to work with and makes my job easier in scheduling compactor switch-outs at the convenience centers in Dinwiddie County. We work together with excellent communication, coordination, and mutual appreciation. She deserves a Shout Out! - May 2020

Jennifer C., Public Works Coordinator for Dinwiddie County, VA

Thank you for your donation to the City of Petersburg during the Covid-19 pandemic helping residents keep their water on. I pray that your company is blessed a billion-fold. - May 2020

Arkell G., Petersburg, VA
By the way, I am a first responder during this pandemic, and the people who provide our everyday services are my heroes. The postman and other delivery workers, the landscapers since I now work 12 hours shift/6-7 days a week and can't cut my own yard, the grocery workers, and my trash pick up guys. Shout out to Meridian!

We recently trimmed a tree in our yard that produced a lot more branches than expected. What a nice surprise to come home and find them gone! Thank you Eddie and Carlos for doing such a great job picking them up. Very much appreciated! - April 2020

Christina S., Lake Saint Louis, Mo.

I wanted to thank the gentlemen who service my neighborhood. I forgot to put my trash cart out and they came up to the house to get the cart for me, and they re-delivered it right back to the house. I am beyond appreciative! - April 2020

Katie, Mo.

We wanted to let you know that our family appreciates our neighborhood's driver - he gets the job done and is immeasurably kind. We have a 5-year-old little boy who waits at the door for the driver to pick up trash as he LOVES to see the truck in action. Today, the driver explained how trash trucks work. Our son's favorite day of the week is Wednesday - because of our trash guys. We just wanted to brighten your day like you brighten ours! - April 2020

Bridgette H., Winfield, Mo

I've only been with Meridian Waste for less than one (1) year and in that time I've never been happier with environmental service since I picked Meridian Waste as my sole pick-up provider. I recommend Meridian to everyone I can. My whole circle uses Meridian and now it seems more and more in my neighborhood are selecting Meridian. By the way, I am a first responder during this pandemic, and the people who provide our everyday services are my heroes. The postman and other delivery workers, the landscapers since I now work 12 hours shift/6-7 days a week and can't cut my own yard, the grocery workers, and my trash pick up guys. Shout out to Meridian! - April 2020

Jason V., Grovetown, Ga.
Our garbage service guy is very kind. He works extremely hard and is always pleasant! He will wave to my daughter or smile and speak while he loads up if we are outside. It’s just nice to see a friendly face amid all this (COVID-19) chaos. I’m sorry that I don’t know his name, but I hope to learn it this week! - April 2020

Our garbage service guy is very kind. He works extremely hard and is always pleasant! He will wave to my daughter or smile and speak while he loads up if we are outside. It’s just nice to see a friendly face amid all this (COVID-19) chaos. I’m sorry that I don’t know his name, but I hope to learn it this week! - April 2020

Kristen G., Colonial Heights, VA

Patty was so helpful and explained a lot to me. You’ve got a gem of an employee! - April 2020

Anna A., Lake Saint Louis, MO

Today, I set my trash out to be collected. I had 7 cardboard boxes that I broke down to be set out, but did not because I didn't want the wind to blow them away. When I heard the trash truck, it had already passed my house and was on the other side of the street and leaving my subdivision. I ran out as fast as my 71-year-old legs could go and flagged down the driver. I told him my story and asked him if I could throw the boxes on his truck. His name was Jimmy, and he turned out to be one of the nicest people I have ever met. Even when I brought the boxes out of the garage and dropped one, he made me stop and he picked up that box and took all seven and threw them on the truck. The whole time he was friendly and very polite. Meridian Waste has a winner with Jimmy. More companies should hire people like him. I have worked 40 years part-time for the St. Louis Cardinals and I know that it means a lot to give a Shout Out for outstanding service. - April 2020

Harold H., MO

I had a pleasant experience with the driver today - what a great essential worker. He is upbeat and positive. Thanks for the service you provide! - April 2020

John W., St. Peters, MO

Thank you, Jimmy! Jimmy went above and beyond getting rid of our garbage (area rug , let's just say the dogs made a mess!) It took 3 of us to get on top of garbage cans to get it in there, and Jimmy did it alone without complaint. He is a hard working employee, and we are blessed to have him working in our subdivision. Thanks Again Jimmy:) Stay Safe! - April 2020

Aleta W., Troy, MO

My wife and I are doing a lot of yard work during Missouri's "Stay at Home Order." It is an opportunity for us to get away from all the news and be outside. It's one way of coping with our current situation. The quantity of our yard waste has increased and yet Eddie and Carlos always pick up our paper yard waste bags even if some are torn or wet from rain. We want to thank Eddie, Carlos, and the entire Meridan Waste team for picking up our waste while we practice social distancing from our home and work in our yard. - April 2020

David H., Lake Saint Louis, MO

Just wanted to say thank you! Our service guy, Jimmy, is one of the nicest and most respectful man you could ever meet or have servicing our neighborhood! - April 2020

Randy S., Florissant, MO
Jimmy services my neighborhood. He always has a pleasant demeanor and additionally pulls my trash can up to the house. As a pregnant woman that's means the world to me. Go Jimmy! - April 2020

Jimmy services my neighborhood. He always has a pleasant demeanor and additionally pulls my trash can up to the house. As a pregnant woman that's means the world to me. Go Jimmy! - April 2020

Katherine M., Troy, MO

James Murray has been doing an exellent job! In times like these, we need more waste management workers like him. Thank you. - April 2020

Ken H., Troy MO

My collector, Eddie, is absolutely the best. He surprised me this week by taking a pile of tree trimmings that I had not had a chance to bundle. I had no expectation they would be collected, but I put them out anyway. Thanks a million and keep up the great work! - March 2020

Rex F., Lake Saint Louis, MO

Our garbage service man, Rob Bowers, is terrific. He is always friendly, dependable and very conscientious. He takes time to pick up any debris that might fall out of the cans or his truck. Our services have really improved since he took over our route. - March 2020

Suzanne L., Ballwin, MO

Our Sales Representative, Christopher Hard, has gone above and beyond to help us out with issues from time to time. He is a valuable asset to your company and gets things accomplished in record time. - March 2020

Mary D., St. Louis, MO

Donzell W. is a fantastic asset to Meridian Waste. He was able to assist me with having our route team circle back around as our house was missed. Donzell was passing my home from on his route, and he noticed that the trash was not collected. He assured me that if he happened to see our neighborhood's team, he would ask them to come back. Within 10 minutes, they returned to collect my trash. Donzell is a model example of what a customer service oriented worker should be. - March 2020

Jacqueline S., Lake Saint Louis, MO
Jimmy (James) Murray went above beyond AGAIN today! He has on a couple occasion helped us with getting rid of boxes, etc - all while doing his actual job! Jimmy Is always pleasant and waves! He is an asset to your company as we need more people in the world like Jimmy! - March 2020

Jimmy (James) Murray went above beyond AGAIN today! We recently moved to the area from Iowa and it’s been a challenge to get rid of boxes and excess garbage. He has on a couple occasions helped us with getting rid of these - all while doing his actual job! Jimmy Is always pleasant and waves! He is an asset to your company as we need more people in the world like Jimmy! - March 2020

Todd C., Troy, Mo

Thanks to James Murray, I now have a clean yard! The wind howled last night and knocked over my cans spewing trash every where. Sorry for the dogs, but thanks for taking the time out to help - it was certainly unexpected, but whole-heartedly appreciated! - March 2020

Jason K., Troy, MO

I met with my sales rep Chris Hard for the first time today. He was very professional and very understanding. He took care of my needs immediately. I called in to Customer Care with a concern and spoke to Patty who was also was very professional and understanding. Last but not least, I would like to mention the driver on my route named Gary - always plesant and courteous. These three employees are a credit to your company!  - March 2020

Gary M. Brockman President Atlas Truck Sales, Inc. St. Louis, Mo.

I want to extend a huge Shout Out to the man who picks up our trash in Colonial Heights. Every week he comes by, and my kids watch him as he picks-up our cans and drives down our street. He is always interactive with them, talking to them, and honking the horn for them. I know it may not seem like much, but he doesn’t have to take the time to engage with children - and it puts such a big smile on their faces. They look forward to him coming each week. I’m not sure what his name is but he is awesome!

PS: He is definitely the face you should be proud to have representing your company.
- February 2020

Ashley A., Colonial Heights, VA

I am writing this because I believe that good customer service should always be recognized and rewarded. You have a person there named Kim that is a gem and a true asset to your business. I am sure there are others, however she is the only one that I have had any recent interaction with that knocked my socks off with “magic” customer service. Please let her know she is appreciated and do something nice for her, she is a true asset to your company! - February 2020

Craig S., South Chesterfield, VA.

A HUGE THANKS to Patty in Customer Care for resolving my trash pickup issues. By far, she is the best person I have been able to make contact with at Meridian to fix my missed pickup. Thanks again for your help! - February 2020

Erik P. - St. Charles, MO

I want to thank your service crew who serviced West Highland Court, Colonial Heights, VA, this morning, Jan 15, 2020. I was not able to put my trash container on the street due to illness. I am very faithful in putting my container out the night before pickup. The trash crew was in a blue truck rather than the usual white CFS truck. I heard the truck coming and thought, "oh well, I can't get it out there." The crew must have realized that my trash was not out and came into my yard to get my trash container. He even put the bungee cord back on the container top to keep the raccoons out! I greatly appreciate their kindness this morning, and I thank them for going out of their way! This was above and beyond normal service! Thank each of them so much! - January 2020


I received an alert from my (security service) that someone was at my front door. Upon review, It was noted that the CFS truck and its drivers were dumping the garbage cans. My neighbor from across the street did not pull her can to the road for service. The driver of the truck went up the driveway and pulled the can, dumped it and returned it back to where he pulled it from. Way to go CFS!! GREAT JOB! - January 2020

Angie C., VA
Service has been excellent in every way. Customer service is polite and helpful. Keep up the good work. - January 2020
Long story short, the driver put our residents first and it was noticed. This happened about 15 minutes ago and we wanted to share the positive comments. It means a lot to the citizens of City of Lake St. Louis. - January 2020.

There was a ‘traffic jam’ on Champagne drive with a couple cars, a landscaping company unloading a dirt mover, cans and cars on both sides of the street, and a MeridianWaste garbage truck. A resident called our offices to report that after the landscaping company unloaded the dirt mover, the Meridian truck was supposed to be the next vehicle to move through, however, the truck made a maneuver to get out of the way of the residents who were trying to get out of the neighborhood. Long story short, the driver put our residents first and it was noticed. This happened about 15 minutes ago and we wanted to share the positive comments. It means a lot to the citizens of City of Lake St. Louis. - January 2020.

Passed along from: George Ertle, Assistant City Administrator, City of Lake Saint Louis, MO

Good evening! The fellas on this route do a consistently good job, whatever the season; appreciate them taking care of our home's needs. Merry Christmas, the W Family.-  Dec 2019

Bud & Nancy W., Troy, MO

I wanted to share our experiences with Meridian Waste. They have always been courteous to us and prompt in pick ups. I know that they sent out emails informing us of a delay due to weather, but our route was still picked up the same day... and of course we didn't have the trash out. BUT the driver came up to the patio and got the trash out of the can and carried it to his truck. He didnt have to do this - we consider it excellent customer service! - Dec 2019

Kathy A., MO

In my recent experience with Customer Care, there is one representative you have that I can't speak of highly enough. Earl is awesome. When I got him last week, he was able to diffuse the situation quickly. I would be the first to admit that I am a customer service reps worst nightmare when I'm mad. You can tell that Earl cared about helping me, his demeanor and words were beyond a script. Earl made me feel like he genuinely did want to do what he can to help. I know he was getting a lot of calls just like mine, but he still made me feel like my issue mattered, and he wanted to help in any way he could. You need more Customer Care representatives like Earl! Please make sure Earl knows how great he is!-  Dec 2019

Stacey L., St. Charles, MO

I wanted to tell you how sad we are to be losing you as our trash hauling company. We have been at this address for six years and have lived together in three other other homes in the last 31 +years. We wanted you to know that you have been the BEST trash service my husband and I have had the pleasure of doing business with in our 31 years of marriage! We will miss you and I am so sad that whatever was going wrong with your company could not be resolved. Best of luck to you and thank you for your amazing service! - Dec 2019

Lucy & Ed B., Frontenac, MO

Every single week CFS goes above and beyond. One particular stop the have every week brings the added challenge of loose trash, baby diapers, used food, etc. Some bagged, a lot not bagged, just piled up. The crew does their best to get it all cleaned up. It's a very nice bunch of guys working together to get the job done. I know that myself and other neighbors appreciate their efforts. We never hear any complaints. It takes very special people to do what they do. Thank you guys for going above and beyond! - Dec 2019.

Georgia M., Hopewell, VA

Thank you for your generous support of the Town of Callahan Community Cleanup on Saturday Nov. 16.  We appreciate your in-kind donation of resources, equipment, and disposal! It was a pleasure to work with the Meridian Waste team. The cleanup was a big success - thank you again! Best Regards! - Nov 2019

Lynda B., Executive Director, Keep Nassau Beautiful

We only have positive things to say about the Meridian Waste service team. We have never had any problems with service or pickup. And we appreciate the way they turn our trash can to the side when they have emptied it. Keep up the good work! - Dec. 2019

Gary & Brenda W, Saint Charles, Mo.

I am very thankful for the driver and his partner that pick up trash on my street. We forgot to put out our trash and didn’t realize it until the truck was past our house.
They saw me come to the door, and to my delight and surprise, hollered to me that they would come back to us. Awesome!
We met them on the street with our cart, and they so friendly - all smiles and were joking around with us.
I am going to bake them a batch of cookies as thanks - THANK YOU! - Nov 2019

Debby R., Troy, MO

Great drivers and helpers on our route here in Moscow Mills! I am recovering from shoulder surgery, and the helper assisted me with retrieving and returning my cans to the right storage location. They did me a solid! They're always neat if anything needs to be rearranged or picked up - I am glad to have this team service my area! - Dec 2019

Billy R., Moscow Mills, Mo

I've only been a customer for a few months, and I have had excellent service. The drivers are always very polite and have never missed a pickup.

My elderly disabled brother looks forward to "trash day" and waits for them to come. He runs out when they get here, and they are always very nice to him. Yesterday, I dropped a $20 bill as I was leaving for work, and the Driver found it as he was putting the cans back. The Driver handed it to my brother during their usual morning greeting. I'm still out 20 bucks, but it made my brother very happy! Thank you!! I am very happy with the service I've received. - Nov. 2019

Cheryl V., Troy, Mo.

I had just come home from a stay in the hospital and went out to get my mail for the first time since being back. I was struggling with my walker, which kept getting stuck in the concrete and didn't realize that I had dropped some of my mail. I was walking back toward the house and I heard a kind voice call out "Mam, Mam, you've dropped your mail." I thought that was very sweet of him to collect my mail, but even more to my surprise, he then helped me by taking my arm and assisting me and my walker back to the door. I know they are very busy, but taking the time to help me meant more than they know. I am on the mend, but can't help but think that act of kindness gave me a much-needed spark! - Nov. 2019

Mrs. A., St. Louis, Mo
...I was ready to come back and pick it up - along with any mess. When I got home, it was already cleaned up and put back. I am so thankful to the crew that was on the route this morning! ... Nov 2019

When I was taking my son to school this morning, I noticed our trashcan was in the ditch (I am not sure if someone hit it or if the rain and wind blew it over) as were many of our neighbor's cans. I had to drop my son off at school, and I was ready to come back and pick it up - along with any mess. When I got home, it was already cleaned up and put back. I am so thankful to the crew that was on the route this morning! I just wanted to give a shout out for their kindness and excellent work this morning. Thank you again! - Nov 2019

Vicki B., Hilliard, Fl.

I have recently signed up for service, and very promptly my garbage cart was delivered. The Meridian Waste employee who delivered it was super nice, cautious, and helpful! Additionally, Kathy who helped set up my service - she was amazing and made everything efficient and informative. I wanted to pass along the good word for them! Thanks for all of your help. - Oct 2019

Tara C., Bowling Green Hauling Customer, MO.

Our Operations Manager was resetting the facility for an upcoming walk through with our company owners. He contacted you to get as many roll-off containers emptied and returned to us for clean up before the owners arrived. Daniel came in early and worked hard for us all day long. His taking action was a big deal for us, and we wanted you to know, this isn't the first time he's gone above and beyond. He has been very helpful to us and doesn't hesitate to make sure he takes care of our needs whenever they come up. As you know, we went through times we needed containers switched out, and we couldn't get them quick enough. I'm not sure what has changed except with the addition to Daniel being on this route - the service is excellent! We thank you for helping our high demand company out and look forward to continuing the relationship with you guys! Please pass along to Daniel what a great job he is doing and how much we appreciate his hard work and dedication. - October 2019

Pam S., Petersburg, VA.

We wanted to thank you for the service that you provided in taking our ping pong table away last Friday! Somehow it had been missed in the previous large-item pick-up in August. We contacted you, and the customer care representative was more than willing to get it scheduled for pick-up the following Monday. The problem was that we were not going to be in town that week to put it out. No biggie! Your offer was still there! Friday came, and I saw several items out on the street as I took my dog, Sadie, for her walk. Here came the trash truck at 7:00 a.m. (Super early! Thanks!), but it was passing up the items. Lo and behold, it eventually came to our cul-de-sac, and I got a text from my wife that the driver was outside at the end of our driveway and might appreciate some help loading the ping pong table into the truck. I went out to see him, and he was on the phone (Now realizing that it might have been to tell the other driver that there was an item to pick up on our street!) but stopped to tell me that he appreciated the offer, but ANOTHER truck with a lower trash entry would be coming to pick up our item! He was very polite and pleasant. We also wanted to note that we have had the same positive experience with all of the drivers/helpers we have in contact with. Again, we extend our gratitude to thank you for the service. We have told other neighbors and friends about this and the service that we have gotten since you came on board as the trash service for St. Louis County. I can only imagine what Meridian Waste has to put up with and supply with an area of this size!! It can not be easy!! -- October 2019

Kevin K., Manchester, Mo.

Hi! I live in Saint Charles, Missouri. I have a driver named Donzell. He has been on the route for about two months now. I have seen a positive difference in the way our trash is collected. I have more trash than anyone on the street. There is never anything left over, nothing left in the yard, and the trashcan is always placed back up on the sidewalk in the original place. I appreciate him, and every time I am home when he’s taking our trash away, he has a smile on his face. Thank you, Donzell!! -- October 2019

Julie M., Saint Charles, Mo.
...This impressed me as he had his own essential job to attend to, and he paused to speak with me. His kindness and positive attitude both impressed me as a customer and as a business person - he is what we're all looking for in an employee... -- October 2019

Keyon was cleaning his truck and was behind the blade in his Frontloader when I walked by. I was curious about what he was doing but didn't interrupt his work. He noticed me, got out of the truck, and asked me how he could help. This impressed me as he had his own essential job to attend to, and he paused to speak with me. His kindness and positive attitude both impressed me as a customer and as a business person -he is what we're all looking for in an employee. Keyon clearly takes pride in his work, pride in his truck, and pride in the company. I am sure he will do well, but I thought you should know what a great employee you have! -- October 2019

Richard K., Bridgeton, MO
...Over the past year, our service has been excellent. I want you to know this. There are and were some great employees doing a great job. The few times I've been at home to see our service person come by, and he's not only been friendly but very conscientious to leave the carts and the area clean...Oct 2019

Over the past year, my neighborhood has been given outstanding service from Meridian Waste. While service was generally good in our area when Meridian got the contract, there were a few bumps, but they were few and usually resolved quickly in our zone. However, over the past year, our service has been excellent. I want you to know this. There are and were some great employees doing a great job. The few times I've been at home to see our service person come by, and he's not only been friendly but very conscientious to leave the carts and the area clean. We live on a hillside, and the carts tend to roll downhill. He's always oriented them to prevent them from rolling away. In my case, I've placed a board near the street to use as a block, and he will position the cart against the block, so it doesn't roll. Also, my mother in law is 88 years old and has difficulty walking. She lives a few houses away, and he will return the cart down her driveway to the outside storage location next to the garage. That's, quite simply, excellent service and well above any expectations. Please pass along my compliments to this person - we are thankful!  Oct. 2019

Gary H., St. Louis County, Mo.

My compliments need to be passed along to the Meridian Waste team here in St. Louis County (District 6). I have only had positive interactions with all of you, and I appreciate the work you have done in the community. It's a tough job. Thank you!  Sept. 2019

Cathryn R., St. Louis Country, Mo.

Meridian Waste has the kindest, most dedicated crews. While I have always had significantly positive interactions with all of our service people, Tarvell stands out. He is dedicated and determined to get his job done with pride. He goes the extra mile to pick up if something has spilled outside of the garbage cart. He is kind when we talk, and I love to ask about his family, and he seems to have a genuine care about his work and contribution to our community. I have known him for years as my residential hauling team, and I want you all to know what excellent work he does. Thank you, Tarvell.  Sept. 2019

Jo O., Frontenac, Mo.
Yesterday I had placed my garbage out for collection with a wrapped up lightbulb. When the service team collected my trash, the bulb fell and smashed in my driveway. I was prepared to go out and clean it up, but as I looked out the window, I saw the crew member picking up as many shards as he could. I was so surprised and grateful, as this was my fault that he went the extra mile to help me out. Thank you for your excellent service!

I've worked with Aaron Coffin for over six (6) years with consistent results and outcomes that have always met or exceeded expectations. Aaron has been there to coach me through tough transitions to delivering the equipment at a moment's notice. The consummate professional, Aaron approaches his customer's businesses and enterprises as if his waste hauling expenses are being paid from his own pocket. Aaron always thinks outside the box to improve the bottom line. Exceptional customer service with solid communication skills coupled with flexibility and a focus on getting the job done, making sure the customer is always taken care of. Given my tenure and experience with Aaron dealing with a multitude of situations and sense of urgencies that seemingly happen at the drop of a hat I would endorse and recommend Aaron Coffin to anyone seeking a professional level of customer service and I would challenge anyone to find someone more dedicated to their craft. 

Rick Wolf, Mo.

I want to start by saying, I know there are a lot of bad Google Reviews. I suspect no one thinks to rate, or review when things go right. I'm in Lemay, and the Meridian Waste residential team has always picked up on time for me - apart from being a day late once after a snowstorm. The Customer Care representatives on the phone perfectly polite and helpful when I've called for bulk pickup or to pay a bill. No complaints, only kudos from me!  Aug. 2019.

Matt Beumer, Lemay, Mo.

I ordered a commercial roll-off container for my business and when I called in to inquire, Aaron was fabulous to work with. He was very knowledgeable and helpful in meeting my business's needs.  Aug. 2019

Alicia, Bridgeton, Mo.

I want to say THANK YOU to Aaron Coffin and his team. Aaron was very responsive. Paperwork was signed and the roll-off was delivered immediately. Equipment worked perfectly and we were able to fill the dumpster in a timely manner. Their regular weekly service has been excellent also. Appreciate Aaron and his Meridian Waste Team. Thank you!

Cherly Kross, Wentzville Resident
... I started pulling the carts out toward the road and looked up to see my Meridian Waste trash team turn around to come to collect my carts. Even better - they got out and helped me haul the carts to the truck to dump my trash. It might have been a simple act for them, but at that moment, I needed their kindness more than they know.

I have the best trash people! I talk to my team whenever I have a chance, and I appreciate their hard work. My husband’s first job was as a trash collector at age 16 - and we know how hard they work! Recently, I had a great experience that I wanted to share. My husband is in treatment for cancer, and we had gotten back to the house after a hospital visit just in time to miss the trash collection. Just in case, I started to haul my carts to the roadside in hopes they might come back for me as the truck had passed. I started pulling the carts out toward the road and looked up to see my Meridian Waste trash team turn around to come to collect my carts. Even better - they got out and helped me haul the carts to the truck to dump my trash. It might have been a simple act for them, but at that moment, I needed their kindness more than they know. Prayers from Bellflower!

Gwen, Bellflower Resident

Yesterday I had placed my garbage out for collection with a wrapped up lightbulb. When the service team collected my trash, the bulb fell and smashed in my driveway. I was prepared to go out and clean it up, but as I looked out the window, I saw the crew member picking up as many shards as he could. I was so surprised and grateful, as this was my fault that he went the extra mile to help me out. Thank you for your excellent service! Aug. 2019

Kathryn K. - Bridgeton, Mo.
What service! I will have the cart out on time now, that's only fair, but what a great way to have been introduced to the company!

We received our refund check on Tuesday. I've read a lot of conflicting commentary on social media, and I've always noted that we have NEVER had any issues with your pick-up service and even more importantly, we've never had trouble reaching you via phone. Once I had a Meridian employee on the phone, they were always nice and gave me great customer service. I have to say that we hated that we lost your service when the city of Florissant changed providers. We will miss Meridian Waste. Thank you for all of your help.

Lisa L. - Florissant Resident

Meridian Waste offers customer service that is superior to any other garbage company. Here's a simple matter that means a lot to me. When the men complete the pickup, they put the can back in the yard and position it so that the handle faces the house, so we know the pickup is complete. This is much better than putting the can in the street (as so many other companies do), making the can(s) a bit of a nuisance for drivers. The men who pick up and the team at Customer Service are always friendly, knowledgeable, and helpful. Here's a favor I'll never forget. When my service first began, I forgot to put the can by the street the night before. When I finally remembered on the day of pickup, the team was already outside (I heard the truck driving by). I hurried outside in hopes of catching them to see if they had come back up the street. When I got out there, I noticed that the driver had located our can and backed the truck up and located our trash cart. The other team member retrieved the cart and emptied it. What service! I will have the cart out on time now, that's only fair, but what a great way to have been introduced to the company!

Lee T. - Martinez, Ga. Resident
My 3 year old plans to be a trash man for Halloween. Your guys who come are always friendly and wave to him. Thank you & keep it up!

I have a 3 yr. old who is fascinated with all things trucks. He's figured out Monday morning is trash day. He listens for the truck and ends up standing on our porch to watch the guys. We have toy garbage trucks. He plans to be a trash man for Halloween. Your guys who come are always friendly and wave to him. Thank you & keep it up!

Kallie C. - Troy Resident

Your workers are always polite, kind, considerate, and helpful. I would lay the lid off when I could so they would just dump the can. They always took the effort to put the can back in the drive way, and put the lid on. WOW, what a good job and extra work they did, but were not asked. They always smiled and said hi to me when I was outside. So please let them know, I appreciated their work.

Karen Memhardt - Wildwood Resident
On several occasions, when my yard waste bags were wet on the bottom and the bags broke while they were being loaded into the truck, I witnessed the gentleman taking a broom and dustpan picking up the yard waste from the street.

I am a Wildwood Resident who has been EXTREMELY happy with the service you have provided.  The gentleman are friendly, reliable, and hard working. Our trash has never been missed. On several occasions, when my yard waste bags were wet on the bottom and the bags broke while they were being loaded into the truck, I witnessed the gentleman taking a broom and dustpan picking up the yard waste from the street. Thank you so much for the excellent years of service.

Susan Olson - Wildwood Resident

Late yesterday afternoon a limb from the tree in my front yard snapped off in the storm across my driveway. I was able to cut off most of the smaller branches, but didn't have the tool or strength to cut the limb. I got the cart filled with the cut debris and dragged the limb down to the cart. I was so happy and surprised that the long limb was taken as well. This was above and beyond good service; this was fantastic customer care! Please extend my gratitude to the crew who provided service at my home today.

Cindy Taylor - St. Louis Resident

I wanted to let you know how pleased I am of the experience I had with Ryan and Stephanie.  Their professionalism is to be recognized!  They both went above and beyond in replying in an expedient manner.  I was impressed that both Ryan and Stephanie still exhibited this awesome professionalism even after knowing that I will be a short term customer in the future due to Florissant cancelling Meridian's contract with the city. My past experiences when dealing with Meridian Waste has always been good and handled promptly and professionally. The replacement company will have some mighty big shoes to fill following your employees' precedence. 

Mary E. Stelloh - Florissant Resident

Good to see Meridian Waste working with the City on a free cleanup day.

Chris Nagel - Director, Missouri Department of Natural Resources

My driver was so nice and he keeps the cans so nice and straight.  He had to back down the street because there was a car that had blocked him to where he could not turn around. He did such a good job of backing down slowly and carefully.  That driver is WONDERFUL!

Mrs. Dutton - Fenton Resident
All carts are picked up and returned to the end of driveway on the day it is scheduled.

I have been pleased with the service I have received for trash, recycling and yard waste. On the occasion that I received outstanding service from yard waste gentlemen, I have called in to the office. All carts are picked up and returned to the end of driveway on the day it is scheduled. In the event of a holiday, they make the pickup the next day. I just wanted to let you know that our service has been great.

CT - St. Louis Resident

You guys have improved so much in the last couple of months. It's great. Your guys even come earlier. I just want to thank you for the much improved Meridian Waste services.

Sue Harrison - Wildwood Resident

This morning, Mathew in truck 1020 went above and beyond helping me retrieve and load several small piles of brush. Please pass along my thanks.

Dave Ridgway - High Ridge Resident

I have always enjoyed having Meridian Waste, and the drivers are wonderful as they always bring the carts back to my home since me and my husband cannot do so. 

Mrs. Javaux - Elsberry Resident
Thanks for providing the best trash service in this area.

We have really liked the service we received from Meridian Waste. The men did an excellent job!

Don Loberg - Florissant Resident
This morning during the normal trash pickup, the driver noticed some trash that had fallen from the can or truck into the road in front of my house. The driver backed up the truck to clean up the trash that had fallen out. The professionalism of these guys should be commended and recognized as a fine example of the excellent service Meridian Waste provides. At my stop, the driver ALWAYS puts the can back in the right place after being emptied. Your guys that service this area deserve a pat on the back and a "well done" from your management for their professionalism and attention to detail. Thanks for providing the best trash service in this area. And give the guys on this route a "great job!" from me.
Steve Shaw - Callahan Resident
Please pass on to him my thanks for going above and beyond on his route today.

Today I watched the yard waste associate pick up my dumpster and empty it into the truck.  I ran toward the street and asked him if he would be back on this street later in the day because I had another batch of limbs I couldn't fit into the dumpster all at the same time.  He said no he wouldn't be back but he would be happy to go get the other pile if I pointed it out.  He came into my back yard and picked up by hand the remaining limbs.  I thanked him many times and told him he provided the best service since our subdivision has gone to Meridian Waste.  Please pass on to him my thanks for going above and beyond on his route today.

Debbie Finocchiaro - Ballwin Resident

I live in Florissant and have enjoyed having the City select Meridian Waste for its hauler.  It was Meridian Waste that gave us a free toter through a renewed negotiated contract with our City, and I love it! I have only had a few times where I had a late stop, but they always came within the normal operating hours. I have no complaints and just want to encourage you that there are many citizens of Florissant that applaud your work! Very pleased!

Cheryl Smith - Florissant Resident
You guys rock!

You guys rock! Guys just left, what a great company, excellent customer service! Tell everyone I appreciate it very much!

Tina Faille - Lake Saint Louis Resident

Our service has been great. They always show up and they take our trash just as you would expect. This morning though, they went above and beyond. Last night we had a storm and a huge tree branch fell on our driveway. I was going to take off work this afternoon to try and cut the branch and figure out where to take it. I also called a few companies to get a quote to haul it away. Trash pickup in our neighborhood just so happens to be today. The guys from Meridian Waste said they normally ask that the branches are cut up and tied but they would try and haul it away, and they did just that! Thanks again keep up the great work.

Marco Ramirez - Lake Saint Louis Resident
We see you. You matter. And you brighten our day every Friday.

Even though I'm a stay-at-home mom, I still look forward to Fridays because the garbage truck comes with the wonderful trash men. The joy that this brings Liam and myself every Friday like clockwork is something I enjoy sharing with him. He runs to the curb and can hardly stop bouncing up and down until they make it to our house. I want to thank the sweet, kind men who wave to him, talk to him, honk the horn for him, and even let him take a picture with them. Thank you. We see you. You matter. And you brighten our day every Friday.

Christa Dennis - Wright City Resident

In the very thick of winter, actually an ice storm, we forgot to put the can out one morning, and I heard the truck coming down the road. I went running out in slippers and slid across the patio on ice. The drivers were so nice and told me don’t worry about it and that they would wait for me to put my can out. They were super sweet! Great service!

Adriane Stephens - Christiansburg Resident

"Meridian Waste has been responsive and a breath of fresh air in helping find solid waste solutions across our diverse customer base. I can talk to a knowledgeable person right away and resolve any issues that may arise immediately and effectively. Looking forward to expanding our base of business with Meridian Waste and growing together to benefit all our customers." 

National Account

Meridian Waste has ALWAYS been GREAT for me!

Denise Barr - Florissant Resident
My drivers are amazing! There was some trash spilled due to the wind blowing, and they cleaned everything up.

I love Meridian's customer service and service. 

Janet Davis - Florissant Resident

My drivers are amazing! There was some trash spilled due to the wind blowing, and they cleaned everything up. 

Sharon Brown - Florissant Resident
You are outstanding!

You are outstanding!

Sharon Branstetter - Florissant Resident
A Christmas miracle! One of her neighbors forgot to set their recycling out, but the kind Meridian employee went to the side of the house and grabbed it for them.

This morning, the day after Christmas, I was in bed and heard the Meridian recycle pickup driving through the neighborhood, and I immediately realized I forgot to set out my can. Too lazy, I stayed in bed and figured it would just have to wait until next week. After finally getting out of bed a couple hours later, I saw a post from my neighbor that she just witnessed a Christmas miracle! One of her neighbors forgot to set their recycling out, but the kind Meridian employee went to the side of the house and grabbed it for them. I looked outside and sure enough, it was my home. I just want to give a shout out to the Meridian employee who went above and beyond to help me out. That act of simple kindness encourages me to pass it along and make someone else’s day a little better. Thanks again for starting the new year off right, and I hope to continue the trend.

Carlos Campos - Wildwood resident

Your drivers are always hustling and doing a good job. I wanted someone to know what a good job they are doing.

Franklin Moss - Florissant Resident
We want you to know we appreciate your service.

We want you to know we appreciate your service. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. 

Jack & Sandy Thomas - Florissant Residents

I really appreciate Meridian and all their employees. All of you deserve a pat on the back. 

Thomas B. - Florissant Resident
Meridian is awesome!

Keep doing what you are doing. Meridian is awesome!

Latasha J. - Florissant resident

I've never had any problems with Meridian and the drivers are great. I have several stories of them going above and beyond to help customers.

Bill R. - Wildwood Resident

I appreciate the robo calls I receive when you have unexpected problems on the routes.

Jamie A. - Florissant Resident
I appreciate their senior citizen rates very much

The Meridian team is doing a great job and I appreciate their senior citizen rates very much.

Anonymous - North Club Grounds, Florissant Resident

You are doing an AWESOME job picking up my trash. I understand that the driver cannot always pick up the trash if cars are in the way. Kudos to my driver. 

Route 21 Customer - Florissant Resident
Thank you so much, Jeremiah, for saving my life.

Back in February, I fell down while taking out my garbage. As it turns out, the fall resulted in a broken knee, tibia and wrist. Just after the fall, I was screaming for help and no one came. Jeremiah, the Meridian driver on route to pick up trash, saw me, stopped and assisted until the ambulance and my neighbor took over. It was freezing outside, and I could have died had Jeremiah not rescued me. Thank you so much, Jeremiah, for saving my life. Fabulous employee! God Bless you!

Nicere Garland - Moscow Mills Resident

I just wanted to tell that all the people you had out here at the Fall Festival did a fabulous job.  We all noticed how hard working they were, and they really kept up with the trash everywhere. In fact, at the end of the night when trash is normally ankle to calf deep, there was nothing.  You could barely tell that we had that many people on the streets. Thank you so much for all of their hard work, we greatly appreciate it. 

Brandie Walters - Director of Operations, City of Warrenton

I'm writing to tell you about the drivers who do my street. They are GREAT! I just wanted to pass on some good news!

Ann McFadden - Florissant Resident
I want to thank him for making a difference in my neighborhood.

I've worked with Christopher Hard, and he is an excellent worker and has been very helpful with my questions and needs. I would recommend Mr. Hard and the Meridian Waste team to my closest real estate investors. Thanks again for the great work!

Barry Boles - St. Louis Apartment Complex Owner

I would like to commend your driver for good work effort. I watched as he was emptying my neighbors’ cans. Trash fell onto the street, and he got out of his truck and picked it all up. This driver did a wonderful and commendable job. He made me happy to see that some people care. I want to thank him for making a difference in my neighborhood.

Joanna Vahey - Florissant Resident
Just wanted to say a big thank you to our driver for leaving hats and a toy garbage truck for my twins today.

Just wanted to say a big thank you to our driver for leaving hats and a toy garbage truck for my twins today. He is the friendliest and most patient man ever. My 4-year-old twins adore him, and every second Tuesday we have to wait to see him before we can go anywhere. 

Monika Csuhany - South Parkdale Resident
A Meridian Waste driver made it a point to stop and check to make sure everything was ok, when he could have easily just driven past.

My mom was having car trouble and was parked on the side of the street. A Meridian Waste driver made it a point to stop and check to make sure everything was ok, when he could have easily just driven past. I really want to make sure he knows how much we appreciate it!

Andrea Miller - Wildwood Resident

Your drivers are such hard working men and are always kind and friendly. Please pass this along so that they get recognition for doing their jobs so well!

Mrs. Turnbough - Lake Saint Louis Resident
Today the driver went above and beyond and helped get the cans out to the truck.

I want to say thank you to the men picking up our trash. They are always very friendly. They honk to remind me when I forget, and today the driver went above and beyond and helped get the cans out to the truck. Thank you for all you do for us. We appreciate you!

Becky Smith - High Ridge Resident

Your yard waste drivers went above and beyond. I had a limb down and was trying to saw it up before the drivers got there but wasn’t able to, so I told the drivers I would set it out next week. I offered to bring out water for the drivers, and when I came back with the drinks my limb had been cut up and taken. I'm 80 years old so this thoughtful act was very helpful and kind. 

Nelli Koerper - Crestwood resident
Thank you to your employee for reminding me that sometimes it is moments like I witnessed today that can change the world!

I just wanted to tell you that your employees who collect trash, yard waste and recycling are the best! Very helpful and friendly!

Linda Caravelli - Florissant Resident

I want to express the above and beyond job of one of your employees and hope he receives the recognition he deserves.  I watched as he allowed a very fascinated grandson and grandfather "assist" him while on his route in the Grantwood Village neighborhood. After your employee waved as he drove off, I asked the grandfather if this is a normal routine for them. The grandfather replied that it's his grandson’s first day of summer and all he wants to do is watch garbage truck videos. This was the first time and sure to be something he'll remember forever! The grandson was full of excitement and couldn't stop smiling about how much he enjoyed it. As a mother and an preschool teacher, I feel your employee's actions were truly inspiring. He could've chosen to tell the child no or explain he didn't have the time, yet he chose to make his day. Thank you to your employee for reminding me that sometimes it is moments like I witnessed today that can change the world! 

Erin Varvaro - Grantwood Village
The drivers have always been thorough and conscientious, as well as unfailingly friendly and helpful.

Special thanks to Keith Murphy who picked up single-handedly my rain-soaked discarded couch a couple of days before Easter. We are sorry that our city government decided to go with another provider of services. Best of luck to you folks. Thank you.

Wanda Lovan - Webster Groves Resident

I am writing to express my gratitude to your drivers and to your company. The service that we have received from Meridian has been superb from the very first day. The drivers have always been thorough and conscientious, as well as unfailingly friendly and helpful. Upon the rare occasion that we did have an issue, it was handled quickly and efficiently by your organization and our communication was easy and pleasant. We were sorry to learn that Webster Groves has selected another vendor for waste services. Our thanks to your drivers and staff for their outstanding service. 

John Hancock - Webster Groves resident
Thank You to our driver TJ for noticing I had the wrong bin out earlier today and being willing to collect our garbage later!

Wanted to say “Thank You” to our driver TJ for noticing I had the wrong bin out earlier today and being willing to collect our garbage later! Not sure how he ended up on our street again but I was glad he caught me at the mailbox! He always waves and sometimes honks to our kids. We appreciate the friendly service!

Heather Davenport - Ballwin Resident

While walking my dog I observed a Meridian Waste truck on Stanton Ct. and Flora Del Dr. There was a driver and two helpers going about their jobs. If I were an employer, these are precisely the type of folks I would seek to represent my company and perform their jobs remarkably well. Not only did they display a strong work ethic, they took time to pick up anything dropped or spilled over, whether it was due to pick up or just a messy customer. Kudos for a job well done!

Stephen Schlanger - Fenton Resident

I would like to give a shout out to Patty. She is an example of excellent customer service. She is pleasant, respectful and understanding. She listened carefully and was patient with me. She deserves several shout outs. 

Lisa Williams - Florissant Resident
He came and shoveled the last bit of sticks and leaves into cart and then went to the back yard and got the other cart and emptied them all into the truck.

My company and I have been doing business with you for 4-5 years, renting hundreds of roll-off containers. The best part about each rental is dealing with Tracy. She is polite, efficient, very professional, and prompt in scheduling my rentals, making certain that the roll-off containers are delivered, and picked up when scheduled, and is also very prompt in returning telephone calls. She is a great asset to your company.

George Theodore - Chesterfield Resident

I was out doing yard work on trash day. One yard waste cart was out and I was working on two more. When the young man came to pick up the cart he saw me in driveway and came and shoveled the last bit of sticks and leaves into cart and then went to the back yard and got the other cart and emptied them all into the truck. He was so fast and courteous, and I was just stunned!  Talk about great service! 

Deb Hellmann - Webster Groves Resident

Your service is reliable, my container is always left neatly in the same position, and on the day promised. A good company is made by efforts to satisfy customers throughout all levels. The first person I spoke to on the phone, to those who come to pick up my trash, have all been great representatives of your company.

Daniel Burch - North Dinwiddie Resident
Chris was so professional and understanding and without hesitation jumped to help.

My father-in-law passed away recently and we had several family members staying with us from out of town and plenty of visitors. By the end of the week, we had trash that filled up two blue trash cans. Chris was so professional and understanding and without hesitation jumped to help and took it all with him. Thanks, Chris, we really appreciate it!

Mirela Coralic - St. Louis Resident
As Meridian/CFS’s first municipal contract, we have developed a great partnership and strong working relationship from the very beginning to present day. We do not simply consider them as an independent vendor, we consider Meridian/CFS as an extension of our County staff that embraces our core values of integrity, value-added customer service, and teamwork.
W. Kevin Massengill - County Administrator, Dinwiddie County
You can’t go wrong when you choose the BEST!

You can’t go wrong when you choose the BEST! I have been in property management for 35 years in the Richmond/Petersburg, VA, area and by far, Meridian/CFS out shines them all. Their customer service is second to none. Each time you call their office, you are greeted in the most friendly way. In all of my years, I’ve never seen a company grow as fast and keep the same attention to detail as when they started small. It is truly amazing what they have accomplished in the Richmond/Petersburg area. They are the BEST recycling and refuse company. Thanks to the entire team!

Danny Pike - Maintenance Director, Fort Lee Family Housing
I want to thank the driver who was at our house on 21 August. That was the day of the eclipse. My daughter and I were in the yard, trying to experience the event to the best of our abilities without eclipse glasses. Your driver probably saw us holding a colander on top of a piece of paper and pointing at the reflections in the leaves of our tree. He was so thoughtful. He actually parked his truck and brought us some eclipse glasses. I hope you can pass along our thanks to him. Please let him know that because of his kindness, my daughter and I were able to experience a once in a lifetime event!
Bobbye Heerboth - Webster Groves Resident

"Thank you to Chris and Tyler for taking a minute to stop and help me find my cell phone and for being aware of the surroundings! I know there is a lot of pressure on you guys to not stop  too long, so stopping to help a panicked woman look was very kind. I greatly appreciate it!"


Thanks to the guys who drive my street. It's not always the same person, but if I have a question, they never fail to answer it or have a suggestion as to what I need to do. Thank You!

Tedd Gilda - Florissant Resident
Nice job representing Meridian Waste
Ozell deserves high praise for his efforts today
I appreciate their service and outstanding work
Jimmy has a big heart!

I would like to pass on how absolutely wonderful Ozell Bryant is. He had been called to our location as neither our trash nor our recycling had been picked up. When I met Ozell this morning, he indicated that he was only told of our address and one other on our block that needed service. He quickly realized the whole street had been neglected. He dutifully and nicely helped as many neighbors as his smaller truck would allow. Ozell deserves high praise for his efforts today.

Lindsay La - St. Louis County Resident

Special shout out to trash man Jimmy! My kids look forward to seeing him every week! Last week Jimmy came up to the house to say hi to the kids and bought them a trash truck off of Amazon that he had delivered right to our house! My kids are in awe over it! I can't post a picture here for some reason but today my son was able to give Jimmy his thank you note! So thank you Jimmy for brightening my kids' day every week! He truly brightens my kids morning every Tuesday! Jimmy has a big heart and I hope others see it too!

Julie Ann Foster - Warrenton Resident

I'd like to commend the employees who collect and service my home. They all do outstanding work. I find myself praising them to every/anyone who has a complaint about their trash service. I don't get to see my guys all the time, but I can always count on them doing their job. Please tell them I appreciate their service and outstanding work - trash, grass and recycle collectors!

Autria Finley - Florissant Resident

"Thank you for your wonderful service. You guys are the best and keep our streets very clean. You are all very much appreciated! So happy to be your customer, and you are definitely better than all the rest. You make me very happy."

Nicole Moore - Webster Groves Resident

I'm a paramedic firefighter with the Florissant Fire Department. This morning around 7:25am, we received a 911 call for a person who had fallen in a driveway. Upon arrival, one of your trash collection crews had seen this elderly woman fall and stopped their route to help out. They were awesome. I just wanted to pass this along to management on a job well done. Nice job representing Meridian Waste.

Zach Krato - Florissant Resident & Firefighter

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