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Explanation of Common Charges

Administrative Fee
The Administrative Fee helps offset costs associated with customer billing, collection functions, print mail, lockbox services, bank charges, and bad debt.

Container Delivery & Removal Fees
Meridian Waste provides containers (in some cases for a rental charge) for customers’ convenience with respect to the collection and on-site storage of solid waste and recyclable materials while Meridian Waste is providing service. In some cases, the containers are specifically designed to function with company vehicles and associated equipment. Container delivery and removal fees are intended to offset Meridian Waste’s operational costs of sending a truck to deliver container(s) at the start of service and removing container(s) when service terminates, as well as costs related to cleaning, repairs and refurbishment of the containers. Container delivery and removal fees are set by each operating subsidiary and are subject to change at any time at that operating subsidiary’s discretion.

Destination Fee
A Destination Fee compensates for the local regulatory and contract fees paid to municipal or other governmental authorities or agencies associated with the transport, processing and disposal of solid waste including an acceptable operating margin.


Environmental Fee
The Environmental Fee helps offset costs associated with the regulations, collection, and disposal of waste in a safe and environmentally responsible manner.

Fuel Recovery Fee
The Fuel Recovery Fee helps offset fluctuations in the cost of fuel and will be updated bi-monthly. The diesel rate used to determine the Fuel Surcharge will be the peak weekly-published price per gallon, published on any day in the 30 day period, as reported by the U.S. Energy Information Administration website. The Fuel Recovery Fee will be determined by cross-referencing this price to Meridian Waste Fuel Index Table. 

*Residential service options will vary based on geographic area and/or local government contract.

Host Fee
A Host Fee is a payment associated with an agreement with a local governing body (city, county, province, municipality, township, etc.) or local ordinance that requires a landfill to pay a per ton fee on MSW and/or C&D waste for the right to operate the landfill in a community, utilize local roads and services, rely upon local infrastructure and other local government services and assets. 

Late Payment Fee
Meridian Waste reserves the right to charge a late payment fee for invoices paid after the due date. Late payment fees are intended to help Meridian Waste recover its costs incurred in managing customers’ unpaid accounts. Late payment fees are set by each operating subsidiary and applied at any time of that operating subsidiary’s discretion up to any amount allowed under applicable law.

Rate Increases
Meridian Waste may increase your rates for service over time to keep up with increasing costs of operations and to ensure Meridian Waste is maintaining an acceptable operating margin and rate of return on its investment in the services provided. Meridian Waste reserves the right to determine in its sole discretion the amount of all rate increases. If your service is subject to a written contract (or other written agreement applicable to your service), your rate increase will comply with any limitations set forth in such contract, if any. Meridian Waste will provide prior notice of any rate increases, which notice may be in the form of a change on your invoice. 

Recycling Processing Charge
The Recycling Processing Charge (“RPC”) is an enterprise-wide fluctuating charge imposed on customers receiving recycling services. The RPC is intended to help Meridian Waste recover both direct and indirect costs associated with the processing of materials received at its or third-party recycling facilities necessitated by high levels of contamination, strict specifications by purchasers of commodities, and highly fluctuating commodity values.

Reinstatement Fee
If you fail to pay your invoice on or before its due date, Meridian Waste reserves the right to suspend your service until you pay all outstanding invoices. We also reserve the right to charge you a service interruption fee, which is intended to mitigate some of Meridian Waste’s loss of return on the container assets in the customers’ possession and for the interruption in its business and costs associated with stopping and restarting service. Service interruption charges are set by each operating subsidiary, are subject to change at any time at that operating subsidiary’s discretion and may be up to any amount allowed under applicable law.

Taxes may apply to charges for products and services included in your invoice. Specific taxes vary by state and locality.

Additional Services and Other Invoice Charges
Additional charges may be incurred for extra services and other reasons, including but not limited to, roll-off minimum hauls or inactivity charges, container overages/overfill, contamination or non-conforming waste, late payment, return check for insufficient funds, deliver/relocation/removal of a container, restart or resume service for suspended accounts due to lack of payment, and extra trip charge.  These charges may vary and are set by the local operating facility.


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