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NOTE: Monthly bills may be higher for residents who sign up for optional paid services (such as an extra cart rental) or have fees associated with special disposal needs.

The City of Eureka, Missouri

Eureka Residents, Sign up for weekly service today!

  • Garbage collection once a week utilizing a 95-gallon cart on wheels.
  • Recycling collected once a week utilizing a 65-gallon cart on wheels.
  • Yard waste collection once a week.
  • Bulk waste collection once a week (limited to 2 item/week).
  • White goods collected once per month (limited to 1 item/month).
  • The solid waste rates are governed by the contract between your local government and Meridian Waste.

Only residents living within the incorporated city limits of the City of Eureka, Missouri, are authorized to register via this link. If you have questions, please call Customer Care at 314-291-3131.

What you get:

  1. A clean, healthy community
  2. Reliable, convenient service
  3. 95-gallon waste cart on wheels
  4. 65-gallon recycle cart on wheels
  5. Drivers and customer care team members who care about doing a good job - safely!

Sign up for weekly residential garbage service TODAY.