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Recycling Upended & What You Can Do to Recycle Right

The Status Quo Is Unsustainable - The Need For Clean Streams Is NOW

Meridian Waste is proud to be your environmental services provider. Unfortunately, a recycling crisis is sweeping the U.S. and frustratingly, it’s impacting virtually all of the communities in which we provide service. World market conditions and current contamination levels have forced many processors into an unsustainable model to continue operating as before.

Recycling is a true cycle and requires viable buyers of non-contaminated processed materials to be a truly sustainable system.

We need your help to clean up the recycling stream if we are going to continue to provide the service to homes and businesses.

Read these helpful tips and common mistakes so you can do your part to Recycle Right. 

Always check your local governments’ garbage and recycling guidelines for specific information about your recycling services as they can vary greatly from one community to another.


Recycling In Need of Restructure

A Meridian Waste white paper addressing the crossroads of recycling sustainability in the United States. 

Download Whitepaper


An Unsustainable Path: Restructuring the Recycling Industry, written by Meridian Waste

“Rethinking Recycling: How Cities Can Adapt to Evolving Markets,” written by National League of Cities (NLC)



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How to Place Carts Curbside

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