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Town of Callahan, Florida

The following services, guidelines, and resource links are available specifically for the residents of the Town of Callahan.

Set Out Time: 6:00 AM
Garbage Pickup
95-gallon hauler provided cart
Weekly. Picked up every Monday
Non-hazardous municipal solid waste
Containerized waste only; Please call Meridian Waste if you need a cart.
Recycling Pickup
Hauler provided 95-gallon cart
BiWeekly, picked up every other Thursday

Aluminum, tin & steel cans, plastics #1, 2, 3, 5 & 7, corrugated cardboard, mixed paper

GLASS items of any kind are NOT ACCEPTABLE for recycling. Please place in your garbage cart.
Yard Waste Pickup
Bag or containerize all loose material (leaves and small debris); Neatly stack larger materials (small limbs and palm fronds)
Limited to 2 cubic yards in volume (approximately a truck bed or less)
NOT COLLECTED: Materials exceeding 4 ft (length) or 4 in (diameter); commercially-generated yard waste
Bulk Waste Pickup
Maximum two (2) items per week
Sofa, mattress, chair, etc.
Place curbside on driveway.
White Goods / Appliance Pickup
Maximum two (2) items per week
Must be Freon-free
Call to schedule pickup. Place curbside on driveway

Learn How You Can Recycle Right

Tips to Take and Common Mistakes to Avoid

Learn More

Items you can recycle.

Help us recycle right by only throwing these items into your recycling cart or bin.
Mixing garbage with recycling is costly for everyone. When in doubt, just throw it out (
in the garbage, that is).

Local government recycling collection guidelines vary. Confirm before recycling.

Recyclable items: food cans, aluminum cans, mixed paper, cardboard, plastic

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Pickup Schedule

Retrieving pickup schedules.....

How to Place Carts Curbside

Close cart lid, point handle away from street, place on edge of street. Keep cart 3 feet away from all objects.
Your Local Facility
463106 FL 200
Yulee, FL 32097

Phone: 904-849-5122
Email: [email protected]
Holidays Observed

New Year's Day

Thanksgiving Day

Christmas Day

* If the holiday occurs on or prior to your scheduled collection day, services will be delayed one day for the remainder of the week.


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