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City of Moscow Mills, Missouri

The following services, guidelines, and resource links are available specifically for the residents of the City of Moscow Mills.

Set Out Time: 6:00 AM
Garbage Pickup
Hauler provided 95-gallon cart
Once per week - Wednesday
Containerized, non-hazardous municipal solid waste
60 lbs. / bag or container
Recycling Pickup
Hauler provided 65-gallon cart
Once per week - Wednesday

Aluminum, tin & steel cans, plastics #1 & 2, mixed paper, and flattened cardboard (with tape removed). 

Glass, plastic bags or plastic film, and black plastic NOT accepted.
Yard Waste Pickup
Containers, bundled stacks tied with natural fiber twine. , or biodegradable.
Maximum six (6) containers, bundled stacks tied with natural fiber twine, or biodegradable bags per week.
March–November: Collected weekly on Wednesday. December–February call to schedule.
Leaves, grass, small limbs and branches. No commercial yard waste; No treated wood.
No more than 50 lb. each. Size Limits: Total volume limited to 3 cubic yd. Bundles not to exceed 3 ft. in length and 4 inches in diameter.
You MUST containerize all loose material or tie with natural fiber twine.
Bulk Waste Pickup
Up to two items are collected at no charge on the last Friday of the month.
“Bulky” items are objects too big for the garbage cart, such as toilets, sinks, bicycles, mattresses, carpet, fencing, and large household furnishings.
60 lbs.
Safe for two men to pick up

Drop-Off Locations - Mixed Paper Only

Drop-off sites have been set up to accept mixed paper and cardboard (flattened) for recycling. These fiber materials MUST be separated from other items and placed in the designated containers.

Moscow Mills City Hall

995 Main Street, Moscow Mills, MO 63362

Fairgrounds Park parking lot in Troy by Monroe Street

Learn How You Can Recycle Right

Tips to Take and Common Mistakes to Avoid

Learn More

Items you can recycle.

Help us recycle right by only throwing these items into your recycling cart or bin.
Mixing garbage with recycling is costly for everyone. When in doubt, just throw it out (
in the garbage, that is).

Local government recycling collection guidelines vary. Confirm before recycling.

Recyclable items: food cans, aluminum cans, mixed paper, cardboard, plastic

The Best Way to Place Carts Curbside

FAQs for City of Moscow Mills, MO

  • What does the term Single Stream Recycling mean?  Single Stream Recycling means that clean, non-contaminated recyclable materials can now be collected in a commingled fashion. Rigids (plastics, aluminum, and steel cans) and Fiber/Paper (corrugated cardboard and mixed paper) can now be collected within one cart without the need to keep the recyclable material separated based upon the content type. 

  • The former Rigids recycling cart will now accommodate all of the recyclable materials. Carts were re-stickered with Single Stream Recycling guidelines in December 2020.

  • Residents who are ready to opt-in to recycling can contact the City of Moscow Mills to request a recycling cart (636) 356-4220.

  • Is there a garbage cart rental fee? No. One garbage cart is provided by Meridian Waste. To start or stop service, please call the city of Moscow Mills at (636) 356-4220. For additional carts or services, please call Meridian Waste at 314-291-3131.

  • Is there a recycling cart rental fee? One recycling cart is provided with service and there is no cart rental fee.

  • Is there a cart delivery fee?  No, there is no cart delivery fee. 

  • Is there a cart re-delivery fee? Yes, there is a cart re-delivery fee of $15.00.

  • Is there a fee for an additional garbage cart?  Yes, there is an additional fee of $4.00 per month for an additional garbage cart. 

  • Is there a fee for an additional recycling cart? No, there is no fee for an additional recycling cart.

  • Can I use my own cart for garbage? No, you must use the Meridian Waste provided cart for garbage.

  • Can I use my own cart for recycling? You must use the Meridian Waste provided cart.

  • Yard Waste collection will begin in March 2021 according to the following guidelines:

    • March–November: Collected weekly on Wednesday

    • December–February: Call Meridian Waste to schedule

    • Materials Accepted: Leaves, grass, small limbs and branches—you MUST containerize all loose material or tie with natural fiber twine.

    • Maximum six (6) containers, bundled stacks, or biodegradable bags per week, no more than 50 lb. each.

    • Size Limits: Total volume limited to 3 cubic yd. Bundles not to exceed 3 ft. in length and 4 inches in diameter.

    • No commercial yard waste. No treated wood. 
Your Local Facility
17900 Veteran’s Memorial Parkway
Foristell, MO 63348

Phone: 314-291-3131
Email: [email protected]
Holidays Observed

New Year’s Day

Memorial Day

Independence Day

Labor Day

Thanksgiving Day

Christmas Day

* If the holiday occurs on or prior to your scheduled collection day, services will be delayed one day for the remainder of the week


Celebrate Earth Day with the Meridian Waste Children’s Coloring Contest.

Help brighten the world by coloring until your heart is content and get creative with your coloring vision.

Download the coloring pages for our contest per age group. Have fun creating your work of art and then have your parent/guardian help you submit your final artwork.

Submissions must be received by April 20, 2023, at 11:59 PM CDT. 

Click here to download coloring sheets

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