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Community Happenings

Garbage Men & Women Doing Good in the Community 

Here you will find a selection of our stories from the communities we serve and the environmental heroes who are part of the Meridian Waste team. 

A Day at the Landfill with Government & Community Affairs Manager Natalie Denando
A Day at the Landfill with Government & Community Affairs Manager Natalie Denando
featured in Team and Facilities

Meridian Waste (MW): It looks like you had a beautiful day for learning about landfills. Where were you visiting?

Natalie Denando (ND): Eagle Ridge Landfill in Bowling Green, Mo.

MW: Why would the Government & Community Affairs Manager visit a landfill? What were you doing out there?

ND: I went out to visit the site. I am new to the waste management industry and believe that you need to see and touch the industry you’re working in to learn what you’re doing properly. I was also very curious as to what a landfill actually looked like. A highlight was meeting the staff and talking to them about their roles at Meridian Waste. 

MW: Was the landfill what you expected to see/experience?

ND: Learning about the landfill was just fascinating to me. There is so much that goes into our trash and keeping the environment clean while maintaining essential precautions to maintain safety. The “eternal flame” was really interesting as it collects the methane gas from the garbage and burns constantly - so it’s clean and safe.

MW: Did you operate any machinery, or press any really cool looking buttons?

ND: Heck, no! Those things are ginormous, and I was happy watching from the sidelines!

MW: What else can you share with us about your visit?

ND: It was quite an experience. I had the pleasure of meeting the drivers and machine operators, take a tour of the facilities, and present a Shout Out award to one of our outstanding team members! 

MW: You’re in government and community affairs. What does it mean to you to be a Garbage Girl on the Meridian Waste team?

ND: It’s what I always dreamed of as a little girl! Ok, maybe I didn’t see that one coming! I love connecting with people and making sure our cities and their residents are happy with our service. Trash is a part of everyone’s life; you just don’t think about it until you have to. I am happy to be a part of the team!

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