Meridian Waste
40 Yards To Feed The Community

According to FeedingAmerica.Org, due to the novel coronavirus (COVID-19), food insecurity will continue to rise across the nation. In Montgomery County, Va., food insecurity is projected to rise by 4.7% compared to 2018 meaning 15.3% of our neighbors do not have enough to eat.

Meridian Waste is committed to collecting 23,000 lbs of food for The Agape Center NRV (New River Valley). This equates to approximately 19,000 meals, enough to fill one of our 40-yard roll-off containers!

Agape Center NVR is part of a larger network of Agape Centers in Virginia. The first Agape Center was formed in Moneta, VA in 2002. They have grown from a simple food pantry and clothing closet to a large multifaceted ministry that serves upwards of 3,000 individuals each month.

Seven Ways That Food Drives Help Better Our Community

Builds community

Prepares our community for disaster & emergencies

Raises awareness about poverty

Helps to provide the most nutritious & balanced foods

Provides basic staple items that pantries struggle to keep on the shelves

Saves non-profit pantries thousands of dollars

Increases donor pool

For more information on The Agape Center NRV, please visit

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