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Shout Outs!

It feels great when you get admiration for your efforts and hard work. It's always a proud moment when our customers applaud us for our work and give their valuable feedback.

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Your service is reliable, my container is always left neatly in the same position, and on the day promised. A good company is made by efforts to satisfy customers throughout all levels. The first person I spoke to on the phone, to those who come to pick up my trash, have all been great representatives of your company.

Daniel Burch - North Dinwiddie Resident
Chris was so professional and understanding and without hesitation jumped to help.

My father-in-law passed away recently and we had several family members staying with us from out of town and plenty of visitors. By the end of the week, we had trash that filled up two blue trash cans. Chris was so professional and understanding and without hesitation jumped to help and took it all with him. Thanks, Chris, we really appreciate it!

Mirela Coralic - St. Louis Resident
As Meridian/CFS’s first municipal contract, we have developed a great partnership and strong working relationship from the very beginning to present day. We do not simply consider them as an independent vendor, we consider Meridian/CFS as an extension of our County staff that embraces our core values of integrity, value-added customer service, and teamwork.
W. Kevin Massengill - County Administrator, Dinwiddie County

You can’t go wrong when you choose the BEST! I have been in property management for 35 years in the Richmond/Petersburg, VA, area and by far, Meridian/CFS out shines them all. Their customer service is second to none. Each time you call their office, you are greeted in the most friendly way. In all of my years, I’ve never seen a company grow as fast and keep the same attention to detail as when they started small. It is truly amazing what they have accomplished in the Richmond/Petersburg area. They are the BEST recycling and refuse company. Thanks to the entire team!

Danny Pike - Maintenance Director, Fort Lee Family Housing

"Thanks to the guys who drive my street. It's not always the same person, but if I have a question, they never fail to answer it or have a suggestion as to what I need to do. Thank You!"

Tedd Gilda - Florissant Resident

"I'm a paramedic firefighter with the Florissant Fire Department. This morning around 7:25am, we received a 911 call for a person who had fallen in a driveway. Upon arrival, one of your trash collection crews had seen this elderly woman fall and stopped their route to help out. They were awesome. I just wanted to pass this along to management on a job well done. Nice job representing Meridian Waste."

Zach Krato - Florissant Resident & Firefighter
"Nice job representing Meridian Waste"

"Thank you to Chris and Tyler for taking a minute to stop and help me find my cell phone and for being aware of the surroundings! I know there is a lot of pressure on you guys to not stop  too long, so stopping to help a panicked woman look was very kind. I greatly appreciate it!"

You can’t go wrong when you choose the BEST!

"Thank you for your wonderful service. You guys are the best and keep our streets very clean. You are all very much appreciated! So happy to be your customer, and you are definitely better than all the rest. You make me very happy."

Nicole Moore - Webster Groves Resident
I want to thank the driver who was at our house on 21 August. That was the day of the eclipse. My daughter and I were in the yard, trying to experience the event to the best of our abilities without eclipse glasses. Your driver probably saw us holding a colander on top of a piece of paper and pointing at the reflections in the leaves of our tree. He was so thoughtful. He actually parked his truck and brought us some eclipse glasses. I hope you can pass along our thanks to him. Please let him know that because of his kindness, my daughter and I were able to experience a once in a lifetime event!
Bobbye Heerboth - Webster Groves Resident
"I appreciate their service and outstanding work"
"Ozell deserves high praise for his efforts today"

"Special shout out to trash man Jimmy! My kids look forward to seeing him every week! Last week Jimmy came up to the house to say hi to the kids and bought them a trash truck off of Amazon that he had delivered right to our house! My kids are in awe over it! I can't post a picture here for some reason but today my son was able to give Jimmy his thank you note! So thank you Jimmy for brightening my kids' day every week! He truly brightens my kids morning every Tuesday! Jimmy has a big heart and I hope others see it too!"

Julie Ann Foster - Warrenton Resident

"I'd like to commend the employees who collect and service my home. They all do outstanding work. I find myself praising them to every/anyone who has a complaint about their trash service. I don't get to see my guys all the time, but I can always count on them doing their job. Please tell them I appreciate their service and outstanding work - trash, grass and recycle collectors!"

Autria Finley - Florissant Resident

"I would like to pass on how absolutely wonderful Ozell Bryant is. He had been called to our location as neither our trash nor our recycling had been picked up. When I met Ozell this morning, he indicated that he was only told of our address and one other on our block that needed service. He quickly realized the whole street had been neglected. He dutifully and nicely helped as many neighbors as his smaller truck would allow. Ozell deserves high praise for his efforts today."

Lindsay La - St. Louis County Resident
"Jimmy has a big heart!"